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Found 8 results

  1. black_hull4

    Stronk Soviet Winter Camouflage

    I put winter camo on my Orlan and prayed to RNGesus. Apparently he blessed me because BOOM-Polar first try. It was a bittersweet success. Nobody on the enemy team ever bothered to shoot me. In fact, nobody even SAW me...including my own team, which is how I lost half my health in that battle. ♦
  2. I recently completed this LEGO 1:350 scale model of the October Revolution and thought I'd share: Compared to my older 1:350 Kongo: The ship is about a foot and a half long, contains about 1000 parts, and powered by LEGO Powered Up elements Won't write too much since they keep deleting these threads, but here's a video with my commentary and the ship running: Have a nice day!
  3. SweetBabyRuth

    Russian Bias

    If wargaming wants to keep its Russian bias, the tech tree Russian ships need buffed ASAP! With the changes to the commander skill tree, and the game meta now being shifted to torp boats, A/J line BB sniping and FDRs, short range specialized ships that are can tank a lot of damage a straight up bad. The only viable ship from the Russian navy is well.... Slava, and maybe Slava, oh and Slava. Even Smolensk doesn't really make sense when everything is already outside of 19 kilometers. So WG, if you care so much about your Russian ships, then you probably should buff them, or else there will be no reason to play them... even on the RU servers.
  4. You can probably guess that an in game encounter made me break and post. The Smolensk along with many other Russian (Soviet) fever dream paper ships is horrifyingly unbalanced and biased. I really want to rant about each and every single one, but I would like to get this filth nerfed. The main problem with this ship is how with lack of a better word "hypocritically" this ship was designed. The issue that I have with this ship is that it gets to be a American, British, and Soviet cruiser with near to none of the downsides of each nation. Let me explain. Smolensk has the signature railguns of the Soviet navy, unfortunately for us the guns actually do work (they exist) and can fire at those ridiculous velocities. The problem I have here is that the goddamned ship puts 5.1" guns in four quad mounts and has a 4.5 second reload. The 5/38s from America reload slower, even though they are in TWIN mounts for god's sake! America has been perfecting autoloading over the course of its long and intense war with Japan and has an unfathomable amount of design and construction experience, but the Soviets can start from near scratch in terms of shipbuilding with their ruined coastal cities and produce miracle machinery seemingly from the 21st century. I know that we throw most realism out of the window when we have Hitler's ship porn and everyone else's unbuilt experimental ships, but do you really believe in an alternate 50s or hell 60s the Soviets would be able to pull something like this off. May I add the range is ridiculous, you can pump it past 16km(17?) I believe, while a similar ship with similar guns (Atlanta) can only fire up to about 12. Yeeeessssss they are 3 tiers apart, but this is the closest and best comparison I can make. Does 3 extra tiers justify a 33% range increase on a similarly sized gun (I'm not talking realism, I'm talking game balance btw). The biggest slap in the face is for lack of a better word, the "hypocrisy" this ship's existence entails. Here's where we make a comparison to the British. The British light cruisers sacrifice HE shells for their smoke, Smolensk is allowed to have very high barrel count with destroyer like reload, high range, smoke, and torpedoes. Sure it has a low hit pool, doesn't change much when battleships have extreme difficulty hitting it and over pen, and any cruiser or destroyer that would get close enough to land hits will probably get molested from behind smoke. Ah I forgot to mention, it has repair anyway. If you've been reading up until now you'll be asking why I haven't mention Worcester, it's because it doesn't have smoke. Oh boo hoo it has radar. Smoke and HE spam, especially with these stats is much more broken than a ship that has to position thoughtfully to land its hits. Smolensk's job is to abuse larger ships anyway, but if it went destroyer hunting it's hydro, torps, and maneuverability along with it's 16 gun salute and higher speed will in most cases make it more effective anyway. Isn't this just a tier 10 Belfast? Belfast will actually take damage from hits and can't maneuver nearly as well, even when proportional to it's tier. Finally, the CVs can't even reliably deal with it due to it's high AA and tendency to stick to the rear of enemy formations. If you ask me, getting rid of the smoke and nerfing reload would make this an actually interesting foe to fight. In the end, the developers push the idea that this ship like many other Soviet ships would work perfectly to the specifications Stalin wrote down on a napkin when he got horny looking at his navy. If you have any counter points, please make them. Hell I'm open to the idea of having my mind changed. But these fictional ships are pushing me away from the game. Just as quickly as I joined, I'll probably leave this game soon if it's going to continue heading on this disappointing path, my patience is running thin. -Panther
  5. Again, I am getting tore up by the ridiculous russian guns on high tier cruiser and battleships. They can get citadels no matter how you angle....bovine excrement. The high velocity of these (never built) guns are unrealistic and a slap to the face by the russian designers.....they just have to be the best. Kremlin with an AA rating of "99"....how? and why? Best guns, best armor, best AA, it just goes on and on. The higher up the tier, the more ridiculous the russian bias becomes. The soviet union if they had built these fantasy ship would have realistically found out that such high velocities of their guns would prove impractical as they would wear out the barrels within firing a hundred rounds or so. So since these guns where never built, the russian designers are taking liberties to make them the best of the world. And why, for national pride?......if so it is a false pride. Nerf the velocities of those soviet guns already. They are over powering.
  6. Shannon_Lindsey

