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Found 3 results

  1. HeavenlyWind_

    New Ribbon/Medal Idea

    There should honestly be a ribbon or medal for completely destroying a module, such as a turret or a torp tube. I know there's the incapacitation ribbons for temporarily disabling a module, but then there's the times where your turret or torp tube gets completely decommissioned and it can't be repaired or used for the rest of the match. There should be a separate ribbon/medal for that occasion. It would be cool and funny to know that you've just ruined someone's match lol
  2. I have been playing now in tier 4, 5, 6, and a little in 7 and I think there are many people that are affraid of losing their ships. At lower levels, people give their best, until the last second or HP. But now, people prefer to lose everyone's time, just to not lose ship. Is it so expensive to lose a ship? I mean, an imaginary ship as these? I think people that are still alive and lose the game should receive the coward ribbon. Lose credits and all. And people that died trying their best should receive a bravery ribbon and extra credits.
  3. There has been a lot of discussion on the WoWs forums on ways to discourage and to reduce the number of BB players who camp and snipe from near their maximum gun range and passive gameplay in general. I have made the following suggestion in several of those threads, but I really needed to put the idea down in the proper place, here in the Suggestion section of the forum, and get some feedback. Here is my suggestion: Increase the amount of XP and credits earned for potential damage. In addition, I also suggest a new Ribbon I would like to call "In Harm's Way" that can be earned for every "X" amount of Potential Damage. I'm not sure what a good number would be but say for ever 250,000 points of Potential Damage a player earns a Ribbon. Further, for every "x" number of "In Harm's Way" ribbons earned, a player gets rewarded "X" number of India Yankee signal flags. An example would be for every 4 "In Harm's Way" Ribbons, which would be 1,000,000 potential damage received, a player would be rewarded with 5 India Yankee signal flags. This would not just apply to BB players as any ship class could earn these increased rewards, although, I do understand that BB players would likely benefit the most from it. I think it would encourage some of the BB camper/snipers to move up and in general, remove some of the passivity experienced in random higher tier matches at tiers 8, 9, and 10. Good or bad idea? Thoughts?