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Found 12 results

  1. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    [WIP] RN Battlecruiser Arc

    Been doing some research, and kinda started wondering why the Royal Navy couldn't stand to have a second branch of battleships in-game. Of course, they'd have to be different from the current line to be attractive, so why not have a battlecruiser line? There is no shortage of battlecruisers built by the royal navy; a new arc could likely start as early as tier 3, since the first battlecruisers were laid down at the same time as HMS Dreadnought. I would appreciate it if other players could recommend ships they'd like to see, if this new branch were to materialize in the near future. As battlecruisers (and not battleships), they would feature large calibre guns typically found on battleships, but sacrifice some armour for a speed advantage. As a side note, it would be nice to have Royal Navy battleships that don't sling OP HE all the time, and without an absurd repair party. Instead, I propose better AP (or at least standard compared to other nations) and not-so-OP HE. Also, many of the ships I have named carried some form of torpedo armament. Might be interesting (and make sense) for these to b the standard Royal Navy torpedo launchers, which can launch single torpedoes. The stats provided are historically accurate *cough*, so bear with me. All proposed HP values were calculated using player Fr05ty's tried and true formulas, which he graciously provided. In my work, I noticed that there seems to be a 12% increase in HP for the existing British battleships. This change has not been accounted for in the numbers I offer below. Designs yet to consider: https://warshipprojects.wordpress.com/2017/07/03/washington-cherrytrees-2/ https://warshipprojects.wordpress.com/2017/09/25/washington-cherrytrees-2-ii/ https://warshipprojects.wordpress.com/2017/09/27/washington-cherry-trees-ii-part-3/ I3 J3 K2, K3 L1 L2, L3 M2 M3 N3 X4 Design Y Design B, C1, C2, D Design A Design T1 LII LIII Battlecruisers K --> A Battleships L --> Z J3, I3, H3a, H3b, H3c – battlecruisers all-in; Nov.-Dec. 1920 O3 F2, F3 Here are my ideas for potential ships, by tier: TIER III Invincible class (HMS Invincible, HMS Inflexible, HMS Indomitable) Main armament: 4x2 305 mm guns 2x2 450 mm torpedo tubes (one on each side, amidships) 1x1 450 mm torpedo tube (stern-mounted) Secondary armament: 16x1 102 mm guns Speed: 25 knots (ridiculous speed at tier 3, let alone tier 4) Displacement: 21,084 tonnes HP: 35,700 (vs Bellerophon at 38,100) TIER IV Indefatigable class (HMS Indefatigable, HMS New Zealand, HMAS Australia*) Main armament: 4x2 305 mm guns Speed: 25 knots Displacement: 22,846 HP: 37,800 (vs Orion at 42,700) This ship is far below the average 43,900 of other tier 4 ships, and therefore would need to be buffed. HMS Neptune (below) - very similar to Imperial Germany's Kaiser class... nothing special in my opinion. Please let me know if there is any disagreement in the comments below. Premium... maybe? Succeeded by very similar Colossus class dreadnought (only real difference being more torpedoes... but who doesn't love a battleship armed with torpedoes?). TIER V Lion class (HMS Lion, HMS Princess Royal) - As there exists a Lion in-game, the latter name would be better Main armament: 4x2 343 mm guns Speed: 28 knots HP: 47,200 (current maximum HP at tier 4 is 46,400, with the average at 43,920. If this ship were to be used at tier 4, its HP would have to be nerfed moderately. HMS Queen Mary Main armament: 4x2 343 mm guns Speed: 28 knots HMS Tiger Main armament: 4x2 343 mm guns 2x2 533 mm torpedo launchers (one pair amidships on each side) Secondary armament: 12x1 152 mm guns Speed: 28 knots Displacement: 34,332 tonnes HP: 51,400 (vs Iron Duke at 47,100) HMS Canada (aka Almirante Latorre (below), could be the first South American (Chilean) battleship in-game) Main armament: 5x2 356 mm guns 4x 533 mm torpedo tubes Speed: 23 knots HMS Agincourt - unique in that it was armed with 7x 2 305 mm guns and 3x 1 torpedo tubes; this ship has an interesting story, but it isn't truly a battlecruiser (it is a true dreadnought), and therefore might make a very appealing premium ship rather than fitting into this proposed line. TIER VI Renown Class (HMS Renown (below), HMS Repulse) - could be a little OP at tier 6, stats similar to Gneisenau at tier 7 Main armament: 3x2 381 mm guns 2x1 533mm torpedo launchers (mounted in the bow) Secondary armament: 5x3 102 mm guns 2x1 102 mm guns Speed: 31 knots Displacement: 33,265 tonnes (slightly less than the HMS Tiger) HP: 50,130 (vs Queen Elizabeth at 55,300) (Note that this is slightly less than my calculated values for HMS Tiger at tier 5) FOR LOLZ: the Courageous class (HMS Courageous, HMS Glorious, HMS Furious), in particular HMS Furious, which had a grand total of 2x 457 mm guns... this would make an "interesting" premium light cruiser, considering it had the armour of a light cruiser. This thing could lol-pen anything within several tiers, but the number of guns is a "limitation". Personally I wouldn't buy it unless it had a decent reload, and even then... If enough interest arises in these ridiculous ships, I will post their stats, but here's a pic to satisfy your interest: TIER VII Admiral Class (HMS Hood, HMS Anson, HMS Howe, HMS Rodney) Main armament: 4x2 381 mm guns 10x1 torpedo tubes!!! Secondary armament: 12x1 139 mm guns Speed: 32 knots Displacement: 48,191 tonnes (based on Hood's displacement) HP: 67,800 (vs Hood at 67,700) TIER VIII G3 Battlecruisers (paper ships) Main armament: 3x3 406 mm guns 2x2 622 mm torpedo launchers (some serious calibre) Secondary armament: 8x2 152 mm guns Speed: 32 knots Displacement: 55,652 tonnes HP: 76,574 TIER IX *** Ideas welcome Different iteration of G3? Move rear turret closer to stern, faster reload? TIER X N3 Battlecruisers (paper ships) - the ship to rival the Yamato (difference in calibre of 3 mm) Main armament: 3x3 457 mm guns 2x3 (or 2x4) 533 mm torpedo launchers Secondary armament: 8x2 152 mm guns Speed: 30 knots (maybe increased for the tier) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *HMAS Australia would be a good addition to the Commonwealth tech tree Please send me suggestions by replying! Also, here's a link to a very similar topic on the Asia forum: https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/3961-british-royal-navy-and-battlecruisers/
  2. Ace6steel

