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Found 7 results

  1. MiniHannibal65

    Mini's Reviews: San Diego

    San Diego is out of NDA, and here is my review of her! Captain Build video will be out later today, and I will edit this post with it once it's released! (Don't Forget to Like and Subscribe) Review
  2. With the San Diego being released this patch I decided to take a look in port at the special camo for it "1776". Without a doubt this is one of the best looking camos in the game and you can see all the details on it up close! Link for those who can't use embed
  3. I see Wargaming is doing a bit of teasing this morning:
  4. San Diego received a set of announced changes this morning in the devblog. Let's look at them and put them into context on top of the information gleaned from the Test Server. Changes to Survivability I'm going to start with durability. San Diego receives a Repair Party consumable. While this will be welcome to some players, I am disappointed. The presence of any kind of healing gimmick onto a ship (be it the raw addition of a Repair Party consumable or the upgrading of an existing one) usually signals that Wargaming is dead-set on throttling the offensive potential of a given ship and we'll see this here. The Repair Party that Wargaming gave her appears slightly improved, though not unprecedented upon cruisers. It still heals back 14% of her health over 28 seconds as a normal consumable would, but she heals back 50% of citadel damage instead of 33% or 10% for many other cruisers. So that's nice. In terms of effective health, this is how tier VIII cruisers now rank up with the India Delta signal and Superintendent (but not Survivability Expert which you would be encouraged to take on this ship). I caution that "effective health" looks more competitive than it is. It will not protect you from Devastating Strikes to your citadel, for example -- San Diego is never going to have more than 31,900 hit points in her hit point pool at any point in time. It's also hard to use her a Repair Party to perfect efficiency. In practical terms, she's more likely to around 40,000 effective health in a particularly gruelling match. This is definitely an improvement, but it's important to understand that this does not make her durable. She's still stuck with her 16mm plating, for example. And if you cannot disengage when things get rough, she will fall apart quickly. Frankly, I would rather they got rid of this consumable in favour of the choice between Surveillance Radar and a Smoke Generator. Changes to AA Firepower Would you look at that? A modified Defensive AA Fire consumable. There's a few those hanging around, but Wargaming has been super cautious about doing anything worthwhile with this consumable since the CV rework back in January of 2019. There are effectively three levels of DFAA out there: The standard +50% continuous damage. Stalingrad's +25% continuous damage. The +100% continuous damage for some American destroyers. Toss on some minor differences in active time, reset timers and the base number of charges and that about sums up how adventurous Wargaming has been. So San Diego is slated to get the American tech-tree destroyer damage bonus on top of a reduced reset timer. What does that mean? Glad you asked. We'll use my fictional 186.2 knot target dummies and recalculate San DIego's theoretical damage output versus this easy (albeit quick) target: Total Damage Stock: ~2,683 Total Damage Old DFAA: ~4,040 Total Damage New DFAA: ~5,366 To put this into perspective, with DFAA active, this gives her more damage than Iowa or Missouri. Here's how she stacks up with the other tier VIII cruisers with their DFAA active, if available. It's important to keep in mind, though, that not all of these ships will have DFAA, as they usually have to choose between that and Hydroacoustic Search (and let's face it, the current DFAA is kinda trash). I've marked those with permanent access with a blue asterisk. Generally speaking, this is a change for the better, though it doesn't bring San Diego up to god-tier levels of AA. The Test Server showed that she doesn't have unlimited charges of her Defensive AA Fire consumable, for instance. She has four charges base like most other American cruisers. They've also nerfed her action time down to 30 seconds, though I'm less bothered by that given that DFAA usually lasts longer than an enemy CV tends to loiter. It's good to see Wargaming make these changes, but they could go further if they had the courage and conviction to do it. C'mon, WG. You can do it. Unlock Sandy's AA potential. Don't be shy. You know this is entirely situational and it won't break your precious carriers. Give us a reason to spec AA again. You're almost there. Changes to Gunnery Alright, here's the big one. The Test Serve revealed that San Diego does NOT have Austin's Main Battery Reload Booster with it's 75% reduction to reload times, but instead the 50% reduction. So that means that Wargaming fully intended to sell us a tier VIII Atlanta that couldn't match the tier VII Atlanta's damage per minute. Here's the old numbers again, but this time corrected with the right MBRB stats (it was assumed her MBRB had a 15 second duration instead of the 25 she had in the first round of testing): ATLANTA Damage per Minute Altanta AP DPM: 367,500 Atlanta HE DPM: 315,000 Base FPM: 8.75 SAN DIEGO (Old) Damage per Minute with 8.5 second reload San Diego SAP DPM: 266,824 San Diego HE DPM: 177,882 Base FPM: 4.94 SAN DIEGO (Old) with MBRB +50% Damage per Minute for 25 of 60 seconds San Diego SAP DPM: 378,000 San Diego HE DPM: 252,000 San Diego FPM: 7.00 Yikes. Well, the good news is that they've changed up a lot here. Let's look at the new numbers. We'll keep Atlanta along for the ride so