    Russian BB split

    A streamer reported new Russian BBs recently, and I want to know, is this a true Russian tech tree BB split, or are these premiums like Massachusettes, Georgia, and Ohio? Is there any confirmation? Also want to go on record that if this is a tech tree split, and is the next line after German CV, then the Russian Bias is going wayyyyyyyyy tooooooooo far!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously we haven't even gotten Italian BBs yet, and the Russian BB line we have is almost all paper, save Gangut. Seriously, the Germans got closer to their CVs than this, and it is insulting to every other nation that plays this game that not only do Russian ships tend to be OP, but they are getting way more than their fair share. Two line splits for the same nation in the same year is too much! The most frustrating part is that your countrymen, the ones you are doing this for, really don't seem to care. You actually are growing or have stable numbers on Europe, SEA, and NA servers, meanwhile the CIS server is crashing in active numbers, and if these new cruisers don't fix that, nothing is going to fix it. Eventually, if you keep this up, it will end up hurting the other regions.
  7. In a Graf Spee,,,Shooting at tier 6 DD 4.5 k away and 3 salvos miss completely. Even the DD player said that was [edited]. Graf Spee Had the same damn guns as Scharnhorst so why so bad? They should be just as accurate and hit as hard as the Scharnhorst,,But WG has made her's [edited]. Of course Not one Russian ship would miss at that range! WG Stop the [edited] and fix the damn guns of German Ships!
  8. Hi Well WG is at again no sooner do they buff the living daylights out of Staliniumgrad also adding a ship based satellite radar tracking system and lets not forget the 50 mm bow plating upgrade to Moskva, and then these people have the audacity to NERF the main armament shells of Black Swan down to HE shells and the reload time up to 4 seconds. This is pure and utter blatant Russian bias, do you people even play this game, have tried playing a tier 8-10 game in your Black Swan and faced a Moskva/ Kronshtadt / Staliniumgrad DIV in battle that 3 secon reload with AP shells is life saver . How many of you so called experts have faced a Khabarovsk or Grozovoi with there Zombie heals in a brawl in Black swan. What's next Defensive Fire AA module for Varyag , maybe Torpedo Reload booster for Diana while your at it you might as well add Main Battery Reload Booster to Orlan now and be done with it. All I can is that is a travesty what has been done to this fine ship and i for one will not play this ship again in any high tier matches until its integrity and honour has been restored. WG I call upon you to reverse your decision on this NERF, I call upon all Black Swan fans to protest to WG and demand justice . I also call upon @Gneisenau013 to convey this message to Lesta about the unfair NERFING of Black Swan before the patch goes live Or the pitchforks and fire will come out Regards