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Found 4 results

  1. I've been playing Wows since October 2015 and since around November I'm absolutely in love for the german ships (cruisers and battleships). Now that I finally got my Hindenburg the fun in the game is focused in upgrading my Roon captain to the Großadmiral rank (19 point captain). In the mean time I found interesting to share with the community my thoughts on what I consider the best line in the game: The germans. First things you should know before starting your grind the the great Hindenburg is that the germans are very unique in its ship characteristics. Your main strenght relies in your artillery, without a good artillery and aim these cruisers become utterly useless. Your AP rounds are the strongest in the entire game and, even though low tier has better results with HE, you need to know how they work because, starting on tier five, you will probably forget your HE (It's a trap, don't do it). However the main weakness of these ships is in their armor. German armor is among the worst in the game and the basic with german cruisers (along with knowing AP usage) is ship angling, without it you won't be simply useless, you will be demolished from the surface. With that being said I think it's time for me to review the individual ships (yeah, this was the intro, so be ready for some huge texts). The Hermelin, Dresden and Kolberg won't be reviewed by the simple fact that they are all just HE spammers, a lot of guns and are placed in a tier where strategy is often forgotten in battles. If any kind soul wants to write them down below, feel free I refuse to review the Karlsruhe for the simple fact that I consider it, by far, the worst ship in the game. For this reason I believe that I haven't played it correctly and once I have time to start playing it I'll post a good review here in the Forum. Königsberg Nürnberg Yorck Admiral Hipper Roon Hindenburg Special Hints: I hope you all have good games, captains!
  2. So I got the Roon recently after the nerf and having a bit of trouble with it. All commentaries I found on youtube was before the nerf telling how it has great gun reload. Now with 10 sec reload I am very tempted to get the 6th equip for the buff in reload (to 9.7s ugh) but at a very heavy price in turret traverse. So I want to get the expert marksman instead of 10% reduction in damage control, but wasn't sure if it is worth it. I think the turret traverse is slow but haven't played other heavy cruisers to compare it to or if the ship needs it at all. Any suggestions?
  3. agrims

    My Roon build

    Heya fellow Capt’s! i wanted to share my go to Roon build because I have tried all the others, but this seems most effective for me: PT, EL, DCFCA, AR, SI, DE, AFT, CE. I know, 3 1 point skills, wth?? But hear me out: Take PT, AR, DE, CE first. Then take AFT, and SI next as points allow. Now go back to EL and DCFCA. This arrangement along with MB range mods makes this ship a handful for the enemy team as you now have more vision control up at any one time. Send up your spotter or fighter and you now can see torps on all sides coming at you, you get an additional hydro, so leverage this late game when you push. As Roon, and Hindy, you will primarily fire HE, but with a longish reload, what to do about switching to AP on that juicy broadside CA, or BB? EL handles this. Try it out folks!
  4. Hi, so a bit of a brag thread. Just finished the grind for my 5th Tier 10 ship, and it ended in spectacular fashion that I thought I should share... With winning streaks like that, who needs enemies? I had genuinely awful teams as well - only one of those was close, where we stopped the enemy's points on 999, but couldnt make up the difference before time ran out - our DDs steadfastly refused to cap until all but 1 enemy ships were killed. I had teammates in a shima yolo right at the start of the battle into the main enemy force, dying before even firing any torps. Why? I had three cruisers move out of island cover one at a time, broadside to two or three T10 BBs who were spotted, just waiting to delete them. Why? Winning is sometimes too hard. But I got there in the end. Dont lose hope.