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Found 4 results

  1. World of Warships Ship Opinions: Leander Not an OP ship for once, honestly speaking I decided that, since the higher tiers, and to a similar extent, the ships there, were more than messed up in more than one way, I decided to do a review on one of my all time favorite mid tier light cruisers, namely, the HMS Leander. She’s unassuming at first, with a small HP pool and just 8 guns at a tier where everyone is either packing more guns of an equal caliber, or larger caliber guns ( or both ), but, in skilled hands, Leander is a lethal opponent to almost any surface ship that she can hit. At the same time, she’s quite a juicy target for heavy cruisers and battleships, due to her squishy armor and the fact that she tends to bite less than one might think. So then, is this ship actually good, or is all just salty tea and stale crumpets? Armor: Light Cruiser Pros: Small, hard-to-hit citadel, thin armor causes plentiful over penetrations, Repair Party Cons: Still has a citadel, which is pretty pathetically armored ; thin armor also means that HE does a crap ton of damage Leander is fairly typical of light cruisers when it comes to her armor scheme. She has fairly weak plating all around, with the maximum thickness being just 16mm, which is worse than all other ships at her tier by a considerable margin. Also, her belt armor is absolutely terrible, at just 90mm thick, and her citadel is fully exposed on the side, which means that 380mm armed German Battleships can actually HE citadel Leander. The upside to all of this is that her citadel is actually quite a small target to hit, and the thin armor means that, while all light and heavy cruiser AP will arm and deal colossal damage, most BB caliber AP shells actually don’t arm in time and end up passing straight through for mere overpens. Also, she’s fairly healthy, at 28,700 HP, and she has a Repair Party consumable with a maximum of 4 charges ( 5 with Legendary Commander Andrew Cunningham ), which allows her to recover HP and go straight back into the fight. Overall, her armor is a double edged sword, working both with her against BBs and against her versus everyone else. I would have given her a “Poor” here, but that Repair Party does the same wonders for Leander that the portable dry-dock does for Minotaur, thus bumping her up in this category Rating: Acceptable Armaments: Light Cruiser, again Pros: Quick rate of fire, improved auto bounce angles on her AP, ridiculously short fuse timer, flexible torpedo armament Cons: Only has AP ammo in her magazines, 8 gun barrels at Tier 6 starts to feel lackluster, lackluster gun range Leander is, once again, a proper light cruiser in this regard. She comes equipped with 8 152mm/50 Mk XXI guns in 4 twin turrets. These guns have an excellent rate of fire of 8 rounds per minute, as well as high damage per shell, a 0.005 second fuse timer ( which means less overpens ) and improved auto bounce angles. Unfortunately, she only comes armed with said AP shells, lacking any form of High Explosive or even SAP rounds like on the Trento. Also, she’s at a tier where every other ship either has more guns than she does ( Dallas, Budyonny, Nurnberg, De Grasse, La Galissoniere), or has bigger guns ( Trento, Aoba, London, Devonshire, Graf Spee, ), or both ( Pensacola, Molotov ). The closest ships in this regard are the Italian Duca D’Aosta, the Pan-Asian Huanghe, and the Australian Perth but even they have HE shells to work with, as crap ( or god tier ) as they are, meaning that Leander cannot set any fires, beyond her secondary battery, which, if you’re in a light cruiser, you do not want to be in range to use. Another issue she has here is her lack of gun range. At just 13.2 km of range, it pales in comparison to the likes of Budyonny and Nurnberg, where both ships have over 16 km of range to work with. At the same time, that range also allows her to disappear quickly from enemy sightlines ( more on that later ). And let’s not forget her torpedo armament. While her warheads lacks the punch of the Aoba’s, nor the ginormous 12-fish bank found on the Nurnberg, Leander’s torpedoes have an 8 km range, 61 knots of speed, good damage, and the ability to single fire each fish, which allows her to surgically place all four of these torps into the side of an unsuspecting enemy, or she can fire off three and keep one in reserve for emergencies. Overall, Leander is actually fairly well balanced for a ship of her class, not horribly overpowered, but not