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Found 1 result

  1. So, a couple of questions: 1. Why is WG bringing the Kriegsmarine Containers back again, didn't we see these same containers ~6 months ago? 2. Why is WG deliberately making these containers significantly less valuable for its most veteran customers? The crate details indicate: "If you already have a ship from the list in your Port, it won't drop from the container. Instead, you will get another random item from the list." So, for the biggest whales and most loyal veteran players, the crates are significantly less valuable. If you have any of the ships, and roll a ship you already have, you DO NOT get the remaining ships you don't have, you get a completely new roll, significantly reducing the chances of getting a ship. That makes these crates significantly less valuable for every one of the possible ships you already own. For example, I own all 4 ships already, so the ROI for me is very much less than for a player who doesn't own any of the ships. Why would WG intentionally devalue its products, for its most valuable customers, at least from a $ perspective? 3. Why is WG suddenly replacing a premium ship "prize" with a tech tree ship: Hipper? What am I missing here? Color me confused.