    RN CVs are on the way!

    Many of us have been wondering since the intro of the Royal navy tree: "when are the RN CVs coming?" Well I was surfing Youtube one day and found on Panzerknacker's channel a WiP video showing the upcoming RN CVs Note: No gameplay, more of a preliminary tech tree design In my experience this probably won't come out until the new year or well after the CV rework is released Video:
  3. Why is the Le Terrible in the RN Directives if it is not available?
  4. Sea_Jotun

    RN Destroyers

    Checking out the work in progress stats for HMS Jutland, and it looks like to me that she will be the baddest ship in the line. I'm sure HMS Daring will be awesome and I would want it part of my flotilla but I'm most excited about Jutland. Wonder which ship will be the most popular after the final release! I have the early release Acosta and Icarus and they're pretty good. Have had Gallant for a while and I really love that ship much better smoke, great guns and Torpedoes. Haven't had Cossack for long and if Jutland is a basic upgrade of gun and torpedo reload it'll be great, I hope that the concealment and the other stats are a "true" upgrade and not just a tweak it will be awesome. Guess I'll have to wait until the official release!
  5. RiskyKirkwood

    Minotaur - Loving it!

    Haven't had the Minotaur very long but seem to be really enjoying the ship for the most part. Had a wonderful game in it and finally broke the 200k damage threshold ( an accomplishment for me ). Just wanted to know everyone's opinion on the Minotaur and if anyone thinks WG would "nerf" it in the future to keep balance?
  6. Admiral_Bingo

    RN CL Dido Premium Proposal

    Hello everyone, This is my first post. :) I would like to suggest this ship as a new premium and like to discuss what would it be like if it was actually added to the game. HMS Dido The reason why I chose this ship is because I would like to entertain the thought of having a RN Atlanta. Having similar armament, it would have a reload time around 5 seconds and just like the Atlanta, have unlimited charges of the DFAA consumable because of its AA build. Some difference would be the shell type. Being a RN cruiser, it can only fire AP shells with the special RN ballistics while Atlanta could fire both types. While the Atlanta has HE and Radar, Dido trades these off for heal and smoke, making it different in terms of handling from Atlanta and Flint. However, because of its armament, it would have similar range like the Atlanta requiring the player to adapt to a similar game play of Atlanta. So what specs, consumables, or other stuff should the ship have while keeping it relatively balanced?
  7. HMS_Formidable

