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Found 62 results

  1. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    So long Deadeye

  2. The secondary skill rework has come up repeatedly in similar threads with people criticizing the numerous ships that were objectively harmed during the balance changes. This is understandable since some of their favorite ships have been heavily altered regardless of where you may stand on the issue. Some of my personal favorites have even been affected. The amount of feedback to wg regarding the changes has been..... well documented. However, one thing I've never seen discussed on the forums are the few ships that may have bizarrely benefited from the secondary rework; so I decided to create this thread dedicated to these rare gems. Feel free to leave your nominations below! These are my personal recommendations: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau: The secondary range of Scharnhorst before the update was limited to 7.6 km. After the rework you can now extend the range of your secondaries to a whopping 9.5km! Combining this with the buff to the base accuracy of German secondaries means you can get a massive zone of protection around your ship for relatively little investment. This is nice since you can afford to invest some of your skill points into other areas like fire prevention to improve your durability as you close the distance. I personally opted to avoid manual secondaries and instead invested in buffing the main battery reload speed since it is very common for enemies to be within your secondary range. The only issue I found with the build is the effective dispersion of your secondaries is still too great to consistently threaten dds until they start closing the distance. I instead use my main battery to target destroyers and aim my secondaries at larger targets that are harder to avoid like large cruisers and battleships. A division-mate of mine decided to copy the same setup on Gneisenau and got very similar results. Regardless, I would recommend giving a secondary build on these two a try. It gave fresh life into these often overlooked ships. Call me crazy, but I would dare claim that secondary builds on these two commerce raiders may actually their most optimal build! If your lovesick from your nerfed GK or your Bismarck, I fully recommend giving these two ships a go! Thanks for reading!
  3. Hi! I'm new to the forums. I've been playing on and off for 3 years or so. Only recently have I gotten fairly good at the game. I'm a battleship main, although I dabble in heavy cruisers and destroyers. Never light cruisers or aircraft carriers. Bleck. Anyway, so far the rework for me has been... polarizing. It's not terrible, and for cruisers and destroyers, I actually quite like the changes. For battleships, though I feel that Deadeye has had some pretty detrimental effects to the entire class. While on paper it's a buff, it encourages poor play to the extent that battleships, I feel, have minimal impact on the game now. Here's why I feel this is happening. Most battleships default to spending the first critical few minutes of the game playing passively. Then, 3-8 minutes in, a critical point is reached. At this point, the team that is dug in better starts to push. At this point the game is already over. What I mean is that while battleships hang out on the back line, cruisers and destroyers are dictating the outcome of the match. The battleships might throw up some big damage numbers, but by the time they are in position to impact the match, the victor has already been decided. Now, some stats: I consider myself a decent player, but it wasn't always this way. I started playing when I was just 14 so obviously I didn't have a grasp of much other than kill the enemy more often than they kill you. Now that I am older, I believe I play the game at a somewhat higher level. My overall winrate is about 52.65% and rising fast. It's been about a week and a half since the rework hit. My 21 day average win rate is just under 60%, though it's falling quickly now. My 7 day win rate? Just under 53%. Right now I feel helpless to impact the game the way I did before. Even though i've tried to adapt my play to the rework, my primary difficulty lies with my efforts doing nothing in the face of a team that could go either way. Half the time, they push. Half the time, they don't. Before the rework everyone would kind of push, and whoever did it better, with better positioning and coordination, would win. That way, an individual battleship player could make a big difference. Now it's a toss up. Hilariously, my highest winrate battleship since the rework is Thunderer. Seems quite telling to me. Now that camping is the norm, it makes sense that she does well, because she excels at it. It doesn't have to be this way. I run deadeye on all my non-brawlers, and I have good success with it. But I don't exclusively camp on the back line, because you don't have to. Simply take advantage whenever it works, but when there's a ship spotted within your detection range, there's no need to panic. Having deadeye active half the time and being a team player will make you leagues better than a player that has deadeye active all the time and sits in the back doing nothing for the team. I just hope people will realize that, because right now, I'm hearing stories of groups of battleships actively running away, like cattle, from cruisers and destroyers that infringe on their precious detection range. Sigh. I admit that these observations are mine and mine only. It is entirely possible that I am wrong, and I just haven't adapted to rework play. I also think that the 21-day numbers I threw up are potentially skewed because of the french destroyers I grinded immediately after the rework (remember what I said about DDs having outsized impact now). Maybe I've just been unlucky for the last week or so. In any case, I'm very interested to hear your feedback. Have any of you noticed this? What, if anything, have you done about it? Do you think it's a problem? Or anything else you want to say. If you think I'm a moron, go for it! Tell me all about it. Thanks for reading!
  4. Simply put, I haven't played WoWs since the previous patch. I waited until the 14th to use the Reset All button for my Commanders and haven't touched the game since. While I got some resources, upcoming skill changes without a free respec would deplete them completely. There is the option to just use a single Commander but that would restrict me quite a bit. While I believe the respec will be offered eventually, I just can't take my chances (nor do I trust WG lately), so I'm just waiting on what will happen before starting up again. Funnily enough I got a big upgrade and got to appreciate how the game looks at max graphics, but so far steering clear. Wondering if there are others in the same situation.
