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Found 6 results


    Rusty Old Frigates (RUST & OXIDE) Are you looking to join an established (600+ days) Clan Battles and KOTS veteran clan, or to learn how to become a better Warships player? We are looking for experienced and skilled Warships players to expand our roster, and would like to division with you to see if we are the right fit for each other. We have two divisions for players; RUST is our main division that will put it's efforts into competitive play, OXIDE is our training division where people can division with and learn from both RUST and OXIDE players as they work to meet qualifications for being in RUST. What is RUST about and it's expectations for membership? The primary RUST goal is purpose driven competitive game play while remaining FUN - no Debbie Downer's or Wendy Whiner's need apply. In pursuance of that goal, we use these following guidelines to help sort out starting standards for new applicants: • A minimum average win rate of 54% across Tier's 8-10in division play, 57% or higher is preferred. • Over 1,800 total PvP battles and at least 100 at tier 10. • A positive attitude, a desire to improve as a player and a willingness to take constructive feedback. • Experience in Clan Battles or King of the Sea tournaments. • Ability to be available for at least 2 hours on scheduled Clan battle evenings during the CB season. • At least two tier 10 ships that are useful for clan battles ( Minotaur or Grosser Kurrfurst being examples of ships that are NOT very CB viable ). • Proficiency in your chosen tier 10's - what that looks like will be discussed as we get to know you. • Regularly active in our Discord for divisions and chatting. If you are in game - be available for conversation from a clan officer - plus the game is simply better when played in divisions.(edited) Our Training division is known as OXIDE. It's purpose is to give a place for rising players to improve their skills and move eventually into RUST to contribute to competitive clan activities. • Over 800 battles and at least 1 tier 8 non-premium ship. A 50% or better win rate is the base standard for an OXIDE applicant. • A positive attitude and a strong willingness to learn. • Regular attendance in our discord, division, training and discussions. • Good communication in game. Both verbally and clear microphone. • Involvement with tactics and game play discussion. • A displayed ability to improve and obtain tier 10 ships useful to Clan battles. All members are expected to check in to Discord on a weekly basis, whether they are playing Warships that week or not. The primary reason is to keep up with clan announcements and keep in touch with clan training and scrimmage dates. The expectation is that if you are going to be gone for more than a week, you will let one of the officers know about the reason for your absence. The purpose is to make us a connected team of players, who help and look out for one another. We aren't going to be attractive to lone wolf types of players - we like to division and we like players who WANT to division with each other. We don't need solo super stars, we need quality people/players who like working as a team. Currently our weekly training and scrimmage schedule is being decided on, when it is set players are encouraged to participate at least 4 times per month. Players that participate more will be given priority for selection for CLAN BATTLES. Officers will be present to ensure members are on Discord amd attendance is noted. If either of these two options sounds like what you are interested in, contact one of the following recruiters to get a Discord invite and show up in the "Recruit Pool" lobby that is available there. One of our officers/recruiters will start the divisioning process with you to get the ball rolling. BiggieD61 smf117 Pred21 Rust_to_Dust GeneralPOK
  2. So I've just come back from an international vacation that spanned 4 foreign countries and nearly 40 days (haven't played any sort of PvP since July 27 due to time and ping issues), and I've found that this hiatus has negatively impacted the quality of my sailing. Any tips on how to ease back into randoms? I'm currently planning on sticking to co-op and operations until I feel comfortable enough to switch back into PvP. PS: Can anyone explain to me why, despite me having not played in more than a month, my PR on WoWs Numbers somehow jumped by 4 points?
