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Found 9 results

  1. dad003

    The Lightning ...

    So i Have to says him really not a big fan of the T-5-6-7 but the T8 is a different beast , 100 game in the lightning and i cant wait for the full release of the line , this ship is so good at least it fit me well, Ive been testing a few different build on mine just not sure what will be best , here the one i played mostly those 100 game , IFHE give a little more raw damage seem to knock out engine often on most DD . When top tier the lightning can totally hunt other DD Since you out spot most other DD and can angle to show little while still using all 3 turret , it a very good ship for some sick torpedo beat ! Here the Next build him trying at the moment when my captain get one more point i will add BFT for more Daka Daka , Here is the best Game so far been stuck in T10 quite a lots but that one didn't had much radar and ended up to turn the game around !
  2. Yep they are totally crap cant do anything good with them , well that what most people think of them not me, i just trolled you they are perfectly fine ! Ive been doing pretty good with the t8 to t10 , raking high damage most games , Enough to terrify my own clan mate with those ship specially the Daring ! enough that one game one of my clan mate tough my mino for the daring that didn't end well for him . Overall i believe they requires more skill than any other DD which explain that after over more than a month there only less than 20 people that have actually play more than 80 game with Daring, Those Ship are gunboats not torp boat , rely on your gun and when the opportunity show up use the torps , You need to be aware of everything all time if you dont you get back to port ! In my opinion Daring is the ultimate DD hunter , i Won fight that i tough i wouldn't do with any other DD. IFHE is a must to have Ap is too situational unless DD are close and showing a nice broadside i saw nice salvo of 4k many time on DD . Here my stats in the Daring showing him not a potato and know what him talking of My best Game so far enemy team melted down so fast , 5-6 min into the game i already had raked up between 150-180k damage with a whiterer in that time
  3. Rapsidy

    RN DD: Icarus Torpedo glitch

    Just reporting that torpedoes on the Icarus won't always launch. Sometimes I launch one salvo, but not the other. Or i launch them individually, but not all of them, nor will the reload "F" key work. On one occasion, switching between armaments helped. Was able to reload them.
  4. If you are planning on playing the upcoming Ranked season in a tech tree ship, the retraining sale this weekend is the perfect opportunity to move a high point Commander to your chosen ship(s). Also, if you have an RN DD that you like (thinking Jervis or Lightning) this is a good time to retrain a permanent Commander. Remember that after the RN DDs become available, you cannot swap Commanders freely. Retraining to a new ship is 50% discount (250 Doubloons). Recruiting a brand new Commander to a ship is 80% off (5 Doubloons for a 3-pointer). Everyone else may have already thought of this, but it just occurred to me in the middle of my last battle and I thought it might be good to pass it on.
  5. WIP Review of the latest Daring iteration So: 1. Cruiser Acceleration and energy conservation 2. 360 degree gun arcs 3. 35 knot top speed 4. 24.8k HP 5. Now with hydro and heal consumables 6. 5.7 km concealment 7. AP all the away - 19mm needed to fuse. Max 2.5 sec reload time USN CA penetration angles. Range 12.8 km. The only reason to use HE is to set things on fire. This removes the need for IFHE. So if they keep this iteration as is, expect a nerf 3 months after introduction. i wouldn't mind using it in ranked or CB.
  6. If you grind out a ship from a mission, can you subsequently get a mission for one you already have and do it again for credits? I did not see this mentioned anywhere in the official or unofficial posts/threads/news. @Radar_X @Femennenly <--- I saw you in a Conqueror in ranked today. Sacrilege. @Gneisenau013 EDIT: Enjoy my torpedo beats from ranked earlier today, he eventually got me anyway, @WindRun
  7. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Jutland spotted on the high seas

    Yep, just another Tier X battle in the Eugen...while it was a lost, I survived this one...everyone said not to gunfight the Jutland...I was more worried about the IJN stuff really...
  8. Give RN high tier DDs a short duration (20 - 30 secs) but extremely powerful engine boost. The main goal here is not to raise the top speed by much, but to maintain engine power. The special RN DD engine boost should ensure RN DDs do not lose speed when doing maneuvers and drastically shorten acceleration. I want to see RN DD weaving through large number of BBs firing torps single shot left and right, sinking all of them.
  9. Base reload time 2.5 seconds Main Battery Mod 3 : -12% Basic Fire Training: -10% Adrenaline rush at 50% HP: -10% AP max dmg per shell 2100, 6 guns total firing at 1.7 sec intervals TOtal -32% reload time, 1.7 seconds every salvo. Oh sweet lord yesus. Gun caliber is low but the AP pen seems pretty great. Defensive hydro for DD vs DD brawling, together with the great engine acceleration and very workable turn rate. IFHE probably isn't necessary, just use build like this to focus on DD vs DD, DD vs cruisers. AP max dmg per shell 2100, 6 guns total firing at 1.7 sec intervals = potentially 12,600 dmg every 1.7 sec, almost 450k dmg per min. HOLY SWEET LORD. With that kind of potential DPM, even Yueyang in full gunboat build's going to have trouble dealing with RN DDs. WIth the caliber of the guns, AP probably will rarely over pen. At around 4-5 km range, RN DD's going to just absolutely dominate everything. RN DDs, gun boat captain's dream. Oh my oak is so erect already.