  5. YouSatInGum

    The Morning Report....

    Been meaning to do this for a while and I'm going to start basic at first, but I do intend to update this every week or two. Whoever maintains the maplesyrup site....Thank you, your work makes things like this possible. So here's some top 10's for the last week..... Most played ships : Highest damage: Highest damage by class: **Added one to BB since Alabama ST is a really old unavailable ship with few players And the last stat I will call "Flint Watch." WG said they would keep an eye on it.... I think I will help them out in this endeavor... I might make this it's own thread later....but I'll put Flint stats here for now.
  6. Commanders! We have listened to your feedback and decided to rework particle accelerators. Instead of having a fixed reload time, you can now fire any time during the reload cycle. However, the longer you wait, the larger the splash damage and chances of collision. We have also added the skill 'pristine protons' for a 5% increase on proton reload. More information can be found here The following bugs have been fixed: The Yamato and Hadron have the same weapons, but the splash values are inconsistent The bearing indicator shifts by 2 degrees when you are in a fhsmcxi call The following ships have been removed from the armory: tier 15 USA battleship Arizona will be removed due to balance changes tier 12 submarine Albacore has been removed for... reasons We are happy to announce a collaboration with Disney motors to bring tier 16 battleship Warspite and unique commander Hfesckjhn Udskzcncm to the dockyard in patch 1.38.2!
  7. Two weeks ago: Today: First of all I will admit that in general I'm critical of Zoup, sometimes overly so. But when I saw his latest video I had to cut him some slack as it's obvious the rework has been somewhat hard on him and his opinions on the game. Still, a complete 180 degree turn in 2 weeks was entirely unexpected, and hey, props to him for having an open mind in that case. Also the contrast in titles with a difference of just 2 weeks is pretty hilarious.
  8. Lose_dudes

    Rework the Yamato!

    It's reference day!
  9. warheart1992

    CV Rework, 2 years on.

    It's been two years since update 0.8.0, or as it's also known, just CV rework. Thought it would be interesting to take a look two years back down the memory lane. More specifically, the goals and motivations behind the rework as stated by WG itself, the huge change that was undertaken, and the outcome that I guess is still ongoing. I won't be including my own opinion on the rework that much; not here to pass judgement or offend anyone. Just showing a few milestones on how the rework came to be, up until 0.8.0 was released to the masses. Things started near fall of 2018; CVs were a major talking point in general, and there was some talk on reworking them into something more popular, player friendly, and not that disconnected from surface combat. Then this announcement comes in: https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-warships/world-of-warships-cv-rework-announced/ People were understandably wary, but at the same time optimistic, as RTS CVs were relatively unpopular as a class with huge gameplay impact, especially at the hands of skilled players. In addition tests were announced for players to see for themselves the way the revamped CVs worked. Of course, there were still concerns as is usual of new things anyway, so in December some more details were given to address some of them in a FAQ. https://www.facebook.com/notes/world-of-warships-development-blog/cv-rework-faq/2257558527903815/?comment_id=2257606844565650 Again however, most people were cautiously optimistic for something fresh and interesting. Of course there was a camp that hated CVs in every form, as well as veteran RTS CV players that considered the time they had devoted to learning the ins and outs of RTS CVs to be completely wasted by such a move. Still, the release date of 0.8.0 was fast approaching, with the patchnotes and set date being announced on January 29th: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-080-takeoff/ https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/cv8-how-to-play/ I won't delve much into the details of what happened during that patch, will just link a video of a battle by Gaishu_Isshoku a week or so after the patch. ....And here we are, two years on.... Any similarity of the thought process behind current, proposed, or future reworks/content additions is entirely coincidental and completely unrelated.
  10. Peste_ARG

    FLINT + Rango por favor

    Despúes de la actualización 0.10.0 y el nuevo formato de skills de capitanes el USS FLINT quedó inutilizable con 11,1km de rango en su batería principal. O sea los destructores ya en el Tier VI tienen más rango que este crucero. Sí al Atlanta ( básicamente el mismo barco) le dieron 20% + de rango, porqué al FLINT no?
  11. The captain skill rework has been out for nearly a week now and the battle lines are being drawn as BB's start to sit further and further out to make use of Dead Eye. Boggzy invites Doyl3 of [O7] Devastating Strike to discuss his skill guide and frequent co-host Borla of clan [KSC] to find out what all of these new skills mean for the meta of randoms and competitive and why you DON'T HAVE TO CAMP IN SPAWN as a BB ... Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-066-Captain-Rework-w-Doyl3-of-O7-epetv9 YouTube:
  12. Hukom

    Grind to 2.4M

    Change will come again tomorrow, and what is probably the most frustrating aspect of this is the cost to bring one commander from 19 points to 21 points. I don't have a deep bench of 19 point captains, so to have at least 1 or 2 promoted to 21 points when Update 0.10.0 arrives, I've been playing battles using my 19-point commander to stockpile commander XP ever since the cost of promoting to 21 points—an astronomical 1,200,000 XP for every captain—was announced way back. After what seemed like a second job already, I finally reached 2,411,000. The battles were equally fun and frustrating (AFKs, DDs who hide behind battleships, etc.), but this one, this battle that breached the 2.4M mark, was the highlight of that grind. I can now relax, and perhaps go back to the stress-free fun that is Co-op. Hope you enjoy it! Stay safe!
