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Found 1 result

  1. I was playing a ranked battle and in this game our team was loosing from the very beginning. We didnt play very good at all, we had no teamwork, and i admit i didn't play good either. Well near the end of the battle one of our salty dead captains spoke in the "all chat" revealing our positions to the enemies. Didn't really matter cause we were going to loose, but miracle do happen sometimes.... Anyway after the battle that guy messaged me and harassed me. I put a ticket in cause i learned to NOT to do that after i did that myself before....(Im very sorry for doing so). But i would like to talk to you guys about this because it is important to know that some players are either just plain bad at the game style, others may be new and learning, or even trying out new ways to play. We all have bad days and good days while playing this game. I'm not perfect in this game, but after 652 battles in random i have achieved a 51% winrate and a destruction ratio of atleast 1. Again not the best, but i understand in general how to play. Its pretty key to understand that you should NOT harass your fellow captains after a bad battle, like we dont want to turn World of Warships into World of Tanks because its fun to actually chat with the enemy team. 1. dont be salty 2. dont tell the enemy your teammates position Simple as that and just enjoy the game.