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Found 24 results

  1. My tactics are mostly developed for Ryujo so it can be harder to use on other aircraft carriers. My proof is in my videos. Aircraft carriers take a lot of time to learn and play. These are my tactics that help me make use of everything that an aircraft carrier can do and should do but most won't do. Speed and patience is everything and hopefully these tactics can help you. World of Warships 7 Basic Tips https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/git-gud/ Communication Do your best to say everything you do If someone ask for AA support, reply with anything If they hate you, they will hate you. Do your best to not dwell on it Scout Find the enemy with your dive bombers You can choose to attack them but do not have your dive bombers rearm Find the weakest spot you can find Your eyes are the team's eyes Move While your dive bombers scout, set your ship's way points according to what they find and where your team goes Any movement is better than no movement Defend Defend yourself until you know or expect where the enemy fighters and bombers will be Defend your torpedo bombers to the best of your ability Defend the fleet to the best of your ability Do not let your fighters die carelessly Shadow After your dive bombers find or attack the enemy, have them stay in a safe range from AA and keep them spotted If enemy fighters attack, lead them as far as possible so that your torpedo bombers are safe Attack Attack the weakest spot as fast as you can Once the enemy fleet is able to stay spotted without use of your dive bombers, attack with everything you got Recover Faster your ship moves, faster you recover, faster you rearm, faster you attack Cap Faster you clear an area, faster it is safe, faster you cap Fight If you are spotted by an enemy within concealment range, you are already dead There is no use running from something you can't run from, whether that is enemy speed or gun range You have secondary guns, make use of them Most players won't expect a aircraft carrier to fight back You are the decoy, most ships will almost always shoot a CV when they see it, those seconds or minutes you live is extra time for your team to potentially fight back Miracles can happen, I have 26 total secondary kills with Ryujo Other I get my good days and my bad days Ryujo Skills & Upgrades
  2. Ok ...I have had a Ryujo for a while but was quite less than spectacular with it. So after they removed Air Supremacy loadouts from Independence, I decided to dedicate some effort and CO-OP time into honing my ALT attacks and deployment timing, and I think I improved a bit. But has anyone else noticed since last update that they are CONSTANTLY in tier 8 games? And I'm not talking a couple of or even 1/3 tier 8's ...I'm talking every dang ship except the two CV's and maybe one DD or CL(and that CL will probably be a Cleveland). I have Ryujo and an Indy and just don't remember being in tier 8 games anywhere near this much. Where it appears some T8 BB's have AA consumables (Bismarck, and especially Richelieu which is like a super Cleveland), I'm basically spending the whole game trying to lure my opponent's fighters over my fleet or trying to snipe a DD or the occasional singular tier 7 BB. Other than scouting, I'm basically useless in these games. I had been considering purchasing Hiryu, but I'm curious will it get a step worse being in tier 9 all the time, because while I understand people have always complained about problems with AAA in WOWS, and while I understand the WG MM model especially in this game differs from WOT whereas 2 tiers below in every other class of ship still allows you to compete and contribute greatly; Man playing 2 tiers down in CV's is not fun at all.. Just want to know if other people had noticed the change too, and if this the normal the for the next tiers and I may be complaining too much.. Thanks
  3. What am I doing wrong?

    I check my stats frequently for win rate and XP earned to see what my team contribution is. I also see several discontinuities between my stats and average stats. Admiral Hipper- I have great damage and average XP (BB damage doesn’t net as much XP), but my win rate is 5% below average, no small amount. Ryujo- nearly a polar opposite, my damage is slightly above average, my XP is slightly below, and my win rate is 22% higher. WHAT THE HECK!?! For fun, Omaha- slightly above average damage and XP, and a familiar 25% ABOVE AVERAGE WIN RATE!!!! What is it with these discontinuities.
  4. Cv beginner asking for help

