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Found 2 results

  1. Japanese naval ensign "Rising Sun Flag" for IJN ships V2 This MOD is a improved version of [MOD] Japanese naval ensign "Rising Sun Flag" for IJN ships. ●Download (2,136,356 bytes / for[]) ●Using Image World of Warships 旭日旗MOD V2 (written in Japanese and poor English) ●Change Log
  2. [] Japanese naval ensign "Rising Sun Flag" for IJN ships. Please don't debate about usage the Rising Sun Flag is right or wrong. I don't want to be delete this topic. Image using Download 452.37 KB ( Installation Download and unzip the file. Copy unziped "paths.xml" file and "res_mods" folder into WoWS installed folder. (same folder as "WorldOfWarships.exe" is.) I recommend strongly that make back-up copy of WoWS client folder before install this mod. Update log Why screenshot is blurred?