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Found 36 results

  1. (Sorry, but I just feel like venting right now) (Epilepsy warning: if you suffer when you see flashing images, do not read this post) So today, I decided to try out ranked. Only, I realized that my usual ship for tier 8 ranked, North Carolina, was lacking her 16-pt captain because I transferred him to Iowa, and I didn't have any other captains on standby. Oh well, no big deal, I thought, I'll just put my 16-pt Essex captain on Enterprise and go sail that that instead. Because I don't have any tier 10s (saving free xp for Kronshtadt/Musashi, silver shortages, etc.), my stopping point was rank 15. I started at rank 16, having played in the previous seasons. So how hard could two wins be? The answer: really, really hard. Out of the 11 matches in Enterprise today: 1 win 8 losses with saved stars 2 losses with lost stars averaging about 90k damage and 30 destroyed planes per match The amount of poor play I've witnessed makes me glad I'm only going for rank 15 and took a month-long break beforehand. Destroyers that seem to deliberately avoid capping, opting instead to gun-fight enemy Clevelands or chase the enemy CV while clamoring for air support (which, considering I have 5 other people on my team to protect, was effectively a no-go) Cruisers that sail in straight lines in open water while in range of every [edited] enemy battleship and somehow lose gun duels to enemy destroyers Battleships that chase enemy CVs and suicide into a single enemy BB parked around an island Out of these 11 matches, only 1 enemy carrier put up what I'd call a good fight: all the other ones were slaughtered by a 4-1 plane kill ratio yet still managed to be carried by their team. So what finally got me to call it a night? Simply put, a 45% WR Bismarck who: followed me around (you know, the CV who supposed to stay back from the fight) instead of following the other ships and doing a battleship's job ignored a pursuing enemy Atago at 12 km that managed to get close enough to detect me in favor of shooting at an angled North Carolina 19 km away (so I had to AP bomb the Atago instead) when the match was ending, began firing at me, dealing about 7k worth of AP damage (replay available on request) I admit, I was sorely tempted to, given said B[edited]marck's behavior, to retaliate and TK him, but I thought better of it. By grabs, I'd need a serious drink if I weren't below the drinking age. Actually—Ari! I need the immediate amnesia procedure! Here's the shovel. Arizona: On it.
  2. New Consumable

    I propose a new universal consumable for all... THE SALT SHAKER... Yes that is right the SALT SHAKER. You use it to spread salt on your fellow captains, once used your detection range becomes the entire map for 60 seconds, meaning everyone knows exactly where you are... And is free to fire upon you. If you use this on a Teammate, Team Killing Penalties are suspended for 60 seconds as well. Now I all hope who reads this has a good laugh as I did thinking it up. Enjoy!!!
  3. The Feeling When...

    TFW, as a DD, you get 60K damage, spot another 50K, cap, defend a cap, murderize the top tier CV in the first 5 minutes of the game, finish second in XP (above the guy who got a Kraken) and get reported for "Playing Poorly" by someone with 20% of your XP... Matt
  4. Some players play to have fun, to shoot at other ships and get sunk. Fair enough, not everyone is a serious player. Heck, I'm not too peeved when I lose (most of the time) and have a life outside of this game. And then there are those that ruin the match for the rest of the team in the name of their "fun". Today, in one match in Missouri, we had a Cleveland (whose username I recorded but unfortunately wasn't able to record more evidence before the match ended and my game crashed) who announced that he would sail to J-1 (on twin brothers) and host a "peace summit." What that basically amounted to was him sailing to J1, slowly puttering around in the corner, and filling the chat with inanities about topics like "magazine size reductions." With our team basically down one ship, our west flank collapsed, as a well-played enemy division consisting of a Yamato, a Z-52, a Grober Kurfurst, and a Stalingrad bore down on us. Without the fire support from the Cleveland, even our excellent CV (who stomped the enemy CV by over 30 plane kills and managed to get 1.4k base xp on a loss—not to mention dev-striking a Des Moines somehow) couldn't hold the tide. End result, our team loses on points, and the Cleveland gets a grand total of 124 base xp, having not contributed a single point of damage or potential damage to our team. To the [edited] whose username consists of I hope you remember that there are other people who play this game, and they don't appreciate you selfishly ruining their match just for some inane roleplaying. ...I need some sugar.
