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Found 5 results

  1. sucede que dentro de poco tendré (por fin) los créditos suficientes para comprar el Friedrich der grosse, T9 Alemán (ya lo desarrollé, solo me faltan créditos), pero también dentro de poco tendré suficiente xp para desarrollar Richelieu, T8 francés. Ando corto de créditos así que obviamente, el que escoja me dejará sin créditos para comprar el otro, y deberé esperar hasta volver a juntar créditos suficientes, debería quedarme con el T8 francés o ir por el T9 alemán?
  2. TheGreatBlasto

    Mullet Ships!

    You know what they say about mullets: Bidness in the front, party at the back! Well the Richelieu is a BB version of the mullet and I absolutely love those 8 barrels at the front. It's currently my favorite BB. Sadly, the other mullet ships I've tried have been a disappointment.
  3. Richelieu is just so good to use! /^.\\ im enjoying her so much so recently that I uploaded my replays to replayswows.com and some of them got uploaded on youtube so you can actually watch them without having to download the replay, post battle results are shown at the end of each vid, videos may be ideal for commentating for anyone willing to go down the path of a WoWs yuotuber~ ^ this one surprised me with the high base xp because all I did was run away from my weak west flank then joined the friendly lemming train on the east for a bit and went ahead and got myself killed trying to sink the last guys, so I was away from the heart of the battle most of the time until the end. ^ this was a mild threatening broadside target rich match, divmate was very impressed. /^.\\ ^ I was convinced that this match was gonna be a loss until halfway through the match, only did I got desperate for kraken when I needed one more kill for it. />.\\
  4. AdmiralHattori

    Richelieu Missing Barbette Armor

    I'm uncertain if Richelieu second turret is suppose to have a barbette or not because practically every other battleship I have seen always have a barbette connected to the turret. The first turret has one which kind of further convince me that they missed the barbette on the Richelieu.
  5. Meeso_Thorny

    Richelieu soon.jpg

    Hello everyone. New guy here. A preface: I have a penchant for ambitious, if not outright courageous military equipment designs. The Strv-103, Sweden's tank-with-no-turret. The MiG-25 Foxbat, a fighter jet made of steel. The 44-knot Alfa class submarine, with its lead-cooled reactor. And, not least of which, MN Richelieu. The French battleship with all-guns-forward. I love these designs with their oh-so-obvious shortcomings. They dare you to beat them. "Surely you can see my weakness, but exploiting it is another matter!" It should then come as no surprise that with Richelieu implemented in this game, I look forward to playing it, especially considering it has not been artificially crippled by some asinine "Siege Mode." I am not far from graduating from Lyon, and soon Richelieu shall be in my grasp. But I am very new to this game. The captain I am building so far has Priority Target, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, and Concealment Expert. As further evidence of how new I am to this game mere days ago, the very first french battleship captain I began, I gave him Last Stand. Ultimately I intend to add to this current captain Advanced Firing Training, Fire Prevention and Preventative Maintenance. When Richelieu is mine, I shall be conflicted in my choices for modifications. Shall I further protect the Main Battery with MAM1, or shall I try to protect Richelieu's plethora of AA and secondaries with AAM1? Is the slightly reduced fire and flooding chance worth it, or shall I plug in the Engine Boost mod I got in a supercontainer today? Shall I try to reign in the heinous dispersion of the French battleship with Aiming Mod, or shall I further commit to the secondaries by extended their range beyond 10km (I am leaning toward the latter, I play for fun)? The last two slots are obvious, at least. Without Basics of Survivability I definitely need DCM2 and Richelieu needs all the concealment it can get. There is limited utility in hemming and hawing over what I'll do WHEN I get the ship, but I am still in the honeymoon phase of this game, and wanted to talk to someone about it. Clearly I am leaning towards what you would call a hybrid secondary/survival build, hoping to flank enemies with Richelieu's great speed, decloak at 13km and close to within secondary range of hapless foes (hopefully)