    Any tips for a beginner CV captain, I have the premium Enterprise, which I did well in for a time, then that passed and began grinding on Jap CVs again. I have gained basic knowledge of CV play, and could learn while in battle. Then I started succumbing to more skilled CV players and bad gaming equipment (solvable). I can strafe, exit strafe, position, and manual drop, but have trouble doing all 3 simultaneously. Any mods to make the field of view larger? Positioning? Dealing with fighter RNG? All positive tips are appreciated!
  5. Got'em

    Thats a low blow, Admiral~ I didn't draw this.... I'm not that good at shading and coloring T_T
  6. an interesting game, 9 kill, arsonist x2, confederate, devastating strike x2, kraken, witherer, height caliber. I hope you enjoy!!!!
  7. New CV Captains? Need to Learn Manual Drops? Only have 3 minutes?! This video is for you!
  8. Five stars in Newport.

    It's not a unicorn! Five stars can be had in 'Defense of Naval Station Newport!' All kidding aside; I chickened out based on all the hearsay first time around, and didn't actually play Newport until it came back. Watched a couple of vids, so knew in basic what I neded to do, and what to expect. That STILL didn't prepare me for what my personal experience tells me is the most intense of the four Operations so far. Played Ryujo exclusively. Pushed up to the middle island, parked in close, and fought from there. Fifteen total games played, six losses, a zero star win, and three five star wins. I think just once did I have less than 100k damage, and that a really bad loss where the first or second wave of ships got inside the perimeter and killed me; most of the games my damage was between 150 and 200k, and several reached 225k or even higher. First five-star was a completely random team, but there was a player who took charge and everyone obeyed. Second win i divisioned with a new friend, pikohan, for a rough, but profitable game. The third time was another division with pikohan and a friend of his, (sorry! I didn't write his name down pikohan!) for another really tough game; most of our ships were tier 5; but the drivers really, REALLY stepped up to thier game, and in a close fight we had another five star. One of the other players just about had a cow in chat; 'OMG!OMG!OMG! we won!' or words to that effect, they were so excited when we destroyed the last few ships. Anyway, roughly. Waypoint to parking spot. strike first group. strike second group, concentrating on Zuiho, then other ships. Strike third group, concentrating on Myoko, then other ships. Supported Lexington by attacking Myoko and Hipper, (in all three five-stars, we did the pre-qualifiers and received the Lexington,) then attack last wave ships as needed, both to keep them away from myself, and to defend others. Torpedo and bomb hit, planes shot down xp, and cxp were recieved in totals I've only been able to dream about in Random games. In addition; I don't think a single game went by where I didn't have at least a few secondary battery hits on enemy ships. Usually destroyers, but once I had 36 seconday battery hit on a Gniesenau, and another time dueled and finished off the Izumo with secondary battery hits. I think that's enough for now; maybe I'll go play something less stressful... ...like Randoms.
  9. Chickened out on Newport first time it came around, then started in with Aegis. Tried various ships and sucked wind; finally five-stared Aegis with Dunkerque, then settled for Ryujo and got to work. Slightly surprised that Newport came back around, then re-read the applicable notes, and 'Ah...' Okay then... Watched several vids, figured out what to do, and dove in... 180k damage, got sunk, three star win... Nearly a month after Newport came out, and players are apparently still clueless about how to win? Push out, at least a bit, to attack things further away. Kill things that get close first, so they don't cross the line. Pull back if there's a pause in the fight, get repaired. Protect the Lexington. Focus your fire... As much as I was afraid of this Operation when it first came out, it doesn't seem to be THAT hard; after finally playing it once. So many of the other players died early. Wound up having to fight off a mob trying to swarm around the island I was behind (said island being the recomended CV spot in the vids I watched,) and wound up not being able to project power very far as the end grew near. It seemed like the team did everything it could to lose; letting the enemies get close; letting the Lexington die, not repairing or focusing fire, (when I knew where the Lex would spawn, I immediately sent help,) and in all honesty, I have no idea how we managed to win.
  10. Salt and Sugar in Raptor.