  5. So I took a break for nearly three months because of the shenanigans WG has built into its game, and now that I'm back... Radar. Radar, radar and moar radar. Not really like much as changed since I left, but there's always radar... waiting to a55-rap3 your destroyer at the push of a button. I'm sure there is a certain amount of evil glee coursing through the veins of its users, and who could blame them? You know, that "Ah-ha!" moment when a lolibote is revealed from behind smoke, islands, subspace, whatever, just waiting to have shells rammed up its backside by direct or indirect fire in all its nekkid glory. Hentai. So I've come to a decision. Smoke is worthless. It's dead weight in higher tiers. Why even bother when there is so much radar? It's useless to my allies and worse, it's useless to me, a DD main who can't tank the damage. My last game, for example, was getting lit two seperate times at different parts of the map, blasting me down to 2k hp for no good reason than a random button press. I worked that 2k hp's a55 off, btw, still managing third in the match win. But srsly. might as well just grab that 5-8 second rack of skill that Radar also sees, but at least I have the opportunity to hold something in reserve versus a minute and a half wait. And before you call this a salt and whine post (which it is), I'll remind you that I'm not just b*tching... I'm doing exactly what so many others would testily advise: I've adapted. I've adapted from a team-centric player to a self-centered one. Thanks Wargaming! ------------------------- Just so something useful comes out of this thread besides my b*tching and moaning, here's a link to radar ships via wiki.wargamining. Presumably, it will updated as needed. I'll only show you where the bad CA touched me in PM.
  6. Atlanta: Let the Salt Flow

    Just an average game in my journey to bring good tidings to all the battleship players of the world. In this game: me, a Colorado, and a Benson held back 9 of the 12 red team members. Their NC was determined to sink me. Unfortunately for him, he forgot the Atlanta has torpedoes. After about a minute of blustering in chat about how he would end me, this happened in chat: Red was our friendly neighborhood NC. Green was me, and the blue was our Benson. The "Hey buddy" was him rounding the corner of the island only to find me waiting with torpedoes. It was a good game.
  7. I ranked out this season and it will be my last. I get the Black and there is no more drive for me. That said I have had some great seasons and some rough seasons. Stats below. I am close to a unicum player but I am not the best. I am a good player in DDs, CAs, and pretty solid in BBs. I am not a unicum, super unicum, nor am I playing for OPG/ZR/I/K etc etc etc. Wanted to give some solid advice to more skilled but average players. Season - # of Battles 4 – 166 5 – 349 6 – 138 7 – 218 8 – 357 9 – 320 My thoughts on ranked It’s a chore. Its stressful. It is very competitive and can be very fun. However the worst thing is playing a great game. Everyone is feeling positive, each side thanks each other for a GG. Then you go to the next game and its thrown. You lose a star and they cancel each other out like you fell into a black hole. The abyss is real. I actually find this to be the worst part. The other key thing is early on in ranked. I can get to 5 pretty quick. In season 9 I was able to be 1 star from Ranked 2 in under 130 games. And it took 320 games to rank out. Yes it was rough. I was so back and forth. It became easier as the super unicums ranked out. I don’t hide that fact. Ironically, I finished strong with the Shim this season. But saved stars most often with Conqueror. Some advice for current Rank Season 9 · If the other team has all the radar and your team has none it is extremely difficult to get a win · Unicum players make a huge difference in carrying the team. You see one of those big names focus them down · If you haven’t ever played ranks 5+ all players in those ranks typically know what they are doing. They know the maps. Work on teaming up don’t’ sweat the tactics to much · You play DDs? LEARN all distances of radar coverage. Des Moines 9.9 but you can spot them at 10.3 (or so). Use that. They sit and camp often. Soon as you see a DM they will hit radar like its going out of style. Run away and wait 1:30 or so. Then spot him for your team. He will pay the price. **Thanks jason199506 adding your comment** top config(radar mod) des moines is 9.9km 56seconds, he is spotted 10.6km away top config minotaur is 9.9km 56seconds, he is spotted 8.9km away top config moskva is 11.7km 35 seconds, he is spotted 13.8km away · DD advice #2 – You know the YueYung and their radar? Don’t smoke up and run. You keep your smoke down and keep him spotted so your team can help. And they will. Everyone wants a piece · You a DD player - Your gonna lose a star most if not all the time. Get used to it. You carry the games and you wont deal as much damage as a BB/CA. So that star is gone in a loss · BBs snipe. They hit hard. Protect them as they save you often · Cruisers camp in the usual spots 