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Found 3 results

  1. In a Graf Spee,,,Shooting at tier 6 DD 4.5 k away and 3 salvos miss completely. Even the DD player said that was [edited]. Graf Spee Had the same damn guns as Scharnhorst so why so bad? They should be just as accurate and hit as hard as the Scharnhorst,,But WG has made her's [edited]. Of course Not one Russian ship would miss at that range! WG Stop the [edited] and fix the damn guns of German Ships!
  2. [RushB] - Russian Bias RushB is a highly competitive NA World of Warships clan always welcoming skilled players. We strive to be the best the NA server has to offer by actively participating in KotS and Clan Battles. We have finished in the top 8 in both KotS seasons and been in the top 10 all Clan Wars seasons. If you're looking for a place to compete against the top clans on the server and better yourself as a player, this is the place. We are mostly a conglomerate of defectors from a variety of clans, so no matter where you are from you can find a home here so long as you aren't batshit crazy or a capitalist. We also have an extension clan named BIAS for talented but less competitively ready members. What we can offer you: - Top-level KotS and Clan Battle play - Competitive-minded community - Competitive training to help you become the best player you can be - Communism - A Discord server with an active pool of meme-bers and ship-toasters - Divisions with our players and friendly cominterns - A world free of western spies Requirements: - RushB 60% SOLO Winrate (>Past 1000 games) - BIAS 57% SOLO Winrate (>Past 1000 games) - Multiple T10 ships that can be played competitively - Activity on our discord and a working mic (solo play is fine, but if you don’t participate in our community at all you aren’t really a part of it are you?) - Division “test” to see if you’re compatible with our clan and members - Pass a general eye test with the whole of your stats (i.e. progression over time, effectiveness at higher tiers, etc) - May be required to convert to communism - No drama, a little salt in randoms never hurt anyone but no toxicity/hostile attitudes
  3. Hi Well WG is at again no sooner do they buff the living daylights out of Staliniumgrad also adding a ship based satellite radar tracking system and lets not forget the 50 mm bow plating upgrade to Moskva, and then these people have the audacity to NERF the main armament shells of Black Swan down to HE shells and the reload time up to 4 seconds. This is pure and utter blatant Russian bias, do you people even play this game, have tried playing a tier 8-10 game in your Black Swan and faced a Moskva/ Kronshtadt / Staliniumgrad DIV in battle that 3 secon reload with AP shells is life saver . How many of you so called experts have faced a Khabarovsk or Grozovoi with there Zombie heals in a brawl in Black swan. What's next Defensive Fire AA module for Varyag , maybe Torpedo Reload booster for Diana while your at it you might as well add Main Battery Reload Booster to Orlan now and be done with it. All I can is that is a travesty what has been done to this fine ship and i for one will not play this ship again in any high tier matches until its integrity and honour has been restored. WG I call upon you to reverse your decision on this NERF, I call upon all Black Swan fans to protest to WG and demand justice . I also call upon @Gneisenau013 to convey this message to Lesta about the unfair NERFING of Black Swan before the patch goes live Or the pitchforks and fire will come out Regards