  13. I have been pondering the coming skill rework and trying to figure out how to approach this change with what I have now. Seems the "special" captains will be far more valuable than the run of the mill 19 pointers. I have most of these special commanders although they are not all 19 point captains so am thinking I should buy the ones I am missing and when the rework hits, sell all my regular 19 pointers to boost them up instead. I also got to thinking of all my other captains in the mid tiers who are at least 11 pointers but since I don't play all the ships except if needed by a mission or for flake events, sell them as well. Also sell all the riff raff captains I have collected over time and just replace them with zero point captains. Keep those who are in charge of ships I still enjoy to play now and then, but basically just clean house. I figure I can use this xp to boost the special captains up and then grind it out in all my premium ships. The sheer amount of captains should give me quite a bit of xp for the specials. With my credit balance hovering around the half billion mark and over 30k of doubloons, I probably could go full "whale" and just buy my 21 point special captains. At first I thought only of selling my 19 and 15 point carrier captains but now that I think about it, do I really need a 14 point captain on my tier 8/9/10 ships that I only play once/twice a year for snowflake events? It has just occurred to me that many of my low tier stuff that I used to love to play have pretty good captains on them even though I haven't played them in a long time. With the constant barrage of events that need tier 5+ ships, it really does not give you much free time to play for the sheer joy of playing. I figure if I want some low tier play, I can use those special captains in my low tier premium ships and just sell my beloved St Louis, Kohlberg, etc. BTW what counts as a special captain? I know that Yamamato and Halsey are, but is that Russian hockey player captain special? How about the Dunkirks or those you can buy for doubloons? Often I have the one that you can earn but not the twin that you can buy, do those count? Is there a list of all the "special" captains?
  14. Right now I have a captain that I run on Gremy-Okhotnik-Leningrad-Kiev. I do that by memory but I know others who keep an Excel file telling them which captains go where. After the Rework this problem of which captains go in what ships will triple in complexity since each captain can be used on three different ship types, which means, with tech tree ships + premiums, you can have something like 9-15 or even more possible ships for each captain. It would enormously help if the captain's name/information box was editable so that you type in ship names or change the captain's name so that it can function as a note or reminder of which ships belong to this captain.
  15. Please take the poll and then comment if applicable. I notice that a lot of people complaining about CV play and CVs have not/do not play CVs. This poll may be relevant for data and balancing purposes, so take it seriously. Edit: Results and takeaways Game designed for surface ships, planes broke. Most experienced CV players think there needs to be another total rework. There are large differences between how individual ships perform against aircraft and CV counterplay is dependent on teamwork vs an individual, thus is very difficult. Solutions: Most players want better control over their individual AA. Players also want the CV to be more limited in its capability to send and replenish aircraft. Reading and thinking about the comments and results, I recommend 4 things: 1. De-emphasize carrier vs destroyer gameplay. Carriers currently ruin the playstyle of most DDs and are a hard counter to DDs, especially early in game. This makes DD life very difficult. CV vs DD play should be focused more toward hunting and spotting one or the other. I note that I do play both ship types and the interaction is heavily dependent on the skill, pre planning, and team cooperation for both players. I've torpedo'd a lot of CVs, and had a lot of DDs sunk by rockets or spotting. Currently, my best recommendation is to reduce the rocket attack plane squadron size by one attack flight. 2. Emphasize carrier vs carrier gameplay. The two carriers should essentially be dueling for control of the air for most of the match. I know WG did not want to include dogfighting, but this may be a solution. Rocket attack planes for example could be used to intercept torpedo bombers and diver bombers, etc. Rewards should be adjusted so that CVs that engage the enemy CV are fairly compensated for their time and effort, and game mechanics structured to make this both engaging and rewarding. 3. Bottom tier all carriers for the time being. Tier 6 should only fight T6-8, Tier 8 only T9-10, and T10 is stuck in straight T10 matches. 4. Rework AA to make it more complex and involved. Players should be able to see in depth stats about their AA and chose how it targets planes and squadrons.