90% of the time. Know them and spot them. Or drop the occasional fish for maximum fun · Radio Location is required for all DDs and is very OP in ranked. Use it, love it, and for the love of all communicate it with your team. · All Minotaurs and YueYungs have radar in ranks 5 – 1. Assume it always · Never broadside to a minotaur. Or better yet never show a flat side to a minotaur. Those DDs who have a flat butt. Even tier X DDs can bounce his shells long as you don’t show flat sides · Spotting wins games If you spot a Minotaur and your a DD he will instantly pop radar. Its a good 3-4km to outrun his radar and he will chase you. Don't show sides and call for support. BBs love to farm that damage from Minos. BBs stay at a distance that is safe enough to go dark and heal. If you get focused you can't turn around and run easily. Team needs your tanky ability don't die early. Its ok to hold fire and heal Some advice for Rank Seasons in general · Play the ship you are most comfortable with. Its rare there is an OP ship. **cough Belfast season **cough · Losing team will have major salt. Get used to it do not be a part of it. Offer good advice to player do not call them dumb · Damage dealt keep you from losing a star. But capping objectives wins games. · Going dark and not shooting is A GREAT OPTION try it. Your death loses the team points · Soon as you spot a DD call it out to the team. DDs win games. DDs carry games. A team that loses their DDs early almost always lose · Call out low HP targets. We love kills · Setting 1 fire to a BB is good. He will let it burn and get you damage. Move to other targets. He will waste a heal on your 1 fire. Let him. Later in the game you want to be sure he has none left. · Call out damage control usage. If you know that target is vulnerable everyone will open up on him. BBs take damage that you don’t want · Smoke is EVIL unless you have someone spotting, or you know your target doesn’t have radar/hydro. Don’t ever sit in smoke if there is even a slight chance torps are coming. You have all done it. · Flanking wins games often. Even if you do not deal much damage. Causing a cross fire or pulling ships away from the main line is HUGE. · Detonations early in the match suck. WG remove dets from ranked. I don’t think I have seen a game with a early det and won it. Season 9 had some serious salt. I found it odd that it came from some of the more unicum/super unicum players. I will give a shout out to Kraken and Impact. You guys were always team players and even in a loss were respectful. Wish we could see more of this. Sadly the blame game is real. Remember it’s a random team, random game, random skill, and random number generators. Get used to it, it can be good and bad. This will be my last season ever o7 to all of you. See you out there. **Adding some updates as you either post them or corrections
  8. Just got to the premiere league after playing a few games in the First League (6-10). What's the meta like in Premiere? Similar to the 6-10 meta? Better? Worse? I'm assuming the playerbase there is better so most people have a somewhat lower WR there than the higher ranks (6-10, 10+). Is that a common experience? Or have enough potatoes gotten up into 1-5 through sheer force of will to make it a repeat of 6-10?
  9. Was having trouble sleeping, so decided to play some Ranked after 12am. The queue was basically the same 20 ish people getting shuffled to different teams every match. There were three players honed their skill to a fine edge in "special tactics", a very very brave destroyer, a BB that really cares about how good her paint job looks, another BB yearns to travel to far away lands. So the half dozen or so ranked matches I played basically was decided by which team gets more of the three "specials". It was just horrific through out the ordeal. Wins were not satisfying and loses were rage inducing. Only upside was that all the rage cardio tired me out and put me to bed. Irrevocable rank should be abolished, so the truly horrifics all drop to the very bottom of the bottom and they can slather special sauce amongst themselves only.
  10. The Asashio is up for sale. And while the BBbabies whine and gnash their teeth, I'm going to go spend some quality time with my baes Minotaur, Z-52, Fletcher, Z-23, ARP Takao, Fiji, and Akizuki, making people who shelled out $43 for the Asashio regret all the poor life choices that led them to where they are today. I might even play some Republique and bait Asashios into wasting torp salvos before deleting them when they become visible. Oh yes, the salt mining will be glorious today. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/6255/
  11. I need a break from Tier X

    Like the title said I need a break. When I get berated for holding a cap in my Z-52 for the entire game against 3 of the 4 enemy dds and both radar cruisers by a Conqueror player who just sits at the back of the map and spams HE, I think it's time to return to a simpler tier. Any suggestions for a salt free experience? Because at the rate I am going I will probably uninstall, and I don't want to do that.