    Here are two directly relevant threads; though the basics will be presented here; https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/129786-raptor-just-whatever/ (Bit of a kvetch thread, by me.) https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/129807-operation-raptor-thoughts-and-a-baseline-strategy/ (Advice thread by GhostSwordsman, some good stuff.) Skipped Newport, basically being chicken. Dabbled in Aegis. Jumped in with both feet in Killer Whale, (at least for me,) so based on the confidence I had after that, I tried Raptor Rescue... Raked in the xp during Killer Whale using Ryujo; the captain went from 16 points to 19 points. Yay! Didn't have a 19 point RU captain, so decided to try that... ...for 'reasons' I stuck with Budyonny through ten games... NINE losses, a single one-star win. This sucks; this is male bovie byproducts; insert your favorite kvetch here... Okay then; how much worse can it be if I fall back on my go-to-ship for Killer Whale? (Ryujo; 30 games, 23 wins.) First game out was a five star win. over 100k damage, and a Heroic 'Assistant,' which I've had all three times I've payed RR now, though the second and third were just four-star wins. la, la, la... How can I suck so badly trying to play 'normal' ships in operations; yet do so well driving carriers? (It's the opposite, btw, for me in Randoms...) Oh well... I guess I can just collect a bunch more exp and just use it to train up my first RU 19 point captain. Now for some seriousness and sillyness... Raptor Rescue is seriously intense; I like the heck out of the harried 'rush' that comes while playing; but it irritates me that I can't seem to do really well in anything but a carrier. I think the Cimmaron 'Arsenal' has the hots for my Ryujo; or maybe it's even mutual; they've wound up 'kissing' in all three games so far,
  11. CV Rank Guide

    Rank Season 7 - Tier 6: All you need to know about the CV role in Rank. RYUJO INDEPENDENCE Your role as the CV will vary throughout games, and as the battle progresses. 1.Spotting 2.DD Killing 3.CV Killing 4.BB/CA Killing 5.Staying Alive Number 1-3 can be switched around depending on the circumstance… For example going for the CV snipe: You know the other CV is either a Strike Ryujo, strike Independence, or you know the other CV is a potato. Be advised that sometimes a CA may hang back protecting the CV at the start. Going for Spotting: You are unable to strike anything, thus giving your team a better eye for them to shoot at. DD Killing: You see the enemy DD pushing up too far away from enemy DF CA’s/or the DD is going to the cap near you without any support. Here's some things to watch out for when the enemy CV is sniping you: 1.You don’t see your enemy’s planes for about a minute or so. 2. You suddenly get spotted by planes. The ! with the plane symbol How to avoid snipes: 1.Your fighter is close by and if any of the things I mentioned above is suspicious, call back your fighter plane ASAP. 2.Spec your ship for AA 3.Stay close to friendly fleet 4.Take out the enemy CV before he can put in any command onto you. 5. If you are the strike Ryujo, you can take your two bombers and bring them up each side to spot the enemy's CV planes. Then you can recall your fighter or ask for support. Also be careful of enemy DD’s trying to go for you as well. Make sure your map has the Show last known ship positions toggled and be advised if you have the ! saying you are spotted. Ryujo Hangar space 48: 1/2/2 Strike Loadout: I would say only go this loadout if you are 100% comfortable with your fighter skills, enemy cv snipe skills, and just skills in general. I would probably bet Rank 10 + you will see the more experience CV players going this for the damage(and just because they feel like they always have to carry) 3/1/1 Air Superiority Loadout: You will usually see this loadout if the CV isn't confident in one's skill, or knows the person he is facing against is an AS Indy. It’s not bad at all to go this loadout to protect your teammates from CV strikes. You have to rely on your team with this loadout for the most part, so be calm and wish your teammates aren't potato. Independence Hangar space 37: 1/1/1 Stock Loadout: This loadout isn’t exactly bad. It can hold it’s own against a strike Ryujo, and if you have great fighter control you can definitely hold down an AS Ryujo. The hangar space isn’t forgiving so you have to plan your strikes effectively. 2/0/1 Air Superiority Loadout: This isn't recommended(go Ryujo AS if you want more fighters) because of the super low damage you will do. Unless you can guarantee shutting down the enemy cv in the Air and communicate with your team team regarding who used Damage Control or not. 0/1/2 Strike Loadout: You might as well just not even try. No fighters to protect your teammates, or yourself from strikes. Ryujo Commander Skills/Mods: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0001010000010000001000000001010119 You can take BFT instead of TAE if you go AS Ryujo Airgroup Mod, Airgroup Mod 2, Damage Control Mod, Damage Control Mod 2. Independence Commander Skills/Mods: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0001010000010000000010000001100119 Take expert rear gunner if you go AS Indy. Airgroup Mod, Airgroup Mod 2, Damage Control Mod, Damage Control Mod 2. Captain Skills vary from player to player, thus there is no right way to put your points into. This is just a basic over view, and if you do anything different feel free to post your set up explaining why. What ships to watch for because of their AA(expect most, if not all CA’s to have DF): DD’s: Farragut CA’s: Cleveland Leander BB’s: New Mexico Bayern That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or concerns you can send me a PM.
  12. Killer Whale frustrations...

