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Found 13 results

  1. Thanks for the Santa crates

    I just wanted to thank the people at WG for this year's Santa Crates. I know we all complain when things don't work out the way we think they ought to, but whoever put this event together got pretty much everything right. They've been fun to give, fun to receive and unbelievably valuable considering the funds you have to spend to obtain them. All those at WG deserve a big tumbs up for doing this event right. Thanks again.
  2. A quick mea culpa. I was wrong. I think RNG and the ships you own might affect the ships you might get. At any rate, these are the same crates as last year.
  3. I bought 20 x Small (Gift), 40 x Medium (Big Gift) and 20 x Large (Mega Gift) crates which was about $200 total. I had almost 90K Dubloons left over from Halloween and spent over half of those on all of the now-available-for-dubloons premiums. Because of the way the crates pick ships (will not give you something under T5) I bought everything T5 and up to increase chances of getting rare ships which I did not own. I collected all of my results as they were opened (although these are not in order). These are the totals: Ships (all came with 10 point captains including the duplicates): Huanghe Scharnhorst (I got 6650 dubloons, duplicate, already owned) Okhotnik (1350 dubloons, duplicate, already owned) Okhotnik (1350 dubloons, duplicate) Okhotnik (1350 dubloons, duplicate) Nikolai I Kamikaze Gremyaschy Prinz Eugen Dubloons: 9,300 from crates 10,700 from duplicate ships (you can see above the payouts are based on their current discounted store price) Signal Flags: 200 x Zulu Hotel (+50% commander xp) 350 x Papa Papa (+300% free xp) 50 x Equal Speed Charlie London (+50% xp) 195 x Red Dragon Flag (+100% commander xp / +100% xp) 135 x Hydra (+150% commander xp / +250% FXP / +50 xp) 60 x Ouroboros Flag (+777% FXP) 135 x Dragon Flag (+333% commander xp) 15 x Wyvern Flag (+50% credts) Camos: 315 x Frosty Fir Camo (125% commander xp / 50% FXP / 100% xp) 45 x Type 59 (+200% xp) Free XP: 10,000 Synopsis: Anecdotally, if you need/want normal signal flags buy the $1 small gifts. They're cheaper this way than they are in their normal form during the year in the store. I personally do not think the Special flags were ever worth what they were charging for them in the store and I never bought any, however if that's your thing, the Mega crates are mostly going to be Special flags and camos. If you want Ships. Buy the Medium $3x (BIg Gift) boxes. Of all the ships I got, only 1 came from the Mega crates (Nikolai I) and 0 from the Small everything else came from the middle tier. When I bought dubloons in between major events like this I always bought the $100 for 25,000 which makes 250 dubloons = $1. Using that, I got $80 back in dubloons alone. The Huanghe I had 0 interest in and the Prinz Eugen was like 9k something dubloon price so that's over half my money back just with those. I was mostly after the rare ships that can't be purchased any more and I've played them all and they're all awesome. I even bought the Rasputin skin for the Nikolai already After watching Flamu and NoZoup's crate videos I think I had worse than average luck with the Mega, better than average with Big, and average luck with Small gifts. Over all I think they were good, not amazing, but better than their normal store crates. Not as good as Halloween if all you want is dubloons, though, but good for ships. YMMV. Merry Christmas!
  4. The "Thanks, Santa!" Thread

    Just thought I'd start a thread where folks can thank those who sent gifts their way this year, whether it be a few Santa crates, a ship ... whatever. I'll start: Major thanks to delp5117 for the Santa crate! Got me 15 Red Dragon flags -- very helpful to a n00b who despises the Furutaka. Post yours below.
  5. Musings on Santa Crates