  16. With the rework looming ever closer, I thought it would be fun to dash any hopes of the rework actually improving the game for whomever reads this. It's not because it doesn't address a few problems with the old, or because it introduces new problems that the old didn't have. It's because Carrier gameplay is the complete antithesis of how most ships work in the game, and no matter how you try to rework them it will never change. What makes them so unfit to be in a game based on ships in an era where their dominance was most prevalent? First lets discuss why the old CVs do not fit. As a note, this is mostly addressing random and ranked battles, and not the higher skill matches of clan battles/tournaments. In those, CVs are actually a good fit, even though it's only if every ship is either specialized for AA or suffering the consequences. Old CVs are an RTS without the busywork of base building etc. There is nothing inherently wrong with RTS gameplay, it can be very fun and it pushes your awareness and reflexes to the limit. However the RTS of CV is a complete failure in WoWs for 3 reasons. A highly reactive, awareness driven and reflexive gameplay does not mesh well with the slower, methodical and long term positional gameplay of the rest of the game. There is no skill based matchmaking (random/ranked) that is pivotal to RTS gameplay. This creates harsh games where one CV player is completely outclassed by another, and essentially locked down from having any real effect on the battle while the other goes on a rampage. The presence of a CV, and it's strength, reduces a lot of options other classes have, such as concealment, flanking, being aggressive etc. A CV usually forces a much more campy, reserved game along with the moans and groans of the players subject to it whether spoken or unspoken. And there really is no debate that old CV is a complete failure in the game. WG struggled trying to balance a class that was meant to have power based on it's real world era effect, but not so powerful that it ruined the experience for other players. Absolute fail on all fronts, from removed manual drops from low tier and stupidly strong high tier with strafes allowing good cvs to dominate weak ones, with some AP bombs that do well in defensive fire because F players. So, what will the rework change? Essentially 3 things. It removes most of the effect of cv vs cv, at least in terms of fighters. There is still some potential with cv sniping maybe. It reduces the awareness and reflexes needed to play, and it will increase the player count because it will be much easier, and it is. Unfortunately this is actually bad for the game because of aforementioned problems. You will still get that sinking feeling of seeing planes pop up on your viewfinder and know that there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop the first strike, and maybe not even 2. They will still force campy games simply because they exist, and low tier will still be hamstrung trash in how ineffectual you can be. And the best part is the more accessible gameplay will result in more games being subject to the forced campy playstyle by a ship with inexhaustible resources in which the only way to fight back is to hopefully not be the one he decides to pick on. Because make no mistake, if that CV wants you dead you are dead. With so many players jumping into their cvs in the hopes to cash in on the fxp when the patch hits, it's always amusing to see a normal player get picked on, deleted or just have their game experience ruined by that cv and to say "oh man I sure can't wait for the rework". Nothing is more sad than the naivete of that comment, because nothing will get better. Your experience in other ships will in fact worsen to the increased population, much like it is now before the patch hits. That is why the rework will fail, not because of the potential for players to enjoy the new gameplay of carriers, but because of the negative impact cvs will have on other ships, always, simply by existing in any form. They are a detriment to the balance of the 3 class triangle. This will be a dark and annoying quarter of 2019 for ships, born of WGs refusal to cut their losses and instead devote a year or more of resources to implement a new gameplay style that does not and can not address the fundamental problem that is a gameplay style of power with impunity results in bad experiences. I remember long ago when someone let us guess what the rework could possibly be, all the while getting a no/not even close to all our guesses. They weren't kidding, nobody could see this coming, because now instead of one cv in the game having the ability to hit whoever while he holds the other cvs hands behind his back, now both cvs are free of eachother and can lord over everything in a match. instead of a fighter counter, a damage race. No bad positioning mistakes to be had like with other classes, that have to take a lot of time to re position in hopes to be effective. Just turn a few times and drop away. Whats that, the last 2 strikes of your group got shot down? That's fine, just fire up another and be right back there within 30-40 seconds. Do yourself a favor. Take a break from WoWs. Find another game to idle your time with while WG tries desperately to rebalance new cv gameplay in a live server, and toss out all their old 'progress' of 3 years out the window. Or play cv yourself. YOU DO NOT want to be a ship in the rework, even with AA, because it probably wont stop you from being hit at least once, and if you're a DD just exit straight to port. Remember, after a cv strikes it has to turn around and wait for the timer to hit again. Thats about a time sink of 15-25 seconds. If you kill the rest of the planes after that first strike instead, that's still only 30-40 till the next full squad. Sure it will be a different type, but i'm sure it will be completely fine getting constantly harassed until you are dead with fires/floods etc. A rollercoaster of fun. Anyway, that was long winded, but the effect of this rework is important to talk about. I for one will spend my time playing another game or just playing CV, because at least if I am the CV I can't have my game ruined by one. See you at the apocalypse.