    The bombing of HMS Illustrious

    Part One Part 2 Part 3 More to come
  8. Debido al reciente anuncio de Wargaming de añadir nuevos buques premium a la lista, 2 resaltan mucho sobre los demás: El HMS Dreadnought y el HMS Vanguard. Ya se ha hablado anteriormente del Dreadnought, ahora es turno del Vanguard. La historia del Vanguard no es por mucho emocionante. Su única gloria fue el haber sido el último acorazado de la guerra, así como ser “el mejor” en la Marina Real Británica. Sin embargo, es digno de resaltar al ser el mayor representante en la construcción de acorazados de Reino Unido. Historia 30 de noviembre de 1944 A poco mas de 1 año de que acabe la guerra se botada el que fue el último acorazado de la historia, el Vanguard. Los británicos, quienes dieron inicio a una nueva era de construcción naval con el HMS Dreadnought, pusieron fin a esta con el HMS Vanguard. Sería el único de su clase, además del más rápido y grande. Diseño Dibujo soviético del HMS Vanguard Debido al estallido de la guerra, el Almirantazgo decidió dirigir la mayor cantidad de recursos a embarcaciones más pequeñas y con reducidos tiempos de construcción como destructores y cruceros. Esto puso un fin a la construcción de la clase Lion pues se decidió que la construcción de su armamento principal era muy costosa en tiempos de guerra. Luego se propondría el uso del armamento para la construcción de un nuevo acorazado: El Vanguard. Este sería todo un reciclaje para la Royal Navy al ser un rediseño de la clase Lion la cual también fue un rediseño de la clase King George V. Además, portaba las torretas de los ex cruceros de batalla HMS Courageous y del HMS Glorious. Sus cañones eran una mezcla de los utilizados por la clase Queen Elizabeth y Revenge provenientes de barcos como el HMS Warspite, HMS Renown y HMS Repulse. También contaría con una “proa atlántica” basado en la experiencia con la clase King George V, los cuales solían embarcar mucha agua en mar arbolada. Diseño de la clase Lion, un King George V modificado Estaba pensado para aprovechar al máximo los limitados recursos británicos y fue revisado y modificado varias veces durante su construcción lo cual retrasó su ingreso a la guerra. Luego de esta completaría sus pruebas de mar y sería asignado a la flota el 9 de agosto de 1946. Servicio Actuó varias veces como buque insignia y otras para el transporte de la familia real. Sería reformado en 1954 y terminado en 1955. Participaría en diversas operaciones en conjunto con la OTAN disparando su armamento principal junto a los clase Iowa. Después de haber sido puesto en reserva este serviría para el rodaje de la película “Hundid el Bismarck”. HMS Vanguard durante la Operación Mainbrace Luego de los infructosos esfuerzos por convertirlo en buque museo, este sería desguazado en 1960. Características del barco Desplazamiento: 46000 toneladas Eslora: 258.2 metros Manga: 37.79 metros Calado: 9.91 metros Blindaje Cinturón: 114-356 mm Cubierta: 64-152 mm Barbetas: 279-330 mm Torretas: 178-330 mm Torre de mando: 51-76 mm Mamparos: 102-305 mm Armamento 8 cañones de 381mm (4×2) 16 cañones de 133mm (8×2) 60 cañones Bofors de 40mm AA (10×6) 2 cañones Bofors de 40mm AA (1×2) 11 cañones Bofors de 40mm AA 4 cañones de 37 libras (47mm) Propulsión 8 calderas Aldmiralty 4 turbinas Parsons 4 hélices Velocidad 33 nudos Vista desde popa del HMS Vanguard Datos que te volarán la cabeza Resulta que una sección de blindaje del Vanguard fue utilizada para la protección de un contador de radiación para el Radiobiological Research Laboratory, ahora llamado Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. Para ese tipo de pruebas se necesita acero no contaminado con radioisótopos siendo uno de estos el cobalto-60 el cual se encuentra en el aire. Debido a que el acero es fabricado con el uso del oxígeno para la oxidación del hierro, este es sacado del ambiente lo cual lo hace muy susceptible a la contaminación. Esto le da al acero una ligera lectura radioactiva lo cual no es apto para las pruebas realizadas en contadores de radiación. Ahora bien, debido a la cantidad de pruebas nucleares y al constante reciclaje del acero es imposible encontrar acero no contaminado en la actualidad. Se preguntarán: ¿de dónde es que se obtiene? Pues, el único acero apto para el proceso es el fabricado antes de la prueba nuclear Trinity. Por lo tanto, uno de los lugares desde donde es recuperado son las naves alemanas hundidas en Scapa Flow, al ser de una construcción bastante antigua podría decirse que su acero es “puro”. SMS Bayern hundiéndose en Scapa Flow Tal vez les parezca aburrido, pero a mí me pareció muy interesante. ¡Gracias a todos los que leyeron hasta el final! Informa: YamiSugi
  9. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Finally, the Dreadnought...