  12. Sorry Shchors

    Fellow Operation Aegis Players: Got a little salty with someone obsessed with saving the Shchors CO when I was busy dealing with spawned BB's & such. Apologies to the rest of you. I didn't realize Shchors was right behind me, being somewhat preoccupied and all. Cost us a star; mea culpa. There's apparently one of you who couldn't get over that. I do what I can.
  13. Get the popcorn.

    If ya'll are gonna be a clanned 3-man group(and thus on 3rd party voice coms)... which includes the ONLY CV on the damn team... AT LEAST HAVE THE COURTESY TO FREAKING REPORT ON TEXT TO THE *****TEAM***** THAT THE DUDE WITH THE CV IS HAVING CONNECTION ISSUES SO PEOPLE CAN ADJUST TO THAT. PRIOR TO THE DAMN MATCH STARTING. Hell... I'd take 30 seconds into the match. Just... ANYTHING. Clan-name with-held due to craptastic forum rules. Buuuuuuuuuuuut if ya'll want to know just think 'nobility'.
  14. Since people here agree to the statement "salt is just stupidity", will people also agree on the statement "there are situations that justify salt"
  15. I'm going to try and stay on track here and get the message out. I'll start with a little preamble to qualify myself and then get right to the meat.. feel free to skip the intro part if you've seen far to many of my posts! (*grin!*) Inspired by the holidays, second by Simon Sinek and his speaking on Millennials in the workplace and other topics. And third by you folks yourselves. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO: Me: I'm an american, and a Californian over the age of 60. I've been table top and war gaming since I was gifted with a copy of Avalons Hill's "Tactics-II" on my 11 birthday. ANd have enjoyed computer gaming since from my first OWNED computer game and that was the original "Wing Commander" which I played on a 286/20 with a whopping 2 megabytes of RAM and an EGA video card put together from spare parts. (Had to do work on the MB.. was licenced electronic technician at the time. Had to replace the CMOS controller and some other parts including a CPU that had gotten fried from a power surge) I've worked as a grunt laborer, field hand, cowboy (yes a real genuine cowboy.. and I hate horses dumbest doggone critter I swear) Salesman, CS rep, electronic technition, computer technition, and for all practical purposes a stint of about a year as a SYSOP for a college main frame. middle manager, and for a about 3 years a store owner who owned a game and hobby shop in Oakland California. I've had my heart broken and my hopes dashed more times then I care to remember. We older folks we call this "life". craphappens ya know, you press past and achive if you can. No promises of success. But it really feels fantastic when you do pull it off. Thats all the important stuff about me that needs to be known here. On with the meat of the post! END INTRO ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... there see that wasn't so bad! on to the next subject... The ART of LEARNING. What? It's not an art. you get told, you see you learn, easy. Yea I wish! (points at 2 years of warships play and only now starting to pull unicum level stats) For some folks it's easy for other not so much and there is every graduation between the extremes. The best teacher I had as a kid was a civics teacher who taught me (no without one heleva struggle) to challange I believed to be truth (I'm actually grateful for Richard Nixon. Big lesson on "what you thought you knew was wrong!" and no I am NOT going to mention history repeating its self... this time.. no politics today!) . That taught me that there are facts, and there are truths and that they don't always jibe with each other. That the only differnece between (advertising) and propaganda are the words they label themselves with. They use the same tools and techniques. Both impact on our lives tremendously, and I see the reflection of it in MMO"s and online gaming constantly. Yea, whadda mess! But this is the world we live in today, and until "WE" turn it around for the NEXT generation (which has yet to be born.. we gotta a little time yet) we're stuck with it. An important note here. Every generation of adults gets "the JOB" for the next generation and not one of them through out ALL of human history has ever gotten it all done, or gotten it all right. The important part is the doing. It's not the mountain that makes the man, but the act of climbing it. It's not the goal, it's the journey. And yes I FUSSED over this myself this myself and did NOT like it. You younger folk, god help ya it's your turn! Don't give up. We learn the really important bits in life by making mistakes (not always, and be thankful for that!). Now there is a great deal we can learn from others, we can be taught, WE can gain from what other have learned. Of course there is a down side. If they learned wrong they will pass on to us their bad lessons and we will take them to heart and make the same errors they did till we realize (or not) the error(s), learn, and change. It's so common that it is NORMAL. There is no helping it. Process man, stinks ya know, gotta do it anyway. And that's really what THIS is about. Dealing with process, specifically the process of learning to be GOOD at this game (if its at all important to you. Might not be! *gasp!