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Found 2 results

  1. Just finishing up the RU DD line... wondering about how the tier 10s stand up these days. Which 2 of 3 should I keep? The Udaloi, Grozovoi or Khaba? And to have a bit of a rant about the Tashkent - I'm definitely not keeping her. What a POS she is. Good AA, but big deal - not nearly as good as Uda who has Def AA consumable. Not enough gun range, torps that can barely 8km (if Max'ed out) reach beyond the huge spotting range, and don't do any more dmg than the Uda's 10km torps. No heals at all, 3k more HP and slightly smaller profile - but that's not enough. And one more smoke & engine boost then the Uda, like it matters.
  2. anonym_DEfqyfR0NzTG

    My greatest fear has come to life

    So, the Tashkent is just as bad as I assumed it would be. The stock config on the Kiev is better than this crap ship. 10.4 km gun range? Even for a stock config, this is bad. Really bad. Rudder shift is awful as well, so not only do you have to close the distance to fire on enemy ships (some tier 10s) you cant manouevre to avoid hits nearly as well. This ship is rivaling the Ognevoi for worst in the game. I am not excited to grind to the Udaloi in this thing.