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Found 6 results

  1. Just popped in my head so idk if it's a good idea or not. Kagas rocket attack aircraft are probably the least used aircraft in the whole game so why not remove them or replace them with something else like ap dive bombers?
  2. I haven't played any CVs in a couple of months. Now when I use rocket planes from the Langley, I can't aim for crap and the rockets shoot several seconds after I try to fire. Did I miss some change?
  3. The grind in WoWS is too disappointing to continue. The nerf to the previously "special" aircraft carriers to allow for a more-special KM aircraft carrier line is a primary example of why no one should grind/play this game. When I started WoWS (played off-&-on for 1.5 years), I chose the USN CV line for the special rocket planes. I was down to USN CVs or IJN DDs as my ideal ship to play. I did my research, and chose the USN CV line for the special planes/rocket planes. Skip ahead a year of grinding off-&-on (with Premium, and without), and here I am about to push MIDWAY out of drydock, and I'm pumped about it. LEXINGTON was a challenge, but good preparation for the MIDWAY. The rockets, the Tiny Tims, were tough to master, but I spent a lot of time at it, and I got better. Tiny Tims with the previous reticle (one that was lengthwise down the line of attack of the rocket plane) had a big punch, but was very difficult to pull off. If you missed, it was bad. If you got lucky, and you made the proper prediction about the target ship's turn, the outcome was fun! Then, WoWS rolls out the GERMAN AIRCRAFT CARRIER EVENT. Probably a big issue for WoWS - lots of money and time developing something that didn't exist and probably has low player interest. To salvage this, WoWS decides that KM CVs should have special rocket planes (and DBs). These rocket planes have armor penetration to make them special. The problem: they are not good when attack a low-armor ship beam-on (attacking 90 degrees to the length of the ship), due to over-penetration. This is a significant problem: CVs have a primary role of hunting DDs. What can WoWS do so that the new KM CVs don't always over-penetrate on the DDs? Hmmm... the answer... get the DDs to always avoid taking rocket planes in the beam. Get the DDs to always turn away from rocket planes. Now, for DD players, this is a challenge. Some rocket planes do the most damage when attacking down the length of the target ship, and other rocket planes do the most damage when attacking across the beam of the target ship. The solution for WoWS is to nerf the targeting reticle so that all rocket planes have the same targeting reticle. This removes what once made USN CVs special. The reasoning from WoWS for the change is to make it easier for DD players to know what to do when attacked by rocket planes. By making this change to the targeting reticle, all DD drivers know to avoid taking rockets in the beam. (That is, unless it's a KM CV. Those are the special rockets that a DD wants to take in the beam/broadside.) The solution for WoWS is to nerf the previously special USN rocket planes - To eliminate what it was that made the USN CV line worth that grind!!! (What is it WoWS? You change the targeting reticle to simplify tactics for DDs, or to make KM CVs special?) TL;DR. The USN CV line is/was special because of the Tiny Tims & reticle combo. WoWS is in a difficult spot.... how to make money on fantasy KM CVs when USN CVs are good. Nerf. Nerf the rocket targeting reticle on those previously "special" ships, and make the new ship line "special." It is this bait-and-switch, on a game that needs you to pay to grind, is exactly why people should play any thing else. (Regretfully, downloaded STEAM last night. Going to download BATTLE.NET tonight.) Be warned... you'll pay and grind to get that prize you're after only to have it radically altered. Take a look at what happened to SAIPAN in this game. When submarines are introduced, the game will shatter from this form of absurdity.
  4. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/51 Rocket's aiming reticle turned by 90 degrees, and now it is elongated horizontally. Also, buff to US DD DefAA - Bonus to AA continuous damage from "Defensive AA fire" consumable increased from +75% to +100% Not sure if these are in addition to, or in replacement of the DD AA fire spotting tweak they were testing.