  17. Alright, so it's been over a year now, perhaps a year and a half, since the CV rework, and I feel like there should be a lot of consideration about what went wrong. There were a lot of promises made about the CV rework and a lot of us, myself included, said for a long time that we should just wait and see. I think it's time that we stop waiting and seeing and start talking and discussing, because if we don't, no one will. And let's not fool ourselves, a LOT went wrong. I'm not going to sugarcoat any of this, because what little "good" that has resulted from the rework is inevitably mired in what is wrong with it and almost inevitably directly linked to things that are wrong with it. I also know that this post is likely not going to change anything as Wargaming seem like they've dug their heels in, but I think it's worth it to consider for anyone ever developing games in the future or any reworks that are considered of other classes in the future. Let's start with the old RTS system, which had its own problems. I'll list some of these here: Carriers, mostly being a few specific examples, were extremely powerful Carriers had a different playstyle from surface ships, meaning that there was a divide between the skills required for ships of all other classes and CVs There was an intense skill-gap in CVs, where experienced players could absolutely destroy inexperienced CV players or their teams There weren't that many CV-specific modules and skills to choose from There were also only two CV lines, and premium CVs tended to, on average, be better than tech tree counterparts, sometimes oppressively so, like with Saipan. And, there were some decent things that came to help some of those issues: Planes having hitpoints instead of RNG deciding if all your planes die at once/who gets a plane kill and who gets denied what would have been a hard-earned Clear Skies Surface Ships have some level of control over their AA sectors and can see and get rewarded for the damage they do to planes CVs have a lot of Captains skills and modules to choose from to tailor their way of playing Rocket aircraft are a strong addition to represent an important form of carrier-born aviation and warfare A lot of bugs surrounding CVs got fixed, like AA through islands and air-detection issues So how did this go so wrong? Namely, the systemic rework that removed the RTS-lite components in favor of what is in the game now. The ability to support your team is gone; you have one consumable for spawning a couple of fighters to oppress DDs or sit there oblivious while enemy aircraft go right past them. Aerial torpedoes do pathetic levels of damage, almost never cause flooding, and flooding itself is almost worthless as a damage source. Any CV that is not top tier is worthless to play when uptiered, because Tier 8 and Tier 6 ships have long AA ranges and massive AA damage compared to Tier 6 and Tier 4 planes. If you thought Wargaming was adding a German line this year, I am so very sorry for you. That's not a line, that's a worthless dead-end of experience and credits that you might as well not even bother with. Limiting CVs to one squadron at a time is hard, because to compensate the CV, their squadrons would have to scale to ludicrous strengths... except they didn't do that. And you can't enjoy these features because everything that surrounds them is just bad. The core mechanic is bad. What was accomplished in this? There is still a skill divide. There may be CVs more frequently in matches now, but that is probably more attributable to the steady influx of new CV lines than CVs being fun or interesting to play. There is still a heavy skill gap and now it's even worse; just watch a video by Yuro and try to emulate it. Chances are you won't. CVs are still annoying to play against in that they can spot you for long periods even if they aren't trying to attack you, and can still focus ships down "with impunity." (Arguably with even more impunity now because many CVs just won't run out of aircraft even though they theoretically have soft-caps on how many they can have) A lot of RTS Veterans, either of CVs or who played against CVs, left CVs and either went to other ship classes or left the game It is actually hard to look at the new CV lines because those lines would have probably been feasible and even decent in the RTS system. German paper aircraft would have meant something, because they would have been the quintessential glass cannon, and players would have had to manage their aircraft much more strictly than those of other nations. Now, though, they feel like a kick in the ribs every time you look at a match and see almost all Tier 8s in your Weser or, worse, the E. Loewenhardt you paid $25 for (if you were like me and thought you might treat yourself this paycheck.) If you bought the "Admiral Pack" for $50.... ohh boy am I sorry for you, and I can only hope you haven't played it yet and can still get a refund. Meanwhile, the British CVs would have been slower and tougher, making it harder to fight over disparate areas of the map but easier to focus on small areas to fight in. Instead, well... CVs are worse than worthless on your team in an uptier and difficult to play even when top-tier. This is why the Rework did not go well: Wargaming shifted everything around like they did in Artillery 2.0, but they reduced the CV to a damage farmer instead of a support ship and then reduced its damage farming capabilities to a mere token. They put in national flavors around this rework but didn't address the issues that made and still make certain nations somewhat strong and certain nations pathetically weak, and they didn't address the issue that, if CVs are somehow supposed to operate off of one squad at a time, that that squad is going to have to be ludicrously strong to make-up for it. The end result is that the class was thrown by the wayside and just outright ignored despite the promises of attention. I haven't done a dive into things like the atrociously bad CV economy or the desperately-wanting sense of accomplishment for a grind (grinding a ship over a month is infinitely more rewarding than grinding half a ship over a month because Wargaming decided there would be one ship every two tiers.) Don't get me wrong, these aren't new issues, but they are infinitely worse after the rework than before it.
  18. devilman275

    Please rework Graf Zeppelin

    it is no secret that GZ is in a poor state with the new rocket plane reticule Gz has a second attack group that is unreliable after so much fiddling with GZ i say, WG needs to look at it again, it is the worse performing CV at tier 8, the main issue is dive bomber are highly unreliable, the reticule and rng allows for far too many drop where 90% of the ship is in the reticule and somehow the 2 bomb just sideway off to the small part of water in it for its trouble the DB damage have been highly cut down from 7000 to 5400 with a marginal improvement in aim speed, which doesn't mather since the RNG dont care if you dont win the drop lottery TB are the only reliable damage and they are not that great either, they are fine just, they cant just pick up the slack from DB with the new rocket plane reticule, they are acting more like the dive bomber on the reliable departement. i dont know what can be done to help this cv without making it Enterprise 2.0, it needs to be more reliable and at least on part with the competition
  19. How would you guys like it if WG changed how spotting information of planes is shared with friendly surface ships. Here is how it would work- 1- planes spot an enemy ship 2- The enemy ship type, location and direction are updated on the mini-map 3- Friendly surface ships cannot visually see the enemy ship until they reach detection range or get radared/hydro. This way the cv can still share information with its teammates while at the same time the enemy ship's movement are not constrained. This would allow a more dynamic game play and not the static game play we have right now. Also this mechanic change would only work on planes and not the CV ship itself. Is this a good idea? or does it need more work?
