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Found 1 result

  1. 212thAttackBattalion

    HMS Daring: Day 1 first Impressions.

    Hi all, 212th here. As you all know, the RN Destroyer line dropped last night and with it, the latest tier 10: HMS Daring and I've taken her out and farmed much salt from ships of every class. So, is she all she's cracked up to be: short answer is YES. The Daring checks all the boxes to be a real fun DD at tier 10, even with the concealment nerf during testing: she is moderately stealthy with god tier guns and torps that are certainly not mediocre with a large health pool + heals... she is certainly worth the RNDD grind in my opinion and will be a force to be reckoned with in the high tier meta. Pros: The guns: 6x113mm guns firing every 2 seconds when specced for ROF (BFT, MBM3), this is an incredible amount of DPM, especially at close range when any DD and even some CLs will think twice before charging her. In addition: the 8% stock fire chance means you're almost guaranteed to get fires on any BB you're farming with your guns... this may or may not result in you being reported and cussed out by said Yamato the AP on Daring is also no slouch: able to make mince meat out of DDs (including Khaba at knife-fighting range) and some light cruisers such is UK and US ones. Hydro: despite the hydro being close ranged (3km for both ship and torp detection), it has immense utility due to it's long up time: 3 minutes of up time with 102s reload time (with Jack of All Trades, Premium consumable and November foxtrot signal flag). this is especially useful in contested cap circles where you can avoid enemy torps and sneak up on the enemy DD's smoke to get the jump on them with your rapid fire guns or conversely, if they charge your smoke... you will have advanced warning and the first shots (of course unless it is a German or Brit DD) Smoke: Despite it's short duration, Daring Smoke is quite versatile... just be careful to not run out of it in front of a Des Moines because you didn't slow down quick enough. It has a 10s dispersion time and a 40s duration (without smokescreen mod) and a reload time of approximately a minute and comes with 5 charges stock and 6 with premium consumables, this means you can afford to use 1 or 2 to disengage from contact instead of shooting from without much penalty down the track as you got so many charges where as other DDs need to be very prudent with their smokes. Acceleration: This thing goes like a bat out of hell when it comes to hitting it's top speed, this is useful for dodging torps coming for your smoke or incoming fire if you get radared while stationary, much like a RNCL on speed enhancing steroids. Heal: the Daring get's access to a heal (1 charge standard, 2 with premium), in addition to the large health pool of the Daring... this allows the Daring to take damage, even significant damage and keep on dishing it out in a brawl (I've gotten 1 dreadnought so far in her). it also has a fast action time: 10 seconds to replenish over 2-3k HP (dependent if you're running the India Delta signal flag). Depending on your play style: Superintendent may be a good choice for a 3rd heal charge. No no ship is perfect and the Daring certainly does have some drawbacks that can come back to bite you: Speed: Daring is not winning any races with a 35knt top speed (36.8knt with Sierra Mike signal) and no speed boost consumable.. this means that speedy ships like French Cruisers or Khaba can run her down using their consumables and it can not speed out of danger or a radar cruiser either, so positioning and tactical awareness are a must if you don't want to be chased, run down and murdered. IFHE Dependence: not really a big con, more an inconvenience due to the guns being 113mm caliber, if you want your HE to do reliable damage, you will NEED IFHE otherwise your damage counter will leave you more shattered than your shells. with the IFHE you're easily able to do reliable damage to BB superstructures without compromising your fire lighting ability very much due to the small caliber of the guns, this is however 4 points you can't use for other skills and going without it is sacrificing a decent amount of damage dealing potential. Concealment: before going live, the Daring had her concealment nerfed by 500m, this meant her max concealment was 6.0km up from 5.5, this means that much of Daring's prey can outspot her, this means you need to be tactical and try to avoid being ambushed or baited into over-extending and being swarmed by enemies. AA: like most DD's, your AA suite is not winning any prizes.. while not useless, but it will not save you from a Midway or Hak wanting to cross drop you. you have 3 dual Bofors mounts (3.5km) and your Main battery which is DP weapons (5km) as AA defense with no point defense weapons. Overall Impressions: on Day 1, the most interesting things I've noted have been the Daring's ability to gun down a Khaba (multiple times through the day), AP down a Mino, cleveland and Balti who gave broadside and how surprisingly good her torpedoes are when compared to Lightning and Jervis's, the single launch has been especially useful for hitting bow in targets or targets mostly concealed by island cover. Get aggressive in caps and bully enemy DDs while negating their torps with your Hydro and abuse smoke to break unfavorable contacts, in open water: get wide and rain in fire on enemy BB's flanks, make them hate you to the point they rage in chat, you may not win the match on your own but you can certainly annoy the enemy to no end and distract them enough by making them focus you that your team can gun them down. My Daring Build: (I'm debating getting a smokescreen mod for her.... anyone got an opinion?) you can swap BFT for Superintendent if you want, but I prefer having the extra dakka dakka of the 2s reload instead of the extra consumables. Shameless Bragging: (finish with under 500hp, like a Boss) (he may have torped me, but I won the gunfight) So, anyone else been having fun with their new T10 toy? or got any horror stories of trying to face the pride of the Royal Navy Destroyers?