  5. I discarded this once because I know we got here for some well thought out reason. Then I took my Gearing and kitted him with Massive AA as a Captain skill and took it for a spin. Literally in 2 minutes, I was attacked by rocket planes from a Midway. I did not smoke up because I wanted to see what my massive AA could do and engaged my AA only after I was discovered. I killed 2 planes and suffed 10k of damage (!!!!) on my 22k Gearing. 3500 of those points are from Survivability expert. Then I went into a cap to sieze it and was spotted by planes (yes I failed to turn my AA back off so drew him in from 5ks away, I smoked up but was killed at the 1630 mark. Was this the intention of rocket planes? I played a unicum CV player once 3 times in the same afternoon. All DDs destroyed in 10 minutes or less every time. I know my one anecdote is not an outlier. So I went and looked up US Navy destroyers, destroyed in WWII by rockets from planes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_Navy_losses_in_World_War_II#Destroyers_(DD) A fair number (DDs and DEs) were destroyed by kamikazes and a couple by land based planes but maybe there is one or two in the list from a CV. For all of WW2, the US lost at most 2 DDs or DEs by planes from a CV. Then I looked up results for the US air to ship rockets (Tiny Tim) developed in time for Okinowa. https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/tiny-tim-missile/nasm_A19660030000 There is actually one on display at the Simthsonion National Air and Space Mueseum. The Meusem states, "Tiny Tims sunk at least one Japanese ship and seriously damaged another." I understand this is a make believe universe and its a business to keep customers engaged. Still, I wonder what the desired outcome was and is it having that effect. I think you have options to reduce the effect or reduce the number of rocket planes available in this universe and urge you to consider them.
  6. After taking my time looking at how the CV rework has panned out through my own experiences, I've noted several things and thought up some changes that I believe will help out game-play against CVs without nerfing them in the sea bed. First thing i noted was that the Carrier serves as the Great Equalizer, smashing pre-existing class imbalances into oblivion. Granted this comes at the cost of having each team having a very strong ship. Second, The Great Equalizer doesn't fairly affect all ship types, DDs suffer the worst. However this also doesn't affect all tiers the same. DDs at tier 6 suffer more from rocket attacks than bombs, and DDs at high tiers suffer from bombs more than rockets. So I thought up several changes that should be able to fix most of the DD suffering while not obliterating the CV game-play either. 1. Reduce the flight speed of the rockets fired from the strike aircraft by 25%-50%. I personally think that the strike aircraft should be quick attacks to damage to targets in high AA and to smack around other vessels that are not well armored. They also are effective scouts but not the best for every nation. This job title doesn't need the rockets to be insta-damage. Requiring more lead on a target will allow targeted vessels to have better chances of dodging an attack while also allowing the strike aircraft to retain their spotting and speedy attacks. It also allows for the reduction of the set-up time for the rocket aircraft for a little bit better easy of use. These next two changes are in specific relation to the Midway, as Midway is the DD murdering psychopath of the high tiers. 1. Reduce bomb damage from 11200 to 9200 or 10000. Midways bombs do a LOT of damage, nerfing the damage down to Lexington's level or just reducing the damage to 10k should increase the chances of survival against the HE bombs from Midway. Another possible change that could be placed in would be decreasing fall speed of the bombs, but I dont think this would have much effect for DDs because Midway players like to drop their bombs at the last second on DDs which is so low that it wouldn't make much difference. 2. Change the Torpedo Bombers from their 3x3 (3 attack runs of 3 planes each) to a 4x2 (4 attack runs of 2 planes each) and increase the torpedo damage from 4233 to 6467(Lexington torp damage) or to 5350 (middle ground damage) Part of the reason why Midway players stick to DBs or strike aircraft is becasue their TBs suck. Incredibly wide spread, with very slow torps, and low single torp damage makes them effectively worse than Lexington's TBs. With Midway you are lucky if more than 4 torps hit a maneuvering target while you could hit all 3 with Lexington, causing more damage. By changing the TBs damage, but also reducing the amount of torps dropped in a single run the TBs are an actual upgrade but also not game-breaking. And with actually usable TBs players wont be targeting DDs as much as its easier to hit CAs and BBs with TBs. So am I crazy? Stupid? Or do i have a good idea here, even if it is just a starting point?