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Found 1 result

  1. Knowing of course those who hate CV will be sure to chime in with all type of chatty banter, seriously WG/WoWS - this thing is turning into a steaming pile. Let's talk about the interaction of planes to mouse control - or really, the lack thereof. Let me first qualify myself though. Average player sometimes gets lucky. Have ground my way through IJN, USN, RN carriers to include all tiers including T10. Played a few games in them. Nothing spectacular but I do get lucky sometimes. Now back to the Rhein If she is an example of just how borked the planes will perform at T6, 8 and 10 then you aren't gonna draw many folks to them. IMO. The planes fly as if every pilot is drunk, not allowing for any precise control a "real" aircraft would allow, let alone compared to other national ships. Rocket planes - yuck. I want to point out I CANNOT SEE THE ***N RETICLE PLASTERED ON THE OCEAN IN ALMOST ANY LIGHTING CONDITIONS. IT'S HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. I've asked and asked and asked some more for the ability to chose our Carriers' reticle color and brightness (BOLD). Nothing. IMO the more you "upgrade" your wonderous lighting effects, the worse it has become. Have I ranted enough about those two things? Let me TL;DR. Fix Rhein's flight controls and the reticle. tia