    Time for three games today before work; been making a killing commander xp-wise, so why not Killer Whale? One win, 8,000+ modified xp... ...two terribad losses, but not for lack of trying. First common factor (besides myself of course,) in both losses was that the teams both hesitated outside the port entrances, then in the game I'll show below they did push in through the mid; but took the long way around towards the Kaiser, and mostly just attacked the easy targets. Second common factor was they took so long to get inside the port and push back and destroy the ankle-biters that my Ryujo was stuck outside the port and attacked both times by the reinforcing destroyers, (first time was the worst, second time not so much.) The second loss still could have been a win, with me torping and bombing like crazy, but instead of heading north when the exit point popped up, nearly everyone ran back out west and died to all the cruisers and destroyers, with a few shots from the battleships thrown in for good measure. Seriously, what is wrong in this picture... Nuked all three CVs, a north cruiser, and a battleship; that's besides all the other attacks I made; still a loss. What's wrong is that as soon as I pushed into the port, I nearly sank two Cimmarons with my CARRIER'S secondaries... Seriously, 32 secondary hits from a CV... the Cimmarons should all be dead before a carrier even pokes its nose into the port; that's how tardy everyone was in the second game with pushing in... As it was; if a Fubuki hadn't finally killed the Nassau with torpedoes from inside its smoke cloud, I might have even had secondary hits on it. Anyway; struck and heavily damaged first Hosho, (more often than not I sink it with my first attack,) attacked and damaged Nassau; attacked multiple targets in the port trying to support everyone pushing in, finished of the Hosho, attacked the Kaiser, manual bombed the V-170, one of the cruisers, and the Nassau some more; flew out to the corner at the last minute and nuked the second Hosho; reloaded and defended myself against several ankle-biters from the first reinforcement wave, then went out and sank the Zuiho; killed the cruiser coming from the north, survived several air attacks while all this was going on with the help of an exceptionally useful Cleveland; Told everyone we needed to head north to escape; then watched helplessly as they all ran west instead and died; followed soon after by the Cleveland and I, both desperately trying to reach the exit point. Yeah; some serious frustration. Killer Whale is actually really, REALLY easy; especially if you have a carrier driver who kills the other CVs fast, so you don't have to worry about continuous air strikes while you're fighting everything else... ...so hard to watch in the RTS carrier view as everything is thrown away and just falls apart... I guess some players don't understand it's a 'RAID?' Get in; wreck face; get out. It's that simple; it's not even that hard to get at least four stars, and even five stars with a bit of work.
  13. If you are so fortunate as to encounter me on your team playing my Ryujo, let me extend my apologies now so I won't have to later. I'm currently working with the 3 fighter, 1 TB, 1 DB loadout. It's a fairly intense setup, whole lot going on. I'm working out my strategies which at this point appear to be group the fighters, go defend the advance, kill the red carrier's bombers. On occasion the tb/db combo will be utilized - but this build seems appropriate for killing the red team's aircraft. So if I fail to do what you feel is needed, my apology. I'm new to carriers but am really starting to enjoy them. On the flip side - I've had some pretty awesome random teams so far... I mean really, really good teams. Thanks to all you guys! You played very well and secured the victories. PS: If you drive the carrier often, feel free to advise the best setup and strats for her.
  14. I am working up the IJN CVs. I have American so at the moment the match was in the RYUJO. Team is doing alright but all of a sudden we are outmatched map was Strait and the entire northern fleet was been wiped out. Bayern New Mexico Graf Spee and Shimonoseki are bearing down on me. I am hiding in the pocket of islands. Dive bombers kill the Bayern torp planes hit the Graf Spee, come back and rearm. Then the second strike sinks her. New Mexico is right around the corner so 3 salvos of torp planes and bombers onto her. My last attack was dropped right on top of me. Shinonome is capping in smoke. Random dive bomber drop HITS the dd completely random luck, resetting cap. 1st torp drop complete miss. 2nd miss. 3rd one blind drop and the dd runs right into it. Kraken, High Caliber 157656 damage. Team was going nuts. Red team was awe struck. Best game I've ever had. Unfortunately no video
  15. Manual drop help

