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Found 2 results

  1. Straight forward question, really. Not only is Belfast permanently pulled from the store and never be available to new players, but she's also quite different in playstyle than other RN CLs given her lack of heal, lack of torpedoes, HE spamming firepower, and radar+smoke combo that absolutely everyone loves and wishes to see more of. Soooo ... given Belfast will no longer be available to those who never purchased her originally, this basically means the tech tree line is devoid of a premium captain trainer and money maker. Shouldn't we be seeing one by now?
  2. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Fiji for my birthday ride.

    Yep, 45 years old today. I unlocked her yesterday, but waited till today. Now, I liked the Leander, but this feels like a very different beast to me. Game was running like crap, but this is my second game in her: Can't buy a win, but its not her fault. God save the Queen! I've wanted this one since I got the Belfast. I might like her more? Is that wrong?