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Found 1 result

  1. Ok so the new update is out and so are the numbers. It turns out that there are multiple combat missions, which is good and I slightly take back my earlier criticism about how much rng will be involved. There will still be plenty, but there are some guaranteed numbers: Ochakov and Bagration: 7 challenges rewarding 30 tokens. 210 total for each. $45.20 at us prices. Mikoyan: 7 challenges rewarding 15 tokens. 105 total. To get to the total final reward is 2850. If you get both cruisers, its 420 tokens plus the mikoyan's 105, which you are guaranteed to get even with the worst token rng with 60 crates. Thats 2850-525= 2325 2325/60= 38.75 So better hope your tokens roll an average of 40 if you want that cool t10 camo if you drop 90$ for the cruisers. If not, then 45.75 per crate is the magic number. Im gonna wait for @LittleWhiteMouse to release her reviews before getting either cruiser, but here is the math. PSA: Admirals bounty (12,500 plus 30 days for $47.99) is no longer available in the premium shop, instead its the Ultimate treat (9,000 plus 30 days for $38.99). The 2,500 doubloons are 9.99 so the value you are getting is nerfed by 1,000 doubloons. 11,500 new vs 12,500 old. Let me know if any values are wrong, but here is a breakdown for those who want to make informed purchases.