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Found 2 results

  1. Sea_Jotun

    RN Destroyers

    Checking out the work in progress stats for HMS Jutland, and it looks like to me that she will be the baddest ship in the line. I'm sure HMS Daring will be awesome and I would want it part of my flotilla but I'm most excited about Jutland. Wonder which ship will be the most popular after the final release! I have the early release Acosta and Icarus and they're pretty good. Have had Gallant for a while and I really love that ship much better smoke, great guns and Torpedoes. Haven't had Cossack for long and if Jutland is a basic upgrade of gun and torpedo reload it'll be great, I hope that the concealment and the other stats are a "true" upgrade and not just a tweak it will be awesome. Guess I'll have to wait until the official release!
  2. This is the second reminder for those who have already unlocked the Acasta, Icarus, Jervis and Lightning. After tomorrow night, with the arrival of Update 0.7.10 and the requisite server shutdown in the early hours of the morning, your ships are no longer premiums; this means any captains in them will be retrained (or will begin retraining) for those ships, and would have to be re-trained for the ships from which you originally took them if you decided to move them back. Unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that the captains now in those destroyers are the ones you want to stay there, you should give thought to moving them back to their original ships or to reserve AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you wait until the early hours of Wednesday morning, the servers will be down for maintenance and it will be too late. So it should be done tomorrow evening (North America time) at the very latest, and preferably now.