*) I've been criticized by those who pay a bit to much attention to the trees and miss the forest on some of my past posts trying to put together lessons I've learned in this game dealing with tactics, ship builds and more. Things change. The game changes. New lessons MUST supersede the old lessons. New ships, new systems, changes to old systems, new features. The list will only get longer, as each new patch is built upon the lessons of what has gone before. The dev's build, they learn, they watch the results. The find new ways, mostly better sometimes worse...they correct, they incorporate the changes and lessons and they move on to the next goal (and will deal with fans/gamers/customers who missed the memo and are still harping on something that ceased to be an issue MONTHS ago. *sigh!* fair, yea, sorry! Get over it folks. Its a bit more rare then ya think! Bad news, or apparent bad news always makes the front page.) They learn, and from the lessons they learn they make the game (usually) a little better. It can be a slow process from realizing that there might might be an issue to figuring out how to address it, correct it, and make it not an issue (..to the majority of the player base. Never ever will everyone be pleased with the changes). It what they have to do. And really. It's pretty cool. The only other human endeavor I can think of they regularly generates such inventiveness and progress tends to be War and the threat of war..(nothing focus's the mind like immanent death! It's a human thing) . I'm all in favor of there being more game designers then real world soldiers! So whats all this got to do with learning? Well. Lets see. you can try and force people to learn but results can be very spotty without application of a lot of fear inducing terror. Ask any of the failed (or nearly failed) Stalinist style communist governments that still exist. There's still one or two on the planet. And they are not doing well at all. Not really. Better to encourage learning and give the learner the tools to help them tell the good lessons from the bad. To teach them how to learn. And it's not a big secret. Teach them to ask "why?" "how?" "what?" "where". Critical examination is a easy skill to learn and mastery like in all worthwhile endeavors takes time work and attention.. Self examination has not been encouraged in eras of thought and consideration though it is on the upswing thank god! I could go into the details and history of this, and it is fascinating disturbing and will upset you greatly as you figure it out. Some other time maybe. SO important point number one. Making mistakes. First off in spite of what the salty speakers may say it's ok to make mistakes, because that's what you learn from. But important caveat.. ONLY if you notice your making the mistake. And please I'd much rather you make your mistakes here, in the game and not on the freeway at 80 MPH. The worst that happens here is the loss of some virtual currency and embarrassment. Out there, it can get you and others dead. So by all means please make the errors here. We Will Survive It (though to listen to some at same you might think different!). Here is whats really important to what is considered success in world of warships. 1.Winning the Match 2. Causing Damage 3. A player on YOUR team surviving the match to claim victory for the team (major point of failure right there!) Everything else is a means to and end. And it doesn't really matter how tidily you manage the 3 goals as long as they get done. Yes doing it with style and grace is part of the advanced course. ((well ok how tidily you manage does matter, but winning forgives all most everything! There are folks that blame the sun for shining. Don't be them and try to NOT pay those types to much attention. they're just looking for justification so that they can say "Not My Fault". and it may not have been but guilty concience ya know!)) Focus on those 3 goals and the rest will come. From a game stand point you are just one playing piece on a side of 7 to 12 players. Your ship is an asset to be spent. And your looking to get the best bang for your buck! Not always easily done and you will fail. Be thank full. Most warships that went down in action in the real world took better then 90% of their crews with them. This will not kill you! I promise..and I have a vivid imagination! Just not gonna happen. under any situation remotely normal. Look at the match you just played. Ignore everything other then what YOU did. Always ask "how could I have done better" and be prepared for a bit of a wait until all those little observations come together in your mind and you get the results you want. All so be prepared to be WRONG! Mostly the improvements in your play will come in tiny little changes, sometime it'll be a "Eureka!" moment and everything gels. But mostly "the grind" awaits. (got over 10k battle in this game on my accounts to back that one up! Ow! Yes I can be said to be an average learner. But then I go and