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Found 9 results

  1. I ask CV players, do you think the best CV players in game get the most salt. The bad one just play tier 4 CV. Do you roll your eyes when players say CV are easy and have everlasting fighters. Do you love the salt playing a CV. Because it always are fault win or lose. CV mains do you feel like your in your own click, the other players just don't understand us. Do you love troll ships? Well subs be the new troll. If so well you play it.
  2. Thought some of you might be entertained by this replay (see further below). It's just a CO-OP battle, but was pretty amazed at how the "player in question" (a member of a different clan) decided to farm damage by shooting me! not a "stellar" showing -- pressed the wrong key to activate hydro and wasted my smoke near the end. I blame WG for making the Smolensk a DPM monster! and here's the replay (judge for yourself). 20190922_145908_PRSC610-Smolensk_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  3. TheKrimzonDemon

    PSA: Daring drivers

    To all Daring drivers: In Epicenter rounds, your place is not the 1 and 10 lines, trying to torp snipe ships that are A) Behind rocks, and B) Beyond your torp range anyway, even if they weren't behind said rocks. Your hydro is useless if you aren't actually, you know, within spitting distance of things that, like you, have torpedoes. You are a DD hunter and a capper and defender. You are not, nor will you ever be, a Shimakaze. That is all, thank you.
  4. RumpledSteelskins

    This is why I hate playing ranked

    Almost from the start of this match, 3 of my 5 teammates were telling me all the stuff I was doing wrong...not going where they thought I should go....not shooting at what they wanted me to shoot at...saying they were gonna report me for bad play (and they did...Karma went down 3 points, whoop-de-do). And here's the result. Taking a break from ranked....this isn't the first incident this season, and I will be honest...this season seems like it has been LESS salty than previous ones....but it's still there and I'm tired of it. If I'm having a bad game, I don't mind getting told off...but when I'm getting it when it isn't warranted, it urinates me off!!! \venting over.....thanks for listening. Off to play Assassins Creed Odyssey.....SINGLE PLAYER
  5. Lazysteel


    I don't know what WG did after the last patch. The amount of over pens that have been happening since then is in record number. Now all these cruisers and other bb's can run around broadside and not be AS punished as they once were. I'm not saying that I don't get citadels. The amount of people doing stupid crap and not being as punished as they use to be has gone down at least 50%. After every battle now I have at least half of my shots be overpens. What's the dealio WG.
  6. Dev blog Update 0.7.10. Duration of the consumable Hydroacoustic Search. We've standardised not only the acquisition range of the consumable Hydroacoustic Search in Update 0.7.10 but and duration of these consumable. Reworked parameters will be as follows: Standard Hydroacoustic Search consumable: at Tier IV to VII, the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes will be 4 km and 3 km respectively; at Tier VIII to IX, it will be 5 and 3.5 km, respectively, and duration time 100 seconds; Enhanced (i.e German) Hydroacoustic Search consumable: at Tier IV to VII, the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes will be 5.5 km and 3.75 km, respectively, and duration time 110 seconds; at Tier VIII to IX, it will be 6 and 4 km, respectively, and duration time 120 seconds; Cooldown 180 and 120 seconds for the Hydroacoustic Search I and Hydroacoustic Search II, respectively. This changes doesn't affect unique Hydroacoustic Search for researchable British destroyers and Cossack. They remain the same with the following parameters: Action time of the consumable: 180 seconds; Reload time: 180 seconds (120 for Premium consumable); Ship acquisition range: 3 km; Torpedo acquisition range: 3 km. This changes doesn't affect unique Hydroacoustic Search for destroyer Haida: Action time of the consumable: 180 seconds; Reload time: 180 seconds (120 for Premium consumable); Ship acquisition range: 3,5 km; Torpedo acquisition range: 2,5 km. Please pay attention that some ships after this changes will receive improvements to their characteristics, others will get small debuffs. These changes are not based on the performance of some ships compared to others. It is intended only to standardize the value of the consumable. We will closely monitor the statistics and, if, as a result of this change, the efficiency of any ships are significantly changed, we will take the necessary measures. We apologize for the lack of this information in the full patchnotes ST. Concealment Expert. Now the bonus granted by this skill will be standardised for all classes and equal 10%. This change will increase the chance for a destroyer to take evasive action if they meet a cruiser at close range. Make life easier for cruisers by reducing the stealth bonus granted to Battleships. Will allow for more variation for specialization by making the skill 'Concealment Expert' less dominant. Also, this change will remove inconsistencies, such as a ship of an enormous size recieving an greater bonus to it's stealth than that of a smaller ship type. Keep in mind that these changes are now at the testing stage. We will closely monitor the statistics and, if, as a result of this change, the efficiency of any ships are significantly changed, we will take the necessary measures. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. https://www.facebook.com/pg/wowsdevblog/posts/
  7. tm63au

    Battle For Control Of The Seas

    Hi Wow things are really hotting up on the forum with posts and threads left right and centre . Things have really been happening since the announcement and video showing the new addition to the game has people divided, on one side we have the Anti sub lobby CAS ( Coalition Against Submarines ) preaching fire and brimstone and there saying its the end of the world as we Know it. Then there is the pro sub lobby UFFU ( United Front For Unterseeboots ) rejoicing about this new era. The salt is flying, accusations of betrayal and more , the heat is rising, sounds like a normal everyday Caucus meeting of The Australian labour party . Myself I am one of number of moderates who is urging patience and waiting and seeing how things will turn out. To this I say chill relax play a game, have a drink or watch your favourite movie , but don't let this degenerate into open warfare. However if this is not possible well all i can say is lets hope the casualties are low from the blood letting. And here is few pictures to fire up the spirits for both sides l God help the next few weeks regards
  8. GrimmeReaper

    New Consumable

    I propose a new universal consumable for all... THE SALT SHAKER... Yes that is right the SALT SHAKER. You use it to spread salt on your fellow captains, once used your detection range becomes the entire map for 60 seconds, meaning everyone knows exactly where you are... And is free to fire upon you. If you use this on a Teammate, Team Killing Penalties are suspended for 60 seconds as well. Now I all hope who reads this has a good laugh as I did thinking it up. Enjoy!!!
  9. TFW, as a DD, you get 60K damage, spot another 50K, cap, defend a cap, murderize the top tier CV in the first 5 minutes of the game, finish second in XP (above the guy who got a Kraken) and get reported for "Playing Poorly" by someone with 20% of your XP... Matt