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Found 9 results

  1. BattlecruiserOperational

    Login Santa Crate Kutuzov

    just goes to show that gambling is just that. I bought a whole bunch of Santa Crates this year, and got lots of ships. Most were tier 6 and 7s I would have never bought outright, but okay. None of the fabled ships of the past when I spent money on the crates. So today I got 1 singular, what I presume to be regular Santa Crate for logging in. And there it was; a Kutozov! Have a blessed day!
  2. MerlinMedic

    Fix the RNG

    It is time to fix the RNG. 19 point commander firing a Warspite at a stationary QE from 9.4 Km broadside for both. Shots when fore and aft, ZERO hits. If this were the first time I'd say "meh". However during this ranked sprint I have noticed more than once that the RNG just goes and does whatever. Perth (green health bar) parked behind an island in smoke, Fuso gets an angled shot, not quite bow on, but close enough, in from over 12 Km out, Perth deleted. That happened twice. We all get that the RNG is supposed to be random, but when is random not random but broke? The hit rate under 10 Km for my WS is horrible when it should be dealing massive damage. CA from 5 Km out full salvo, 1 OP. My secondaries are doing more damage.
  3. I got a Dallas 2 days ago after grinding a 10 points skill captain on the Omaha. I'm still getting used to the shell arc of the ship but there's something I'm missing. I'm posting screenshots of my last 4 games. I'm firing HE shells obviously, except when I get a broadsiding cruiser in my sight. So, in those 4 games, I landed 397 HE shells for a whooping 106K damage. That's 267 damage per shell on average and it's quite consistent between games. Now, the question is: is that normal? I took concealment expert as my 4 points skill, the reasoning being CE will help survivability and a floating ship should deal more damage than a sunk one. The obvious answer would be IFHE, but it that all there is? Is my aiming really off? Am I shooting the wrong targets? Another big differentiating factor between games is the fire damage. The range is astounding: 1725 to 34660, for 2 to 9 fires. Actual fire success goes from 2.4% to 8.3% My captain has demolition expert and I'm using the India X-Ray flag. Is RNGeesus to blame or can I make a difference?
  4. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Queue a [Random]: - Team may push in small groups to a cap or position of advantage, only to flee when the shooting starts. Slowest and/or least maneuverable ship(s) is (are) left holding the bag of Bravo Sierra. - Massive skill mismatch between team lineups, with at times up to half a dozen mid- to high-50% WR players on one side versus one or none on the other. - Whomever hangs back the longest yet is still able to cause enough damage while losing gets rewarded; playing to the match type usually does not. - Ships firing in open water may remain invisible due to random geometry, regardless of the presence of fog banks worth of smoke. - Possible to be low tier on poorly performing teams a significant number of back to back matches during multiple sessions. - Absurd number of 2x CV matches versus ships with little or no AA potential in low to mid tiers. Queue a [Coop]: - Bring a torpedo equipped ship, or high RoF spammer; otherwise get nothing for even the few minutes a match may last. Queue an [Arms Race] (yeah, right....) - May be a good match, but still subject to all of the vagaries of a normal [Random], only with tier IX & X ships to really thrust home the penalties of a defeat or early sink. Queue a [Scenario of the Week]: - Hope it's a relatively simple example not requiring a well coordinated team already knowing the exact timing and sequence of the scripted events. - Wrong ships brought in or too many DDs equal probable failure or few stars no matter the coordination. - No stars equates to no anything for the time spent playing. Got enough sovereigns to only pay about half the cost of a Warspite using premium RN crates in the store, but forget it WG - maybe if your game was still fun more than once, possibly twice, a week (if that!) I'd consider it. As is, [edited] for what your ''decisions'' and ''vision'' turned the game into.
  5. Herr_Reitz

    How about tweaking the game via RNG

    Something for discussion if you're bored. 1) Players who really enjoy the game really enjoy close, hard-fought, Adrenalin-filled battles where it comes down to seconds, or one single shot. Let us say you agree with this statement. 2) The rush from such a close, hard-fought game is pretty good, if you enjoy those type of matches. Let's say you do and agree with this thought too. 3) If you surveyed the players and found those two thoughts to be true to the majority of players, would it not then make sense to adjust the teams, attempt to balance the match when it is formed, even while it is ongoing, as your game strives to artificially construct such a battle? Let's say you do agree. If you would agree with those three thoughts, then you might ask yourself why aren't they doing this. I've always felt one good means of doing it would be with the team and individual "RNG", or that "fudge factor" artificially built into the game to simulate uhm... chance. I think it quite possible players might actually not mind such tweaking if it were A) Not blatantly obvious and B) it produced a reasonable number of good matches. What do you think? Would you want it? I ask because tonight, after the umpteenth lopsided battle, a red player said, "Da** lopsided battles - they aren't any fun". tiafyc
  6. verkhne