try things myself and not take other folks word for it. Might surprise you how often you'll find the the conventional wisdom is flat wrong. Only way to find out is to test the assumption and yea you put your stats at risk..So what? Keep plugging, never give up, never surrender. (Galaxy Quest line. love that movie! Such fun) And really that may be THE single most important bit in all of this. Test everything including what you think is "right" all ways because things do change and what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. In this game we play everything is situational. There things you'll do when there is no CV in a match that you wont do if there is a CV in the match. Or even a specific class of ship. If you work at it you discover what ships are good for what situation and what will limit them from performing optimally. There is a LOT to learn. And eventually you will learn that it's the player the drives the ship not the ship that drives the player. (HERESY! Burn burn!) But it is true. Its you that makes a ship good. I'm working on proving that in the current ranked season with the HSF Harekaze which I will be driving exclusively for season 8 all the way to rank 1. I've made it to rank 13, only a little bit more to go. And yea I am and average player.. or used to be. I'm a bit above average these days (shhh don't distract with the facts, were talk'n truth here.. not the same thing) . There are better DD players then I and I am certain better Harekaze and Kagero drivers then I. I think that's wonderful but at this point there is not much they can teach me about my chosen ride. At best we can compare notes and observations. And likely will both learn a little itty bitty bit. If I have an major issue in MY play style, and it's that I tend to be a little over aggressive. I'm working on it darn it, and have seen improvement and that is why I will make rank 1 hopefully before to very much longer! And yes, LUCK is a factor! but far less so then it would have been in say season 1 through 7 because the player base as a whole is far more skilled with the game then it was even a year ago. Be positive. Pay attention, and let yourself learn your own lessons. Take advantage of what other can teach you, but remember Obi-Wan Kanobi's most important lesson. "the truth depends very much on ones point of view" Always remember this is a team play game and always play for the teams victory. Do that and the rest will follow. And never forget the real goal. Having fun, and being entertained. Merry Christmas and may the new year be a fine time full of memories to come for all of you. TL_Warlord_Roff sends EOL:Close.
  16. Farming salt one radar at a time

    Sometimes the rage you see post-game is more entertaining than the match itself. This gent was particularly amusing. = Also, mods, if I'm not allowed to post screenies like this, please feel free to delete/lock. Cheers. Profanity inbound. Disclaimer: I'm a DD main. Radar is fine. EDIT: Profanity censored per @Radar_X
  17. Salt Upon a Tier 7 Ranger

    The USS Ranger Experience is well chronicled in this replay and my end-of-battle screenshots. I get accused of "doing nothing" and some players agree to report me about a minute before I get a "Clear Sky" medal. 20170923_100823_PASA010-Ranger-1944_41_Conquest.wowsreplay
  18. https://kotaku.com/blizzard-says-fighting-bad-behavior-is-slowing-down-ove-1809062317
  19. Graf Zeppelin Exclusivity period

    Alright, let me start off by laying down the guts for this discussion: ~This is about the decision by War Gaming on the Graf Zeppelin and nothing else. ~Do not even bring up anything regarding what could be a great name for sneakers made by Apple(as this topic was so beaten to the ground already) So, I just got my ticket back trying to dig up some information regarding the post about the "Graf Zeppelin Situation Update"(reason why this is posted now). I got the most predictable and reasonable answer regarding it. "I'll pass it along to the devs"(Kind person who answered fast BTW). This brings me to the next best thing I could do, make others know and make it know to War Gaming that others think so as well. I was kinda shocked by how many people just took the response by War Gaming about what they decided to do with the ship and with the people involved. I started to question if people really cared or just got caught up in some heated mass mob out for blood or that they just didn't notice what was laid out. I'll be honest. I did post before the update asking WG to be the adult and recognize the mistake and they did, +1 to you WG. But at the same time, I'm kinda shocked by step three in their decision. Three months exclusivity period for those who bought the GZ already. I take this as Two things: One is that WG wants to reward those who took the plunge and bought it (either knowing its status or unknowing) and Two, WG will only shake hands if you have money in yours. If many of you were as excited as I was, I think others should be as upset as I am for being told that since I thought I should hold on to my money until they address the issue, that I have to wait longer