  20. How to Play CV Rework Changes: Table of Contents: 1. Introduction. The rework is truly upon us. With such a major change coming to the game, there are probably many people who aren't aware what can be done, how to even play, or even know it's happening. To this end, I have gone over what can be done in the rework a lot, testing ideas from people and even theory crafting my own. I have been the carrier and the ship trying to maximize the potential and exploit the game to a high level in these interactions. I don’t have the patience of LWM to show you the tiny details, so instead I will focus on the overall effect of ships vs carrier, and the players behind them, while also discussing the best ways to combat from either side. Take note that I only spent my time in tier 8-10, against as many actual players I could find and I will be using video examples taken from my twitch to explain everything that I will be talking about here (there are vulgarities in the example videos, you have been warned). If you like the effort put into this, and want to see me in action, follow the channel here. https://www.twitch.tv/pulicat Also note that when I say Ships, I mean non-CV ships. 2. The Carrier Experience. In my time playing the CV’s, I actually had a good time. The gameplay lines up much better with what it’s like playing other classes, the controls and events are fluid, and the visuals are great especially with the new perspective. I’ve seen a lot of complaints from players saying it’s boring, that all you do is just attack over and over the same way. Perhaps they are just people who only play the old carriers, but if they aren’t they should take a second look. You control 1 thing, and use concealment, positioning and accuracy to attack the enemy and avoid damage in return, exactly like every other class. However, the difference is in how you attack. Ships in the game simply throw their shells and torps at each other and whittle down the only HP bar they have. Carriers fight in this way, but they are not fought in this way. The CVs have 3 separate HP bars, the one that’s applied to their hull, their plane reserves, and their plane HP. The plane HP is what you fight to fend off an individual attack, and at most a squadron can use ½ or 2/3 of the maximum strikes before plane risk is too high. Every plane that escapes, no matter it’s health, is a full HP plane later, which brings us to the second HP bar, the carriers reserves. This is probably the closest resemblance you can find to the HP of a normal ship going down over time. The more plane kills you can get, the more you are actually hurting the CV, but it’s important to keep in mind that the CV is regenerating the reserve HP by about 1-2 planes per squadron for every attack it sends out. If the CV player is using all their squads, you will want at least 4-6 plane kills done to every squad in order to outpace the regeneration. That is what the actual hull HP of the carrier is doing, a floating factory that once you finally kill, you put it out of commission for good. This gives the CVs a big advantage against another ship. Overall, I think there will be a portion of players that enjoy the new carriers, like DD players as they play very similar now. Both quick and low alpha damage (so they say), weak against group focus. It makes a lot of sense that WG decided to branch the carrier tech tree off of Destroyers when you think about it like that. 3. The Carrier Balance, IJN vs USN. Feels mostly like brains vs brawn. IJN have less but stronger and faster torps, AP bombs and comparatively slow attack craft with less rockets. Their planes are weaker overall, and the AP bombs suffer to this. USN on the other hand focuses on saturating the target with more in their payload in exchange for less damage. Their attack craft are much faster but the bombers much slower, and all squads more durable. It’s the much more DoT (damage over time) focused of the two, but there are methods for both nations to cripple opponents with DoTs. The Tier 10s are a different matter entirely however. Their deck armor makes it so that the only effective squad to ‘cv snipe’ them with is torpedo planes, which can be dodged. Here is an example of 2 tier 10 CV trying to snipe me from the start of the game. I am completely without allied support, fending for myself. After I take a big hit because I was just sitting still not caring, I start actively countering and they can never finish the job. I end up killing 50 planes. Example: Being CV sniped by 2 enemy carriers. Unfortunately, at other tiers, CV snipe is still possible, but at least unlikely. It’ll take them some time since you are so far away, and your summon fighter and plane fighters make it so an enemy squad can only attack you once before being swarmed down, it’s simply not a viable strategy to winning the game unless the kill is confirmed in 2-3 attacks. 4. Basic Carrier Gameplay. It’s fairly straightforward in terms of controls. You can use WASD for movement, and mouse aiming for fine tuning. It will probably take some time to adjust to the mouse aiming, as you will find it doing it automatically while you're just looking around. If you use right click to lock your guns and look around playing a ship, this same thing works for planes. When attacking another class of ship, it's important to use the correct aircraft for the job. When attacking destroyers, Attack Planes have the easiest time. The damage may not always be great, but keep in mind they're not always going to be trying to dodge only you as you are keeping them spotted. Torpedo Bombers are good for dropping into smoke, but a moving DD will be a very tough target. Dive Bombers are the least useful, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to hit. When attacking cruisers, Attack Planes are once again your best choice. They are quick enough to take less damage within enemy AA auras, have reliable damage, and don't care too much about enemy angling. Dive Bombers can be a good choice as well, especially AP bombs. Stationary cruisers camping islands will be a prime target for DBs. Torpedo Bombers are least effective, as they are slow and dodgable for a cruiser. When attacking battleships, literally everything works. They are not maneuverable enough to dodge attacks well, and can be harassed effectively. 