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Found 2 results

  1. Sakura_Kaze

    HMS Daring

    I enjoy RN destroyers and I was admiring Daring in port when I noticed something under the hull, I have no clue what it is and it's really bugging me. Does anyone know what this thing is? I've tried finding info online but couldn''t find anything! Thanks for the responses. PS Sorry if I posted this on the wrong section of forums I wasn't exactly sure where to post it.
  2. Doombeagle

    Acasta: First Impressions

    So, having tried out the new tier 5 British destroyer, I shall don the copyright and plagiarism avoiding title of Big Black Rat and give this most unofficial, unsanctioned, and likely unwelcome critique. It sucks. It has a decent health pool, and Survivability Expert helps in this regard, which is good, you are going to need the extra hit points. The guns are incredibly average, five second reload and slightly flatter shooting than American 5", but B turret takes dispersion to mean " fling this round into the stratosphere." Who knew the British had an anti-ballistic missile defense in place before ballistic missiles, must have something to do with the TARDIS. This is a minor nuisance next to the major irritation of the fact that Acasta should be renamed HMS Monaghan, because it also only has two forward turrets. To be more precise, it has them, but they will never be pointed where you want them. The turret traverse is slow. You might be tempted to take the customary Last Stand as a two point skill. Don't. You need Expert Marksman. Let's face it , you need them both, but a Destroyer whose turrets are possessed by the spirit of Izumo is no fun. As a final note on the guns, the firing arcs on the rear batteries are also poor. Now, on to torpedoes, if only it had some. You do, but they are rather underwhelming. There are two quad launchers mounted amidships, which is the good news, the bad news is the 6km, 60 kt torps are pretty easily ducked, and the damage is uninspiring. You can make up for the anemic damage with quantity, but the real problem is the firing arcs. They are lousy. You used to have to take out an IJN cruiser to get torp arcs this bad, but not anymore. It gets even better because that 6km range is equal to your surface detection, so if you can reach them, they can see you, and you'll be basically broadside to them if you intend to launch torps. Okay, weapons covered, on to the rest. Speed is pedestrian at 35kts, but the salient feature here is engine boost, specifically the lack thereof. Hopefully you won't need a sudden burst of speed, because you don't have one. AA defense, yeah right. Honestly, I can let it slide on this since none of the tier 5 destroyers have any AA to speak of. Just don't forget to shut it off. Smoke Generator: Gee it'd be nice if it had one, well if it had one whose smoke lasted more than 40 seconds, yes, 40 seconds. I timed it and the smoke lasts just long enough to complete a Lord's Prayer and a Hail Mary, which cannot be mere coincidence. Not all the news is bad, the boat does handle well. The rudder shift and turning radius are good, so good in fact you can outrun your turrets and torpedo tubes, so the good also has an element of suction. So, in summation, the Acasta, it sucks.