we have a good baseline appreciation of what San Diego is trying to compete against: ATLANTA Damage per Minute Altanta AP DPM: 367,500 Atlanta HE DPM: 315,000 Base FPM: 8.75 SAN DIEGO (new) Damage per Minute with 5 second reload San Diego AP DPM: 352,800 San Diego SAP DPM: 403,200 Base FPM: Zilch. Theoretical FPM if she had her old HE: 8.4 SAN DIEGO (new) with MBRB +50% Damage per Minute for 15 of 60 seconds San Diego AP DPM: 441,000 San Diego SAP DPM: 504,000 Base FPM: Nadda. Theoretical FPM if she had her old HE: 10.5 On individual changes: Reload: Dropping San Diego from an 8.5 second reload to 5.0 seconds is welcome. It's not 4.8 seconds, but Atlanta doesn't have a Repair Party or Main Battery Reload Booster (I'll touch on those again later). So thank you for this change, Wargaming. It's not my ideal solution, but it's a step in the right direction. AP Ammunition: The addition of AP ammunition is welcome. Kinda. AP has a bit of a niche role with Atlanta's gunnery, typically being used as a damage boost over HE rounds when broadsides are offered or to deal direct damage to cruisers and some soft-skinned battleships when fires are already burning. It also comes up in knife fights to blow out citadels. The catch here is that San Diego's SAP overlaps some of this, making the addition of AP less pertinent. HE Ammunition: The loss of HE ammunition sucks. A lot. It's a go-to ammunition choice for bullying destroyers and it's nice for being able to stack DoTs and break modules. San Diego could have been a nice, but not overly competitive fire starter. To put this in perspective, Irian and Mikhail Kutuzov can set 10.8 fires per minute and Cleveland sets 13.3, so don't tell me that San Diego's 8.4 to 10.5 values are too high. SAP Ammunition: San Diego's SAP got nerfed, losing out on its earlier 2,700 damage to be dropped down to 2,400. Datamining has shown that these shells presently have a 65º to 75º ricochet threshold which is alright, but not ideal. The nerfs here are to account for her new reload, obviously. MBRB: I don't like San Diego's Main Battery Reload Booster. It's obviously causing balancing issues. Wargaming is already nerfing it, losing out on unlimited charges and reducing its active time. It's presence is also making WG shy away from giving San Diego a competitive base reload along with prompting wonky ammunition choices. Ballistics: We did learn that San Diego has improved ballistics over Atlanta, which will make her gunnery more comfortable over distance. This wasn't announced here but rather demonstrated through datamining. Her shells have a lower air-drag coefficient of 0.27 compared to Atlanta's 0.347, though they retain the same initial muzzle velocity of 792m/s. Her shells are also 0.5kg heavier. Exactly how this translates to ballistics numbers is outside of my wheelhouse, but it should bump up the effective range where her guns can be comfortably used by a kilometre or so at my best guess. Mouse's Thoughts Why are Wargaming still trying to shove the Tier VIII Austin premise down our throats? They're already (severely) compromising the premise, giving us a milquetoast ship as a result. Rip the band-aid off, Wargaming. Scrap the Austin premise. It's not needed (imo). It's not wanted (by me). It's a bad design (so says I). I don't want a tier VIII Austin. I want a tier VIII Atlanta/Flint. I want to molest higher-tiered lolibotes. I want to relive the glory days of AA-interdiction if at all possible. I want a ship capable of providing team play, not this selfish abomination. Remove the Main Battery Reload Booster. Get rid of it. It's clearly causing some consternation, making you do weird choices for ammo, consumable active times and the number of charges. It's not a compelling choice, so get rid of it. Remove SAP. Just give us AP and HE shells. If you want to do something weird with ammo, just make the AP have improved auto-ricochet angles (60º to 67.5º). Not only is this competitive, it's within the American-cruiser themes. On top of this, it allows both ammunition types to be used, prompting a variety of game play options. SAP overlaps too much with the other ammo types at this calibre, while simultaneously not covering all of the bases needed. Push her rate of fire. You've gotten rid of MBRB, now buff her rate of fire to compensate. You don't have to go too far her. It should just be oh-so slightly better than Atlanta's. Note, if you've improved her AP ammo, you might not even need to do anything here. Push her AA power. The change to her DFAA consumable is good. Now push it further. Do something daring with the consumable. Maybe bump it up to +200% damage, but with a short active time of only 15 seconds. Maybe it adds two more flak explosions when active. Maybe it (gasp!) slows down planes or increases the time it takes to aim. There's lots of ideas you could play with here, so surprise and delight us. The 100% damage buff was nice, but you haven't even given us unlimited charges like her sisters. Surveillance Radar and/or Smoke Generator. You're not going to sell me that San Diego is a better Atlanta-class without this. At a minimum, give her Atlanta's Surveillance Radar (7.5km 8.5km range) consumable. Better still, slap on both Flint's Smoke Generator and Atlanta's Surveillance Radar into the same slot and make players choose between them. I will happily surrender her Repair Party for this (which I think is a bad addition). I could go on. I haven't addressed her crappy torpedoes, her 16mm extremities, her still (unnecessarily) nerfed concealment, but that's enough for now. This design of San Diego still makes her the worst of the premium ships in this class, and there's no point buying this over Flint or Atlanta if it goes to market like this. Watashi wa numba three. Mouse out.