as a penalty. Lets just put it out there, to reward a part of your customers without ostracizing the rest of them in a case such as this, you need to provide something to those who bought it by providing compensation, fix the ship, and then release the dang ship. I believe that a better choice than the exclusivity period is to have special benefits to the custom camo over the standard or to provide Premium time to the early adopters for the duration of the testing and then some after that. Just some Ideas why special stats should be applied to the custom camo:(first two are if camo is provided during/after testing while third are post finalization of ship) -Faster captain xp gain so that they can try out new combinations with captain skills for the development and after -More in game credits to encourage players to keep the ship and to keep playing out the test ship so that more feedback could be gathered. -Makes them stand out for contributing to making the ship more favorable to everyone else. -Easy to do because it just means adjusting values in the game A few reasons why I think Premium for the early adopters should be the replacement for the exclusivity period would be: -Benefit to compensate for trouble during matches because the need to adjust and discover new techniques as new updates come out. -A common reward from missions and events, so why not use a reward as a reward -Premium time does not affect other planes and affects only the one who receives it ( BIG ONE HERE ) -Doesn't make it look like the ones who closed their wallets get snubbed because they didn't throw their money blindly at a bad deal(at the time). I just want to see what others think about this. I'm sure I'll be told to get over it by a few of you or some other negative things , but I just want others to discus it. The whole up in arms regarding the GZ issue was WG attitude to their own customers. I leave it to you. I hope that if enough people feel the same way, the word can get to the ones who make the decisions of a better resolution . Sorry if I can't type and Thank you for your time TLDR: Troubled over being told to wait 3 months after GZ is finally fixed. wants others to know and their thoughts to replace decision.
  20. Ranked Salt Thread - Pour it all here

    Fully admit to not doing a complete and thorough search for ranked AND salt. Feel free to vent/spleen/pour all your salt into this thread re:R7 (Ranked season seven). NO name and shame, try to keep it out of the gutter and especially no insults of a personal nature, against one's family, friend or distant cousins. NO way are you even permitted to link someone to farm animals. But feel free to let it rip, staying inside the WoWS/WG guidelines as well. Here's an example... "Everyone go to B". Everyone agrees. DD remains silent. DD jets off to A. Leaves one cruiser and five battleships to go against all seven red ships. "LOL" he says. "I made the smart move" he says. We got our buns kicked. He honestly, truly thought it was funny. Truly an example of self over the team. How many times has your team decided to go one way but you want to go another? Hint: Go with the team. I bet most of you would. The Farragut pushed my "All that's wrong with R7 on WoWS" button. Mashed it. I'm simply tired of the lackadaisical attitudes, the "uh bro it's just a game" 3 cell brains playing in ranked, who thinks it is funny the team got smeared because they went alone to cap. Oooo... I feel better, yes I does. <next>
  21. o7 to all I have been participating in the PTS since 0.6.0 and it has been enjoyable to play and test out the different features, new lines, and of course get those juicy flags and rewards. I have been looking forward to PTS 0.6.7 because Ranked Season was rumored to be in it...lo and behold it was. I honestly didn't know what to expect and was thinking to myself "Can I reach Rank 1 in a week?!" but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it started at Rank 5. I managed to get to Rank 1 in 15 battles and with a WR of 53%. There was a chance that I could have gotten it done in seven battles buuut lets just say mistakes were made and in an effort to carry I did over extended in some of the battles...nevertheless those extra games did give me insight in to what to look for and watch out on the live server. I'll break down my top experiences in two categories; the good and the bad and explain some things in details. The Good ) Teams generally stayed together and took action as a whole ) Fairly good maps that promote brawling + a new awesome map ) Diverse classes of ships in each battle (never got in a battle with only one class) The Bad ) Lack of coordination between players (details below) ) AS Ryujo?!?! ) Horrendous teams at starting ranks (details below) The Scoop In Rank 5 & 4 teams either were crushing or got crushed. I initally started playing Fuso with the intention of putting down as much shells as possible and being able to carry if it came to that....but it never did because in my first two matches my team got feasted on only to realize that I am the only one left with the reds having only lost two ships. It was also