terrible either. However, that perfect balance doesn’t necessarily mean a good rating, at the same time Rating: Acceptable AA: Meh Pros: Solid damage on all ranges, Long Range AA bubble aura matches minimum aerial detection range Cons: Far superior AA platforms exist, no DFAA At this tier, Leander’s AA is best described as “Average”. Her AA is worse than that of Dallas and a C-Hull Nurnberg, but superior to that of the Budyonny and, to a lesser extent, the Aoba. However, the lack of DFAA, which all of these ships actually have, makes her AA seem lackluster in comparison when it’s active. Leander’s AA does have its perks, however. For starters, her AA range of 5.8km is long enough to protect friendly DDs when she’s top tier, and enough to shoot down enemy CAP squadrons while bottom tier. Also, when specced with Concealment Expert, her Aerial detection range drops to just 5.8km, which is the same range as her Long Range AA bubble, which will prove to be a nasty surprise for any incoming carrier squadrons who didn’t know she was there in the first place. Still, while she’s solid, far better AA platforms exist, such as the aforementioned Dallas and C-Hull Nurnberg, or even the Pensacola and the Devonshire. In other words, meh. Rating: Acceptable Maneuverability: Dances like a DD Pros: Snappy rudder, tight radius, British Light Cruiser acceleration perk Cons: Slow Leander is a bit of a surprise when it comes to handling. Her rudder is rather quick, at 7.8 seconds, and she has a 640 meter turning radius. The closest ship to her at this point is the La Galissoniere, which has an 7.7 second rudder shift and 650 meter turning circle. As for the other tech tree light cruisers at this tier, the Budyonny and the Dallas, well, to start, Budyonny is an absolute COW, with an 820 meter turning circle and an 8.6 second rudder shift. The Dallas has a similar radius to the Frenchman, but has a slightly longer rudder shift, at 8.0 seconds. None of these ships, however, have the Leander’s signature: the British Light Cruiser acceleration perk, which allows her to rocket to her top speed in just 40 seconds, as opposed to the standard 60 seconds of other ships without the appropriate module. However, Leander tops out at just 32.5 knots, and while the La Galissoniere is slower, the frenchie has engine boost, which can bring her up to 37.5 knots with the Sierra Mike. Overall, Leander is fairly good, but she’s still somewhat pokey compared to the others. Then again, that British Acceleration is fantastic, as it allows her to be boot scootin boogieing when she needs to. Rating: Good Stealth: Absolute Amazeballs Pros: 9km minimum surface detection, tiny air radius, Good Smoke AND Good Hydro Cons: Smokescreens are torpedo magnets, as well as YOLO DD or BB magnets. Also, there’s something called Radar. Leander’s stealth is nothing short of absolutely amazing. Her base concealment is 9.95km, which is the best of all cruisers within her matchmaking spread. With concealment expert, her detection radius drops to just 8.96km, which gives her a massive edge over her light cruiser rivals when it comes to sneaking around the map, looking for prey to snack on. Also, Leander is one of only three Tier 6 cruisers to have a Smoke Generator Consumable ( the others being London and Trento, and Trento’s smoke is that full-speed exhaust smoke instead of the short deploy, long duration smoke that the Brits employ). The Leander’s smoke deploys in just 15 seconds and lasts for up to 99 seconds, or 1 minute 39 seconds, which means that it’s an amazing escape tool and an ambush tool all in one. Leander also has a good hydroacoustic search consumable that allows her to sniff out torpedoes and enemy lolibotes hiding in smoke. Also, there’s the main battery gun range thing I talked about earlier. To put it in context, if you’re in the Leander, and you’re firing, there will probably be someone spotting you. If you move your ship to where that ship is out of your main battery firing range, you will instantly disappear because your detection only blooms out to your maximum firing range when shooting. This is easier with the Leander, due to her short main battery range, and it’s not so easy with Nurnberg and Budyonny because of their long firing ranges. That’s all I got to say about that, but unfortunately, there are two flies in the ointment that also ruin the good mood, one being the fact that smokescreens are massive torpedo magnets, and the other being the fact that the accursed thing called Radar exists. Overall, Leander has