  5. Recommending ships that are not a Dido class is… weird to me. I have done many, many Dido class proposals because that class is my jam, but so far have only put one other line to paper (Commonwealth DD’s) simply because if its not a Dido… I’m not incredibly interested. Enter San Diego and the 3.6 roentgen controversy arising from it. Simply put, the most successful of the Atlanta class is now coming to the game and some people are annoyed. Not because of the ship, they are very pleased that the ship is coming to the game. They are annoyed because of how it is balanced. Currently, San Diego is balanced like a Mini Austin, with a eye watering 8.5 second reload on 127mm guns at tier 8, that shoot SAP to help bridge the damage gap and gain access to a main battery reload booster that gives it a 2 second reload for 15 seconds. And that, I will grant, is a valid way to balance the ship. Not very satisfying though. And its down to the innate expectations of a tier 8 Atlanta. See, the Atlanta at tier 7 has room to grow. The 5 inch cannons that were designed to comfortably meet 15 rounds per minute, and could exceed that when asked to, are given a 4.8 second reload as opposed to the 4 they could really reliably manage. Add to that the fact that any ship at tier 8 gets a additional module slot and the fact that at tier 8 US cruisers have a healthy choice of consumables and the ship almost balances itself. A lot of people want San Diego to be Atlanta unleashed, no longer artificially limited in its DPM, or crappy torpedo range. And I want this too, after all, there is an Anti-Aircraft cruiser that is a lot closer to my heart that has just been put into game a tier lower than it probably should be, with its DPM nerfed into the dirt, that could benefit from having a ‘unleashed’ version make it’s way into the wild. Hint Hint WG, Hint Hint. But that does leave WG with a bit of a gap. A tier 8 Austin could be a lot a fun, could sell well, and is clearly something that WG wants. Making San Diego into a unnerfed Atlanta obviously removes this option. If only there was a way to make WG happy too. Enter Juneau. Real life successor to the Atlanta’s, USS Juneau of the Juneau class is literally a mini Austin. 6 5-inch twin turrets, check. 6 76mm twin AA guns, check. Only thing missing is the torpedo tubes. However, that even helps us a little, as without the torpedo tubes there is more onus on the guns performing, allowing us to give them a little bit of a buff tier for tier. And Juneau is also a ship worthy of being added to WOWS. Representing a real class of ship that can’t really be put into any sort of tech tree, tier 8 is a logical spot for a postwar cruiser. Its service history is worthy too. Sailing during the Korean War, Juneau performed numerous shore bombardments and even saw a surface action (which is one more surface action than USS San Diego ever saw) helping to sink 4 North Korean torpedo and gun boats and sinking 10 trawlers. So there we go. WG rebalances the San Diego to be an unchained Atlanta, adds in Juneau in a year to backfill the mini-Austin, and then adds in something like Euryalus at tier 7 to be a unchained Dido that basically just has the same stats that Dido had before being nerfed. Dare to dream.
  6. so with San Diego coming to wows we now have a total of four Atlantas in game ignoring Atlanta b and San Diego's stats are concerning. as it is basically a low tier austin a ship that is known to not be that good. to make San Diego more enjoyable it should get the same consumables as Atlanta and 3 second reload with a heal instead of the unlimited MBRB. that is all.
  7. for the collabe of Azur Lane can you just re-skin Atlanta name it San Diego + Azur Lane camo and have the San Diego (Sandy) captain. Cause she is #1