at these ranks that DDs did their own things and were not supporting the team with their smoke or screening for torps. The test server is open to player from all the servers (RU, NA, SEA etc) so not everyone speaks English or understands what you are saying in chat. Out of 15 matches there was only 4 where someone else was typing in the chat in English (most of the time it's Russian). Game play was generally aggressive and I will have to credit a combination of the maps and minimal smoke (or none in some matches). DDs attempted smoke up in caps but would get hydroy'ed by the cruisers if teams didn't end up on opposite caps. Don't expect to do damage a lot of damage in BBs and end up topping the chart, most of the time cruisers or DDs were the one's that didn't loose a star in my losses. Out of 15 matches only 3 were topped by a BB, two were wins. MM was very fair in every aspect and team were 99% mirrored...it just doesn't look good when you have a Gaede and the reds have a fubuki and your Gaede promptly gets dev striked trying to cap. Maps that I have seen: Ring (7 games), Straight (3 games), Neighbors (2 games), Riposte (1 game), Fault Line (2 games) If Islands and Ring had a baby map it would be Riposte (the new map), it can support both campy and aggressive play. I had one game in it and our team was aggressive; pushing the enemy North of the A and herding them in to the North East as we picked the weaklings off one by one. Large number of AS Ryujo...I dont know what the IJN CV line meta is like in other servers but there seem to be a ton of them on the PTS. Half of my matches were with CVs and only two were with Independence (both strike). Ships were pretty standard; Nurenberg was rare, Cleveland was a favorite. Leander is god tier if it can last till late game and preserve its smokes. Fuso and Bayern were the most favored BBs. Fubuki and Farragut were favored as DDs and game changers, easily carrying teams. I think everyone should try out since its so easy; you get 5 of each of the special flags as a reward and plus you get a feel for what the upcoming season is gonna be like. You don't have anything to loose and it only took me three hours to do it (with WC breaks of course). P.S. I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes or grammar error..typed this up before taking a nap
  22. If you cannot sail without hitting your teammates, quit. Seriously. You're terrible. Learn to play or quit. Stop using the other ships on your team as a security blanket, learn to position your ship and actually do something. Sigh...so. much. salt.
  23. hi. my apologies in advance. took some time off w-w-w-work to get in a long session of WoWs last nite, and it was a nitemare. 21% 'victory' rate, very low damage, which sufficed to place me in the top two on my team in all but one battle (disbelief, uh how does that work?) and a LOT of garbage on battle chat. worse than that, NONE of it was included in my profile summary on WT !!?? but I digress... I was anticipating the French ships would have a full compliment of lifeboats, and come equipped with white flags. I know the game's a bit realism deficient, but I refuse to play French ships till they are fully equipped. (the following comment includes a strong Russian accent, but please imagine you are talking with a Yugo service advisor) him: "car not start? we feex it for you! install new seat, and put big spoiler on back. you weel love" (after they push it out of the shop, 3 months later, aka 'soon') me: it's still not running?" him: "eet's running now, is just very quiet. you like seat, da?" me: "uh, why did you have to push it out of the shop?" him: "you like spoiler, da? very much faster for front wheel drive car." me: "it does me no good if it's not running..." him: "we make car very much more nice for you, and you insult me and my workers. now you will pay. off to gulag!" and with that, off to work I go!!
  24. Had a really good game (for me) in my new Bismark. Games have been all over the place today and I picked up the Bismark fairly late last night. Had some decent games but the WR is terrible. Still completely stock and captain JUST got trained (16 pt). Been getting some grief for game play - still trying to figure out how much I can tank especially with the A hull. A game i just had - we had 2 of 3 caps - leading nicely and a couple ships left. Had 4 ships on my tail. I sail away while taking shots when chat fires up with me being full health most of the game. In reality I was on my last Damage Control and just waiting for the last cool down. I let the team down and didn't really do anything. In reality I had already done 80K+ damage. I also had 2 kills and very soon afterward got the 3rd one. Meanwhile he had been next to me observing how badly I had been doing. In the end we won (me, CV and a DD still alive), I was #4 on the team, 110,445 damage, 2445 xp, 65 target hits, 3 kills, 4 defended ribbons, 19 secondary hits... 2.885 mil potential damage.
  25. Popcorn Day

    Sometimes patch day is a thing of beauty. over/under on the average per day thread count? I'm guessing it'll be over double the average today