    I didn't take the time to catalogue all of the results of the crates bought this time around, save for premium ships. Got five of them, all from this year's crop of Premiums, and all of them ships I either didn't have the money for at the time, or else didn't really have any interest in, and those were: Mutsu, Perth, Gallant, Leningrad and De Grasse. I did end up with about 12,000 doubloons as well, and quite a lot of very useful flags and camo—this was out of about 40 of the $1 crates, 20 $3, 10 $5, and the two free $1 ones. This has led me to a bit of a minor epiphany, however. Basically, it boils down to this: if you bought every (or nearly every) premium when it came out, then you will most likely strike out on the Santa Crates, no matter how they tweak the algorithm—you will only get flags, camo and doubloons. However, if you are like me and only shelled out for those premiums you really, really wanted (the ones you were really looking forward to or else were thought of as "overpowered") and could get, you will most likely fare quite well. There are still a few ships out there on the tech tree for doubloons (and discounted, too!) that the crates haven't netted for me, but the way I see it, there'll be enough time to possibly buy more of them to net me those missing ships, or else enough doubloons to afford them should I so desire. Which leads to the crux of the argument: the Santa Crates are an excellent end-of-year deal for those of us who can only afford to spend a moderate amount on this game per month, for various reasons, thus enabling us to play catch-up with the big fish and have a bit of fun in the bargain. Whatever the faults may be in this system, and especially in comparison to certain other publishers (here's looking at you, electric farts), it must be said that at least in Wargaming's case, while you may be taking a chance, you are still guaranteed to get what you pay for. What you receive might not be exactly what you want, but then again, what you were after (with a handful of notable exceptions) is also on sale and you are by no means forced to play the lottery.
  6. If you are in a clan, don't forget that each of the Santa crates gives you oil. That means that the cheap package - the 20 for $16.99 - gives you 200 oil. If you've got 10 people in your clan who are willing to buy the green crates, that's 200 oil that you can play around with. That's enough for one Research Center, or all of the T5, T6, and T7 Boatyards combined. The more you know.
  7. So this is the first time I participated in this years Christmas gifts. My first 2 free ones were just some cammo and then I bought 5 of the Medium ones and the first was some Red Dragon Flags I then remembered the Flamu video I kid you not, the very next box after playing it in the background was this: THE MAGIC IS REAL! I'M NOW A TRUE BELIEVER!!!
  8. Happy Holidays! This is a fun thread to post about what you did or are going to do over the holidays! Maybe you got something cool from some Santa Crates and want to share? Maybe you smashed a ship in your Winter Themed Duke of York? Perhaps you are loving the detail of the new Hamburg port? Let's hear about it!
  9. The latest Dev diary has pretty much all but confirmed the return of santa crates people! Now with added Dasha spicyness. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) What are we hoping to find this year? Lest we succomb to the curse of the loot crate. Personally i'm hoping for Sharnhorst but anything else useful will suffice. Ps: Do you think they'll be priced the same? Will they be buyable with dubloons? Discuss if you wish.
  10. Santa Crate Gamble This Year?

    So last year it was spend money and gamble to get the Nikolai and Gremyachy. This year what ships will Wargaming include to satisfy your gambling needs? I think Okhotnik, Belfast or Kutusov.
  11. Last night I succumbed to the temptation of the Santa crates again. Bought 5 @ $5 and 10 @ $3 1 Scharnhorst 3 Warspite (so Warspite + 13000 dubs) 2000 dubs Lots of camos 25 Dragon Flags I would say that was well worth it.
  12. A Special Thanks to Someone Here.

    So... I've been reading all the Santa crate threads, enjoying the pitfalls and joys of everyone who has received great things and those who have not received great things. I put this thread in off topic just as I didn't want to clutter up the General Discussion. My own experience with the Santa crates had been mostly positive. I bought some the first day and received a whole whack of Camo's, an Ichizuchi and Lo Yang. I was not super disappointed in these things for the value. (Lets be honest the LoYang is a tier 8 prem). I had been secretly hoping for the Nikolai as I had not bought it when it was available due to the fact the Warspite was also "limited" at the time and was sold at the same time and had some history in the game already. I bought some more crates for myself and got camos and gold. I like the camo's, but suddenly I had 100s of camo's now of different colors and it seemed by RNG luck was fading. A friend gifted me more boxes to again, more camo's. I bought some more crates for random forumers here through some threads, and then sent some to my gamer buds. I've pretty much blown the budget. Out of the blue this morning, sbcptnitro, decides to send me some crates as a gift. He saw me post in a forum thread about having to stop buying crates and decided to send me some. He did not have to do this, he just decided to. It's times like this I'm proud to be a member of this community. Low and behold inside the crates is the precious Nikolai. Wow! A random gamer/forumer sends me a gift and there is Ms. Gorgeous herself in the box. Thank you to Mr. Nitro again for just deciding to send me stuff, out of the goodness of his heart.