    Loaner RN DD 7plus

    So we have seen how in Clan Wars tier 10 ships are given out as loaner vessels to the player base. In the current RN event some of the missions are locked to tier 7 plus RN DD only. If RNG has not blessed you in spite of playing for regular containers or buying premium containers it would be nice to have a loaned Jervis 9or even Lightning) to complete all the missions. Note containers seem to be the reward for the locked missions. In this way RNG would be mitigated amongst the player population and a more equal event could be had for all!
  7. Here is a video by the Extra Credits people who have all sorts of videos on game designs. It is interesting when they bring up Portnow's Postulate. So what do you guys think of this video? In RNGJesus's name we praise
  8. Let's presume I know how to aim the guns on my Tirpitz. Right now I'm at 50.0% win rate, avg destroy 1.68 and that's over 638 battles. Average. But that's not the issue. When I aim those main batteries ahead of a ship by eight seconds, the red ship slows and I see the entire salvo fall BEHIND the red ship, there's a problem. I propose it's not my aim but something to do with the draw/refresh, something. It isn't every salvo either. It happens once, but never twice in a row. So can RNG monkey with your shots that much? I want to say no, it can't.If it isn't RNG then is it related to the drawing issue? As in the ship is late in being drawn at it's correct position? I'm also noticing the long-known issue of drawing targets... it seems it happens to me but not to the reds firing at me. Most likely because my concealment isn't as good as theirs, granted. But at a ten km range, other than a dd, you'd expect a ship in the open to be visible. I know they are working on the redraw issue - but has anyone heard of an expected fix date? Just curious.
  9. Dear Wargaming, Do you even play your own game? HE for battleships is better then AP. 32 hits with AP on broadsided ships...literally the worst team I have ever played and this happens? My buddy fires one salvo of AP for 20k (got a citadel), however, the other 80k damage he did was with HE. What is the point anymore in firing AP? The screenshots here are not of some tier 5 battleship ship and it is not like I don't know how to play the game. I am in an Iowa with a dispersion upgrade and an 11 point captain. I played with moderate aggression and pushed with my team. I played a BB like it should. I fired at broadsides, weak areas of the armor, and places I have gotten citadels before. Every single shot either missed entirely because it would straddle enemies I shot at from further away, or over pen in places where it really shouldn't. Again, I'll bring up the issue, why fire AP when I could have just fired HE the whole time and done 10x the damage I did? I don't have to worry about bouncing and over pens, the fire chance is really high, and I get rewarded for the 23 second wait between firing. Also raising the issue, what is the point in advancing...if every battleship is firing HE and doing well, why would I move up to make an easier target? This is why battleships stay in the back and don't move up. Sure there are a few that do and I applaud the ones that do, but most don't. Jingles even made a video about that or do you just not pay attention to his content since he left your community contributor program because of poor practices. Look, I love this game and I want it to do great, but stop throwing the mechanics down the crapper. This game had some kinks to work out sure, but its become a bit of a joke now. Congratulations, you're making money, but don't let this thing become like World of Tanks Console where the experienced players don't play nearly as much because all they do is re-skin things and call it new. Old map now has rain on it...calls it new map. HMH Tank has a different color then its normal tank...calls it entirely new tank. Think of the Black Edition tanks but year round...its a joke. Like I said, I love this game, just stop pissing the potential away. Sincerely, Defiant_Act 5 Questions to the community: Do you think Battleship gameplay has gotten better, worse, or just different since launch? Do you think that the overall gameplay has gotten better, worse, or just different since launch? Do you agree with me in that Battleship HE has gotten out of hand? If not, why? Do you think Battleships should even have HE? (I'm thinking for historical purposes here). What are some good things that you like about this game? (I like being able to captain a ship I have been on) What are some issues you have with this game and how do you think they can be fixed? Thats it for my long rant. Answer the question down below if you'd like. See you out there Captains.