    It's me again ;v as always I need some help with the gameplay of the CV's. SO, I unlocked Ryujo and I know I can manual drop until tier VI but the problem is: I can't do it, I press alt and M1 but the manual drop don't acccour. It need to be activated in the controls menu or something? as always thanks to you all
  16. スピードの必要性を感じます。
  17. please help.

    I need help. I can't do a thing in ryujo half of the time. My bombers get melted by T8 AA before they can hit their targets, AS CVs keep reducing me to just keeping my planes in the hangar, while playing AS myself is really boring, not only that, but the only good games happen maybe once every five or six games. Can someone please give me advice on what o do against AS CVs?
  18. Done for the weekend.

    Done for the weekend. Burnt out by the grind, frustrated at my own moronic inability not to become salty, and just plain tired. Finished the Arpeggio Challenge unexpectedly Saturday night, (didn't realize how close I was,) and finished level ten of Science of Victory just today. Used many different ships for both, but did the home stretch in Missouri, Benson, Farragut, Independence, and Ryujo, with just a touch of Warspite and Bayern, Admittedly, my choice of ships across both events was influenced by needing Tier 6 and up ships to accumulate base xp for the Arpeggio event. Despite the fact I used both of them to burn through the events that much faster, two ships in particular were the greatest source of frustration. How poorly I did in them; despite not being all that bad in the types; only served to reinforce the dislike I feel for higher tiered games. Yeah, I don't have many games in those ships, but I still think I should have done better in them... In the end; it probably comes down to my expecting high tier games to be pointless exercises in futility, (an unfortunate legacy of bitterness resulting from my getting into such games way before I should have,) and that negative attitude becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Though a thoughtful poster on another thread of mine gave me advice on how to deal with Honorable Service, I'm still not sure I'm going to bother with it beyond the token single mission I've already completed.
  19. Upgrade to T6 cv or no?

    Hi all, Not sure if this topic is appropriate cuz it seems kinda trivial. Just wanna ask experienced CV players if it's a good time now to upgrade Bogue and Zuiho to next level. I've been hearing mixed information about high tier cv (not sure if T6 counts). So I'm not sure if I should stop cv lines at T5 or go forward. I play all lines (sort of completionist, need to research all modules before upgrade XD) and pretty much liked all ships including tin-can pepsi, but not Emerald (Oh, man... that ship..) Kinda off topic. I think I've done well with T4 T5 CVs, often ranking high on XP list, despite I'm kinda new to CV gameplay. Should I continue going? Why are there minimal amount of CV players at high tiers, I think I've never seen Midway and Hakuryu,( haven't played much on T8 tho, as most of my other ships are finishing T7). Is it due to AA on regular ships?
  20. Close encounters of Ruyjo kind

    Do not hesitate to torp enemy DD, even if you can eat one or two yourself ...and yes - I was hiding in that smoke from next red ship for awhile ;)
  21. So... 5.3 IJN CVs...