4-1. Starting an Attack Run and the Grey Marker. That grey marker is very important, far beyond just where the attack lines up. The grey marker represents the point at which your planes will achieve full accuracy with their aim during the attack run if you do not debuff the accuracy with moving. Example: Grey Marker Represents Full Aim Note where the grey marker is when I start the attack run, and you will see it lines up with where I get full aim. 4-2. Do Not Move When Starting an Attack Run. This is key. Get in as close as possible to your target with the grey marker lined up, make sure your mouse is centered on it and do not WASD or mouse move and you will achieve full aim in the shortest amount of time, leaving you less exposed in your limited attack run movement. If you happen to overshoot with the marker slightly, you can hold slow down (Skey) and this will not affect your aim negatively, but give you more time to aim. This does expose you to flak however. Example: Don't Move While Aiming Also, if there are a lot of ships with AA, it will affect your aim time. 4-3. Don’t Be Greedy. Most people will probably learn over time, but if you go through with a strike and more than half your planes are yellow HP or less, just send them home. It’s honestly not worth crippling your late game potential if you lose your planes by trying to turn around and get another strike. If you are squad shortening, you can always just launch the same squad and get back there. Your games are long in CVs, be patient and think of the long game. 4-4. Do not bother with pre-emptive on-summon fighter drops. They are better saved for BBs that have used DCP. Tell your BBs to either say they used DCP or use a quick command to ask for AA support. If you see bombers flying around, don’t try to drop a fighter on them. It simply does not engage fast enough and will be wasted. They are also good for yourself in the late game, which may become very cv vs cv. The consumables will fill the gaps of the one for your CV. Example: Dropping fighters on enemy planes doesn't work. 4-5. Using Attack Runs Defensively. In certain situations, you may find use to use the attack run to lower your planes closer to the water. You can duck behind certain islands to avoid enemy AA guns, or even from being spotted entirely. It's important to note that currently you can't cancel an attack run in progress, but you aren't usually locked out of attacking again for very long. So it's possible to attack run to sneak in, exit attack run for your approach, and then start the actual attack run. This was requested to be added in by @MaliceA4Thought. 5. Advanced Carrier Techniques. This is the section I believe most people will be interested in. Over my time playing I tried existing strategies I heard of and even came up with a couple on my own that have potential to be really strong options. 5-1. Hakuryu Stealth Torping and Sequential Dropping. Everyone probably knows about this one by now. With the 8km torps and full conceal, you are able to drop torpedoes 7km away from a target, and turn away holding the S key to never be spotted by him. Though the torps are slow, people still land torpedoes with ships like the Sims or Black. This will be very potent against ships that like to hug islands, bow tanking or are otherwise relatively immobile. Sequential drops are very potent too, as the torps are extremely stealthy. Once you get good at aiming the lead and predicting opponent reaction, you will hit them. And with the spacing on the torps, you may be able to reapply flood after they DCPed one in the first wave, all without losing a single torp bomber. Examples: Stealth Torping. Sequential Dropping 5-2. Squad Shortening. This is one of mine, as far as I know nobody has tried this or talked about it at all. The idea is when you launch a fresh squadron, you immediately drop a payload to send the planes back home. This is best used in 2 situations. At the start of the game, you can shorten your attack plane scouts to half so it’s easier to dodge in the long-range flak bubbles, and to make sure you can launch a full squad of the same type right behind landing the ones you’re on. The applications are limited because, even though you are able to dodge flak easier, continuous AA damage will have less planes to work over. The effect of continuous is best explained in this thread here made by @Edgecaseand @GoldPile. You might be able to get more use out of Last Gasp this way too. 5-3. Forcing DCP. As we all know, a flood is usually an instant DCP for any ship that suffers one. Using the above trick to fly around with 2 torp strikes instead of 3 and having a full squad at home, you can try to dive through heavier AA to get one torp strike on a BB and fly away with Last Gasp. If you flood that BB, he’s going to have to DCP it. Land the rest of your weakened torp planes and launch a full hp squad to do the same thing again. It is nearly impossible to stop a full HP squadron from coming in and attacking once, but it is very possible to stop a second strike from the same group. This method gets around that limitation, and can guarantee anywhere from 30-40s of uninterrupted flood damage, plus two torp plane strikes worth of damage on a BB. And that’s assuming they’re running premium DCP with max cooldown reduction. On top of that, you will barely lose any torp planes. Very viable but the window is short and you must be able to launch enough torp planes to field nearly 2 full squads at one time. Take care of your reserves. Example: DCP Forcing. I have taken the flooding mechanic changes into account for this technique, and have determined it will still be effective and potentially more. 5-4. Abusing Flak Spawns (Plinko Flak). Flak is the deadliest thing to you, obviously, and sometimes the flak walls spawn too long for you to go around. A lot of the time I see this complaint, the planes are flying right at their target, so the flak wall spawns between you and the target forcing you to fly around and mess up your attack run. One thing to note is that the flak spawns in front of you, not always between you and the target. This