god-tier stealth that only the Huanghe and Perth can otherwise beat, and it should be exercised and used as well as possible. Rating: WTAF Ergonomics Leander, being a Tier 6 cruiser, incurs minimal outfitting and repair costs, and only really needs a 10 point captain to function at the absolute best she can. That being said, Leander is difficult to play properly. It’s easy to get overextended in this ship, which usually means a quick trip to port is in short order. I will stress that relatively good players with a general sense of the game can make this ship work even in mildly tough spots but it takes a pretty good player to make the ship work as fantastic as she can be made out to be even in those tough spots that would even make Flamu start to sweat. In other words, this ship is not n00b friendly, but that n00b-unfriendliness also makes her that much more worthwhile to play once you’ve mastered her to the fullest extent Rating: Good Fun Factor I was going to make a long, winded out paragraph, but I’ll summarize it in three words “ MOST. FUN. EVER” Provided you play it right, of course… Rating: WTAF Verdict Armor: 3 / 5 Armaments: 3 / 5 AA: 3 / 5 Maneuverability: 4 / 5 Stealth: 5 / 5 Ergonomics: 3 / 5 Fun Factor: 5 / 5 Overall Rating: 26 / 35 ( Proficient ) General Writer Verdict: Leander is a well balanced and fun ship without being broken or poorly performing I wanted to make a review today because of two reasons. One, I feel like you guys deserve more out of me than just one review a week, so I’m going to bump it up to two per week. Also, I’m looking to apply for CC status this coming month of April, or whenever that specific thread makes itself known to my point of view of the forum (Turbo07, if you’re reading this, could you please let me know when it’s active? I’m looking forward to making a “bigger splash in the pond”, if you know what I mean ;) ) Welp, that’s all I’ve got for today. On Friday night, I will be writing my opinion of the as-yet WiP German Tier 8 Battleship Odin ( though from a perspective of an outside viewer, rather than as someone who’s played it ), and on Sunday I will be doing a Tier 6 BB comparo test of the Bayern and the Queen Elizabeth, the two rivals that never truly were. Peace!
  2. I'm sure plenty of trolls are on the way to mess with me here, but It's annoyed me enough to not care about them I purchased the 54USD, 20 royal navy crate pack initially for the boost in chances of unlocking the brit DD's, but also for the prem flags / camos... so in the first 20 purchased... Apparently I got lucky and got 3/4 of the bonus missions, (5, 6, 7 tier) ships and was pretty happy about it... So I play for a few weeks, opening countless RN crates, even a few days ago when they did the "earn up to 4k doubloons for X spending" decided to buy another 20, again for the flags and camos, and for the 4k doubloons, and because honestly, after opening 150+ RN crates, I was POSITIVE that this last 20 purchased crates would net me the Lightning... ( I don't know the actual amount of crates, but I've earned in total, about 950-1000 sovereigns) I understand this is a free to play game, and I willingly spend money on it... But I can't stand being "farmed" for my cash... whoever in WG is responsible to conducting business, is honestly starting to come off greedy, which is pushing me away, to be honest. I'm easily and HAPPILY in the 4 digit USD amount in to this game, and will continue to spend money as I enjoy it.. but man, I'd love to stop feeling like WG is the mob trying to cash out as much as they can on me.
  3. Ahoy Fleet! Update 0.7.9 is live celebrating the Royal Navy! Let us know your thoughts and feedback about the new content and mechanics updates here. If you notice anything buggy or doesn't seem right, please report any bugs and odd observations here: #anchorsaweigh
  4. *pictured - HMS Belfast at her permanent dock on the Thames River in London* With the Royal Navy Arc being celebrated in Patch 0.7.9, which RN ship do you enjoy taking out with the Fleet? British cruisers, battleships, and destroyers will soon be joined by a new tech tree of Royal Navy destroyers to earn. With a reputation for dealing deadly firepower combined with durability, a Royal Navy vessel on the horizon equals a formidable foe. When the Royal Navy gets the call, which royal vessel do you raise the Union Jack into battle with? "We are so outnumbered there's only one thing to do. We must attack." - Sir Andrew Cunningham, Royal Navy #threatassessmentthursday #royalnavy #anchorsaweigh