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Found 1 result

  1. Right now, I feel that BBs are in a good spot, almost(but not quite) too good. DDs and CVs are in a bad spot. both for a myriad of reasons, and Cruisers, well, let's just say, some lines are doing better than others. The USN Cruiser split has brought the USN Cruisers just about up to par, German Cruisers are "eh" until Hipper, at which tier they are just slightly above that, Russian Cruisers just get more insane with each new one, RN CLs are a mixed bag of anything and everything from terrible, lightly-armed cannon-fodder with nary a single great weapon system to Top-of the-food-chain monsters that spew pure rage at their enemies. Then there's the French, which are GREAT in the low tiers, PRETTY AWFUL at tier VI, and then spend the rest of the tiers after said awful tier VI rebuilding their reputation. IJN, though. are more like Abruzzi, with, it must be said, a few exceptions. In other words, high skill floor, somewhat lower skill ceiling than some cruisers, bad range, and huge citadels + slow turning turrets which together rule out any sort of brawling except in the most desperate situations. As Flamu said about Abruzzi, these IJN Cruisers are missing something, a certain spark of character, a certain niche that keeps bringing you back to them time and time again. 155 Mogami is an exception, but once the full line of USN CLs come, she too will be out-performed and defunct in a role even now she has lost a lot of efficacy in. But anyway, where, now, is the IJN Cruiser niche? The only things special I can find are a large number of torps with a mostly consistent range, and fire chance. Other than that, everyone else does that thing better. Soviet CLs do the flamethrower thing just as well, if not better. RN are better at area denial with torps thanks to the magic of single-launch torps. The German torps have much better arcs and are of actual use in a brawling situation. French do the 8 inch flamethrower just as good, but with more range and, unlike the IJN. THEY HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF SPEED! USN have "better"(btw, actually worse) arcs that are in any case much better at firing over islands, as well as radar which is not something the IJN Cruisers get.. Lastly, there are the coming USN CLs, which, as discussed previously, make Mogami only a USN CL with better arcs and torps, but worse nearly everything else + no radar. This got me thinking: What if, what if Aoba, Myoko, and Mogami(in other words, the IJN Cruiser line from Tier VI) got Damage Repair Party, instead of only Ibuki and Zao having access to it, as well as Atago and ARP Takao? Atago and Takao still have forward-facing torps, which the rest of the line from Tier VI don't get, so they still have an advantage. Tier VI+ are super squishy, especially Aoba and Mogami, so it might work. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, like the RN CL DRP, but it would be a much appreciated boost to a line long forgotten with very little changes other than nerfs, and which has been powercreeped a terrible amount. Something needs to change, regardless, and NOT for the worse. Aoba and Mogami are atrociously squishy, Aoba is all-round poor in everything, including WR, and Mogami's sole selling point is about to be a registered trademark of another nation's (light) cruisers. What are your thoughts?