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Found 3 results

  1. I have recently gotten Udaloi on my way to Grozovoi, and while the ship is fun to play and effective, it seems hampered by its atrocious concealment. With full conceal build, you can get it down to 7.2 which for the tier is only better than Mogador and Tashkent. For starters, the ship isn't even that big. Ships like Schultz, Paolo, and Kitakaze which are much bigger ships have significantly better concealment. Neither does it have the firepower to warrant such bad concealment, as many other ships at the tier have better gun power. It also does not fit with its line...I can see having the bad concealment when it was in the Khaba's line, but Ognevoi has 6.1 and Grozovoi has 6.0. It just seems out of place. I would recommend at least getting rid of the nerf that happens when you get the hull B upgrade which would let you get down to 6.8. But in reality I think it needs to be able to get down to 6.5 to be competitive. It still won't really be out-spotting any other dd's, but the margin would be much more reasonable. The Grozovoi line is more of a generalist line especially given their consumables, but Udaloi's concealment prohibits it from doing that, so I think a buff is in order to give the line more consistency, and to make Udaloi feel more natural, so please Wargaming if you're reading, please buff Udaloi's concealment.
  2. SweetBabyRuth

    Russian Bias

    If wargaming wants to keep its Russian bias, the tech tree Russian ships need buffed ASAP! With the changes to the commander skill tree, and the game meta now being shifted to torp boats, A/J line BB sniping and FDRs, short range specialized ships that are can tank a lot of damage a straight up bad. The only viable ship from the Russian navy is well.... Slava, and maybe Slava, oh and Slava. Even Smolensk doesn't really make sense when everything is already outside of 19 kilometers. So WG, if you care so much about your Russian ships, then you probably should buff them, or else there will be no reason to play them... even on the RU servers.
  3. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    Letting go my Hatred

    None of us are perfect human beings.....we all experience emotion, both good or bad emotion every once in a while. It is only natural. Recently, I have been struggling with myself as the whole "Russian bias" got me worked up as Kremlin is difficult to sink, Smolensks are still everywhere, Wargaming announced new Russian cruisers, etc etc...... I so thoroughly depressed myself I seriously considered just uninstalling the game and never coming back. So much was the hatred that I was harboring for Russian ships. Plus, it has been increasingly depressing for me that I love playing CVs (I am working on a private pilot's license actually) but that there are so many players who HATE CVs and who HATE CV players with an intensity that is strong enough to kill people. Feeling hated by CV-haters has made me want to hate them back.....and realizing this makes be feel psychologically disturbed and upset. However......I have decided that the best course for me to take is to follow Master Yoda's advice and let go of my hatred. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. --Master Yoda, speaking to a troubled Anakin Skywalker. Below is a picture of a new upcoming Azur Lane shipgirl: Sovietskaya Russia battleship (Soviet Soyuz-class) which I found on the Azur Lane WoWS "Off-Topic" forum. I have had such a intense hatred for Russian battleships because of how difficult it is for me to sink them and by how OP they are.....but this image.....is beautiful. Yeah….I know that it is fake and not a real picture. But looking closely at it, melts my heart. It is a lovely picture of a beautiful woman. Seeing this image has encouraged me to put a halt to my hatred for Russian ships and Russian bias so that I can be made free. \ Of course, I am still upset with WG that they have made a lot of OP Russian ships in the game, and yes, I do wish that the CV Rework was improved a bit more (I play a lot of CVs, but I do play a lot of destroyers, battleships, and cruisers too so I also have it tough against CVs. And being a CV player I see that there is much that still needs to be tweaked and fine-tuned). Things that I am GLAD for: 1.) Submarines. Yeah, WG did make a promise to not add subs.....but adding subs just expands the game. WG cannot just keep adding more battleships and cruisers and destroyers all the bloody time. Besides, adding subs makes destroyers more useful in the fact that they are "destroyers" i.e. the bane of battleships and submarines. 2.) CV Rework replacing RTS system. The CV Rework is not perfect, like I mentioned but it is far better than the old RTS system by a long shot! In the RTS system it was too easy to Alpha Strike a enemy ship in the first 2 minutes of a match simply by bombarding them with all bombers and torpedo bombers. If all your planes got shot down by...then all you had left was a plane-less carrier and can contribute NO MORE to the fight other than attempting to ram some enemy ship. Furthermore.....with the OP fighter strafing run, you can deplane an enemy carrier in seconds. There was no "balance" in the RTS sytem of an experienced CV player to a inexperienced CV player. 3.) Armory changes The adding of more ships and the demotion of steel ships into coal ships. ….I can go on, but you get the point. My goal now is to put a halt of my hateful feelings that I have for this game, and for other players, and just do my best to enjoy the game for all its worth. This is a video game after all...and video games are meant to be enjoyed and to relax ourselves from our daily, real life troubles. Sure….I am going to still play CVs because I love the class. Players are still going to hate me for it and even Report me for it....but f%$# it. They can do what they damn well pleases it if strokes their ego. I am going to enjoy this game because I want to sail ships and fly airplanes. They say that every guy usually experienced a "f$#% it!" moment from time to time.....I just had one, and explained it to you. Anyway, dear friends and fellow captains, I shall see you on the oceans. <o