    Well, lots of ships getting dropped today....but this one has me talking to myself.. I have "Rule Britannia" playing right now...
  10. HI Ho WOWS fans Well i go off line to get some shut eye and wake up to brand world with 5 new ships, hooray I think till i have quick look through the Stats. So I would like to put my take, my view and thoughts on these new ships, bear in mind they are in WIP status. A disclaimer first as i am a average Joe in the game some may even say a potato even my views may not even count however since its us Joe's and potatoes buying these ships I may just have a few good points like anyone else here. So Friends, Romans, Countrymen and women lend me your ears, OK sorry wrong era. Alright first up USS West Virginia Pre Pearl Harbour for the collectors it will make a lovely addition to the Port Queen collection In battle this thing is slow it will be lucky to get out of the spawn area before the end of the game like most tier 6 BBs or it will sunk by high speed fast firing accurate tier 7/8 BBs or bombed into oblivion by Kaga , Enterprise, Graf Zeppelin and the rest of the tech tree CV's in game, and lets not forget the up and coming CV rework to add to its woes or stealth torpedoed to death by pack of DDs. Yeah at 21 knots in its current configuration the only place this ship is going is on a down wood spiral to bottom of the pixel ocean with great regularity. Strike 1 HMS Vanguard Modern British BB with antiquated guns see this coming a mile off,this ship will probable be fitted with Defensive Fire , Main Battery Booster and Massive HE boost so it becomes another of those fire breathing British BB's that cant do anything else . Player requirements REMOVE BRAIN load HE push fire button. Strike 2 USS Wichita Great another Radar cruiser enough said Strike 3 HMS dreadnought Well we might just have winner had a look at the ship and if my eyes deceive me a I cant see any secondaries on her if that's true that's a downer lets hope not. At least WG didn't butcher her like they did to Konig and kaiser and give her a fictional 1930/40 refit. Pass USS Charleston When I first read the name I thought WG was creating a operation scenario for the battle of Charleston and we were getting Ironclads YAY not to be its the ship and i like the blue camo it has that Derek zoolander blue steel look about it. I like the St Lo class too Pass So lets tally up the score from WG 3 strikes 2 passes not good Come on WG you have the entire world to choose ships from and you pick half the new ships that are CUT and PASTE clones. Meanwhile the entire Italian navy sits tied to wharf's and Buoys waiting to be scanned, rendered and produced and still you produce clones WG goes to great lengths to produce OP broken Russian ships at one end of the spectrum to annoy the community then goes the complete opposite end to produce ships wanted by the community but that MAY be less than game worthy and game playable and I quote MAY not be as they are WIP. Hey WG how about a happy medium for once. regards
  11. Base reload time 2.5 seconds Main Battery Mod 3 : -12% Basic Fire Training: -10% Adrenaline rush at 50% HP: -10% AP max dmg per shell 2100, 6 guns total firing at 1.7 sec intervals TOtal -32% reload time, 1.7 seconds every salvo. Oh sweet lord yesus. Gun caliber is low but the AP pen seems pretty great. Defensive hydro for DD vs DD brawling, together with the great engine acceleration and very workable turn rate. IFHE probably isn't necessary, just use build like this to focus on DD vs DD, DD vs cruisers. AP max dmg per shell 2100, 6 guns total firing at 1.7 sec intervals = potentially 12,600 dmg every 1.7 sec, almost 450k dmg per min. HOLY SWEET LORD. With that kind of potential DPM, even Yueyang in full gunboat build's going to have trouble dealing with RN DDs. WIth the caliber of the guns, AP probably will rarely over pen. At around 4-5 km range, RN DD's going to just absolutely dominate everything. RN DDs, gun boat captain's dream. Oh my oak is so erect already.
  12. Red_Hammer_Fleet

    RN DDs announced by Dev Blog

    The Royal Navy DD line is officially in development. Here are the stats as pulled from the Dev Blog Facebook posts: T2, Medea T3, Valkyrie T4, Wakeful T5, Acasta T6, Icarus Yep, I am very much excited for these!