  3. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    Rusty Old Frigates (RUST & OXIDE) Who Are We - Rusty Old Frigates is a group of like minded seamen interested in divisions, grinding ships, and competitive game play. Most of our players are Rusty and Old (30+, but age is not a requirement) just like our ships, but we will accept anyone who meets our recruitment standards. Our community consists of two clans RUST and OXIDE. We are spread out across all US time zones, with most people playing during US prime time. While we like to be competitive and win games our primary mission is to have fun playing as a group. We participate in clan battles, operations, ranked battles, divisions, and scrimmages with other clans. We also occasionally run fun & silly clan events for prizes and bragging rights. Membership Standards - Our main goal is to have fun while winning games. To facilitate this we have a few standards to help ensure that new recruits are a good fit and have instituted a week-long trial period. Every online community has its quirks and we want to make sure that RUST/OXIDE fits your expectations and that you fit in with our wacky group. While our main objective is to have fun, we are looking for players with above average skills. RUST and OXIDE have slightly different ability requirements, but the rest of the standards are the same since we treat both clans as one community - we all use one Discord and division together. RUST and OXIDE will both be active in the next Clan Battle season. Below is a list of our requirements. Be a cool person to play with. Cat lovers get bonus points. Be active in game, division with the clan, and be active on our Discord server. We don't have activity requirements as real life comes first, but we do want you to socialize with the group when you are in-game. ~1000+ games played. Flexible depending on the person applying. OXIDE requirements - ~55% win ratio, at least one T10 ship, interest in improving game play. RUST requirements - 55%+ WR, Tier 10 ship(s), interest in improving game play. We can be flexible on stats for the right person but not on personality fit. How to join? - If you are interested reply to this post or contact the following people. One of us will send you a Discord and Division invite. After joining our Discord you need to division with our clan to see if you are a good fit before receiving an invite. Applicant tags will give you access to our division channels. Just jump in and say "hi"! :) uncLe_ownTer (OXIDE) rearhatch (OXIDE) K538 (RUST, recruitment officer) Ducky_Shot (RUST) TheHolySpork (Both) In Game applications without prior contact will automatically be rejected. Scrimmages - RUST enjoys the competitive aspect of the game and look to scrimmage against other competitive clans. If your clan is interested in scrimmaging RUST contact Ducky_Shot, GeneralPOK, or one of the people listed above.
  4. WG folks, ​Please put down the vodka and turn down the polka and listen up. I'd like to see the developers tackle a few issues. Here are my suggestions to them. ​First, fix chat. The chat needs a whisper option where you can send a message to one player on the team without having everyone else see it. You need a Clan chat that goes for the entire Clan when that eventually gets fully implemented. You should be able to engage in these chats while you are in battle, you might miss something important. ​The reporting a player option needs a seriously huge rework. For one thing you can spam report somebody you simply don't like and get them a chat ban. This is a lot of crap and it needs to go away. Especially if it is for 24 hour chat bans. I'd suggest a game chat ban or maybe a 4 hour chat ban for bans initiated by players. You also need better emotes so that that player can still participate in battles and share critical information. You are only hurting the entire team by carrying on this backwards chat ban system you have now and you are encouraging players not to play. Quite frankly people need to be able to blow off steam, especially in light of how you won't fix the matchmaking system and people keep getting teamed with unskilled toads. Penalizing them for such a long time does nothing to solve the problem and lets the player resort to team killing to get his message across. I look at the historical pictures of warships you guys post and I notice something about them. Real ships look like they are hauling-[edited]in the water, even when they are only doing 20 knots. Why? Because you see a huge wave of water extending almost to or over the deck in a lot of cases. It presents a really cool visual effect and you get the idea that the ship is really moving. Implement something like this in game. Right now a ship doing 35 knots looks like it is on a Disney pleasure cruise as opposed to a warship in a combat zone. It looks like crap and it needs a serious rework. Also that should also only affect ships going full speed. This should be an aiming tell for ships when shooting. What in the hell is going on with the rust on these ships? Why buy a premium paint job when it looks like a [edited]had an art party with a rust crayon on the ships. THE SHIPS HAVE ENTIRELY TOO MUCH RUST ON THEM. I realize in Soviet Russia you guys didn't take care of ships but the rest of the world wanted their ships to last long term and they did this thing called PAINTING THEM. Remove some of the rust already, especially with premium camos. Make the colors darker like the ship just got the paint job. Come on guys this is warships not rocket science. Make it look nice, like something people would want to play. Also Dasha needs to come on a moral tour to the US... Thanks
  5. RUST has a new recruitment thread. Please visit it at the following link.
  6. The crew of the Sims, when not studying aerospace engineering, works hard to keep the ship in order. On the other hand the crew of the Mahan I suspect has my crunchyroll and funimation account information. In other news I love the new port! I really would like to see St. Petersburg one day!