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Found 2 results

  1. I have put in two tickets in the last two weeks for team members who intentionally attacked me. One a BB who said I should have smoked for him, but did not ask in chat and would have been spotted if he'd fired (there was a DD I was engaged with less than 6K away). I was in the cap trying to secure it when he shot me and he was even called out by another player for doing so. Ruined the whole game for me because I had to move into the open to avoid him shooting me again and was killed. The second one who cut across my path and I hit the back of his ship - when I blew my horn, he tried to torp me, but was too close and the torps did not arm. Then he turned the other way, blocking me again and shot at me and then torped me again. He died from the damage but I was left broadside and at low health and was killed by a single red salvo. I did not shoot him back. I followed Wargaming protocols in both cases and did not retaliate, or call them names and put in a ticket with a video replay of both incidents- which means I was doing a ticket (not fun) instead of playing (usually fun). Here is the response from Wargaming- "We have an automated system in place for violation tracking (i.e. team damage, team killing), as such all mentioned offenses will be addressed by the automation only. Once a player has reached a threshold set by the automation for team kills/damage, they turn pink and start dealing with mirror damage to themselves. In addition, they lose a portion of the damage caused and forfeit some experience. We allow for some team damage to occur before the full penalty takes place, and we feel we're pretty generous with the amount allowed, but once it crosses over that line, the penalty is imposed. Because of this, we highly advise that you do not take matters into your own hands as we will be unable to change any actions taken by the automated violation tracker. We truly do appreciate your interest in World of Warships and your contribution to our community. We can only hope that you understand that we must be fair and treat all friendly fire cases the same, regardless of the motives. Thank you for helping us to keep the gaming environment comfortable and violation-free. " Nothing was done for either incident. No temp play ban, nothing. These nasty players intentionally ruined my games and made me not want to play the rest of the day and when I put in a ticket, nothing was done. They were just pink for a couple of games afterwards. Bid deal. Wargaming tells you not to take things into your own hands, but if you put in ticket, where somebody calls you names and then TK's/Heavily damages you, they do nothing. I always believed that people went pink for unintentional damage to their team, not intentional damage. What is the point of putting in tickets for this kind of behavior if nothing will be done? It's just a waste of time. I have been playing WoWs for a little over a year. The first 6 months or so, I was usually pretty nice to people, rarely responded in chat and just tried to learn the game, but after the constant name calling, personal attacks and being shot at by teammates (one even witnessed up by a Super Tester who saw the guy intentionally shoot, then ram me and harass me in chat), I have become a lot more salty. The Super Tester said I deserved it for not playing the ship the way it should have been played- though I got 2 kills and a witherer in a tier 7 ranked battle that we won. What recourse do I have? Wargaming ignores people intentionally ruining your game, but will issue a chat ban is you call someone out for poor play or being an [edited]. Being TK'd is far worse then being called a name, at least to me. Intentionally shooting, ramming people out of smoke, or torping them should be a few day suspension from the game if there is evidence they did it. Instead, they go pink for two games. They just go into co-op and sail around on auto-pilot while they make a sandwich until the penalty is lifted. I'm afraid the nasty comments, TKing and other things have rubbed off on me. I am not the same player I was when I started. So bottom line, no more tickets from me. It appears I'm on my own and need to handle things in my own way.
  2. I was playing a ranked battle and in this game our team was loosing from the very beginning. We didnt play very good at all, we had no teamwork, and i admit i didn't play good either. Well near the end of the battle one of our salty dead captains spoke in the "all chat" revealing our positions to the enemies. Didn't really matter cause we were going to loose, but miracle do happen sometimes.... Anyway after the battle that guy messaged me and harassed me. I put a ticket in cause i learned to NOT to do that after i did that myself before....(Im very sorry for doing so). But i would like to talk to you guys about this because it is important to know that some players are either just plain bad at the game style, others may be new and learning, or even trying out new ways to play. We all have bad days and good days while playing this game. I'm not perfect in this game, but after 652 battles in random i have achieved a 51% winrate and a destruction ratio of atleast 1. Again not the best, but i understand in general how to play. Its pretty key to understand that you should NOT harass your fellow captains after a bad battle, like we dont want to turn World of Warships into World of Tanks because its fun to actually chat with the enemy team. 1. dont be salty 2. dont tell the enemy your teammates position Simple as that and just enjoy the game.