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Found 1 result

  1. Uncle_Lou

    Tips for torps?

    So for whatever reason, suddenly I have virtually stopped hitting anything with torpedoes. I finished out the Kagero and Z-23 and moved up to the Yugumo and Z-46 and my torp hit rate is roughly half of what it was. This is trickling down to my lower tier DDs as well. It seems like the enemy has ESP and they know the instant I launch a salvo of torps and turn 180 degrees. If I wait for the turn, the torps get halfway there and the enemy reverses a second time. I've tried launching one set and saving the second, only to have the enemy zig zag and totally miss all my torps. :( I don't rely on the lead guide as anything more than a base reference; I try to anticipate speed or heading changes. Apparently, however my anticipation is terrible lately. I know the ships are decent and I can be better, but I'm looking for any tips or tricks to help judge what an enemy is likely to do so I can start connecting again with torps. Danke!