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Found 4 results

  1. Do any of the Santa crates give the special signals? That's really what I'm looking for but don't seem to be getting any?
  2. I bought 20 x Small (Gift), 40 x Medium (Big Gift) and 20 x Large (Mega Gift) crates which was about $200 total. I had almost 90K Dubloons left over from Halloween and spent over half of those on all of the now-available-for-dubloons premiums. Because of the way the crates pick ships (will not give you something under T5) I bought everything T5 and up to increase chances of getting rare ships which I did not own. I collected all of my results as they were opened (although these are not in order). These are the totals: Ships (all came with 10 point captains including the duplicates): Huanghe Scharnhorst (I got 6650 dubloons, duplicate, already owned) Okhotnik (1350 dubloons, duplicate, already owned) Okhotnik (1350 dubloons, duplicate) Okhotnik (1350 dubloons, duplicate) Nikolai I Kamikaze Gremyaschy Prinz Eugen Dubloons: 9,300 from crates 10,700 from duplicate ships (you can see above the payouts are based on their current discounted store price) Signal Flags: 200 x Zulu Hotel (+50% commander xp) 350 x Papa Papa (+300% free xp) 50 x Equal Speed Charlie London (+50% xp) 195 x Red Dragon Flag (+100% commander xp / +100% xp) 135 x Hydra (+150% commander xp / +250% FXP / +50 xp) 60 x Ouroboros Flag (+777% FXP) 135 x Dragon Flag (+333% commander xp) 15 x Wyvern Flag (+50% credts) Camos: 315 x Frosty Fir Camo (125% commander xp / 50% FXP / 100% xp) 45 x Type 59 (+200% xp) Free XP: 10,000 Synopsis: Anecdotally, if you need/want normal signal flags buy the $1 small gifts. They're cheaper this way than they are in their normal form during the year in the store. I personally do not think the Special flags were ever worth what they were charging for them in the store and I never bought any, however if that's your thing, the Mega crates are mostly going to be Special flags and camos. If you want Ships. Buy the Medium $3x (BIg Gift) boxes. Of all the ships I got, only 1 came from the Mega crates (Nikolai I) and 0 from the Small everything else came from the middle tier. When I bought dubloons in between major events like this I always bought the $100 for 25,000 which makes 250 dubloons = $1. Using that, I got $80 back in dubloons alone. The Huanghe I had 0 interest in and the Prinz Eugen was like 9k something dubloon price so that's over half my money back just with those. I was mostly after the rare ships that can't be purchased any more and I've played them all and they're all awesome. I even bought the Rasputin skin for the Nikolai already After watching Flamu and NoZoup's crate videos I think I had worse than average luck with the Mega, better than average with Big, and average luck with Small gifts. Over all I think they were good, not amazing, but better than their normal store crates. Not as good as Halloween if all you want is dubloons, though, but good for ships. YMMV. Merry Christmas!
  3. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    One Santa Crate Only Vacilly

    The Magic of Santa Crates!
  4. brym7

    Santa Coal

    Ah yes, the only time you can be happy getting coal for Christmas. This is for clan members, if you have a coal port that gives a small percent bonus on all coal you receive in crates, this applies to the Santa Crates as well. So a happy little treat.