    So today I log on and get my daily 1.5 xp in my Ryujo, finally getting enough xp for the second torp plane upgrade. Oh wait... WHERE DID THEY GO!?!? o can live with that, playing it stock wasn't terrible, and I will admit that Japanese CVs far surpassed the American ones. So I take a look at what other changes have been made.... Woooow wargaming, what have you done now? half of the Japanese CV line gets stuck with the same torpedo bombers as found on the tier 5 IJN CV. The Hiryu has to make do with Tier 5 torpedo planes and not very good ones at that. The stock Shokaku grind has the same terrible torpedo bombers. IJN planes were weak enough as it was, why would you go make them weaker? Trying to go up against tier 6,7,8 and even maybe tier IX and X in tier 5 planes is laughable, your planes would never get their torps out. I would agree that IJN CVs needed a minor nerf, but this has gone too far. Nor does it seem natural too, a good balance reduces the stronger aspects of a ship, not exaggerating the weaker points. The upgrade on the Shokaku increases The survivability of TB squadrons by 500, damn near 50%. It's just not right. It seems Wargaming is trying to force Carriers into playing fighter load outs or something.
  22. Hey there peoples, there was a similar post previous to 0.4.1 that was asking about the efficiency of Tier 5 fighters, but I seem to have another issue that hasn't been brought up in that. In my Ryujo now that I go up against same tier CV's I've noticed that my fighters are virtually useless. I have every module (not for long) and captain skill that boosts my fighters capability and survivability and USN fighters still just absolutely wreck them. I might get 1 kill in some cases but a lot of USN CV's run with multiple fighters now so that usually doesn't even happen. Even USN BOMBER squadrons wreck my fighters. In my last 3-4 games I was able to attack a lone bomber squadron with a fresh fighter squadron and my fighters would knock out on average 3 of their bombers but I would LOSE 3 fighters in the process before running out of ammo! I can understand losing out on dog fights with their fighters, but if a USN CV can counter my fighters with their bombers... what's the friggen point? I noticed that the USN planes are significantly slower than IJN ones at tier 6, The IJN A5M2's travel at 146 knots while the USN F3F's cap out at 125, which gives them a serious advantage with the "Dogfighting Expert" skill on top of already being significantly better. I see a lot of people saying "USN CV's dominate the skies but suck at ship combat." To that I say phooey! They have tough bombers and their torpedoes actually do more damage per torp than the IJN's as well as having more torps per spread and a much tighter spread which results in significantly less misses. Ships have a harder time threading through a USN's spread than the IJN's loose spreads. Now, I'm not saying that the Ryujo sucks. Not at all! I just think it's outclassed by the Independence especially now in 0.4.1 where fighters were buffed and IJN bombers were nerfed. I think if you cloned an excellent CV player and had them compete against each other in a Ryujo and Independence, the Independence would dominate the Ryujo almost always. So, I guess my ultimate question is: Is it just the Tier 6 A5M2's that sucks? Or does it get better with the Hiryu's fighters?
  23. Ok what gives with the IJN fighters? Upgraded fighters on Hiryu and they seem to lose to everybody. When I had them at stock, they were winning. Is this a game glitch? I have read on forums here that the same phenomenon was happening to players in the Hosho. I have the fighter survivability perks on module and most (except the last two) on the ship captain. My planes should not be losing to lower tier CVs, and I would think would be a saw off against same tier (same ship anyways). I get losing to a Ranger but when both my fighter squads go down in a heap versus another Hiryu, while focusing on one squad, it should be a wash. (1 plane left either side) Not complete annihilation. Please help or provide feedback.