can be abused, and with the name Plinko you probably already understand. When approaching a target, use boost to go full speed at an angle to the target ship. When the inevitable flak wall spawns, release boost, turn to another angle and boost again as if you were just rolling off the wall to the side. You can adjust how you want to plinko the flak based on how your opponent is maneuvering against you, but it is an extremely reliable way to not only mitigate flak damage, but potentially remove it entirely, including defensive fire. Examples: Plinko ex.1 Plinko ex.2 Plinko ex.3 6. The Ship Experience. The workload here has gone up. Now everything you knew about the game must be considered with carriers. No longer will CVs appear once every 5 or 10 games. It will be common to see at least 1v1, and probably a lot of 2v2 coming right out of the patch, especially with a new carrier line coming out in 0.8.1. Unfortunately most of my experience fighting other ships with carriers around was against bots in PTS. Even with that limited experience, I don't think fighting carriers will be much different as it is with RTS CVs. It can be slightly satisfying when you see the big red damage numbers done to planes, but after a while it became a bit hollow. The CV is still just fighting against a mechanic, not against me directly. As much as I really wish for direct control over my AA so that it's really ME he is fighting, I think this would be too much for a good amount of players to handle without suffering. Now before you start saying that's crazy talk, people should either be able to handle it or be punished, I would agree with you IF there was skill based matchmaking. At least then, the players with lower capabilities would fight people of similar skill only, and what they would or wouldn't be able to do wouldn't be as unfair. I don't find it unreasonable to give some concessions to those players since they are forced to play against really good players. Back on topic to Automated AA however, having the entire interaction with another class be automated is fairly frustrating at times. I can think of a couple unobtrusive ways where a player can have more interaction with the aircraft, and that will be below where I suggest mechanic additions. Overall, carriers and ships interact the same way, it will just be much more frequent now since they will appear in more games. There will be some system shock at first, and I have no doubt that gameplay will settle and be balanced around it over time. Whether I want to be a ship in that gameplay however remains to be seen, and right now it's sitting at a no. 7. Defending Yourself from Airstrikes. Stay near ships with defensive fire if you don’t have one, don’t get engaged by planes when you can’t maneuver much, and be very careful with your DCP. At the start of 0.8.0, a lot of players won’t be experienced yet and you may not notice their effect all that much. They will probably lose a lot of planes doing things they shouldn’t, and be out of reserves for late game. Don’t let that fool you, good carriers will be deadly as ever, and nothing but the longest flak walls, highest continuous damage and most bizarre maneuvering will stop them. Using your defensive fire or catapult planes should not always be used just because you have them active. Saving them for more dangerous squad types, or protecting yourself from follow up attacks while your DCP is down would be better than trying to defensive fire rocket planes as soon as you see them. When Attack Planes are coming for you, their main goal is your soft spots. The biggest one being your superstructure. To describe how they launch rockets, I will use Shokaku as an example. They launch rockets within their elliptical as 2, and then 8, followed by the last 2 in a straight line. This means that broadsiding the incoming attack planes is exactly what they want you to do. Try to show the least amount of profile possible while still keeping them in your sector to fight against them the best. With Torpedo planes, the same can be applied. Show the least amount of profile as possible while maintaining your sector on them. You also want to try to turn towards them if you can, because this will reduce the amount of time the torpedoes are around you and reducing your movement options. If you turn away, it sets up potential for the enemy cv to cross drop you, since torpedoes move slower and they'll box you in longer. With Dive bombers, their preferred angle is with you pointing directly toward or away from them. At least the tech tree ones. Give them as much broadside as possible. 7-1 Beating CVs with the Numbers. What it comes down to now is minimizing the enemy CVs effect on you and the game as much as possible. Any amount of time waste and plane reserve hits you can cause to the enemy are victories. Even if they are small, they all add up, and wasting their time is good since they are focused on damage over time. Remember, even though there will be more players in carriers that you will see often, there will be a balance between good and bad ones, so it may not always be so bad fighting against a carrier. 7-2 DDs vs Carriers. Destroyers will still have to be careful early game, because attack planes can still hurt even if they don't delete you. Try to take a more cautious approach to caps, so as not to be spotted in the open by planes and be attacked by both them and enemy ships. Watch out for torpedo planes assisting in cross dropping your smoke. 7-3 Early Sector Switching. When under attack by a squadron, and you know they will pass over to your other side, try to learn the timing of your sector switch delay to line it up so it switches right when they pass over. This will maximize your sector, and there is no AA loss in switching. It will take some time to get it right, but every little bit will help. 7-4 The Downtier Experience. Be really careful when you are bottom tier against a CV as well. It's really hard to defend yourself alone against strong planes, almost to the point where it seems unfair. I hope WG puts more focus onto this area of balance. The downtier experience To judge whether or not you were successful in fighting off a plane attack, a good rule of thumb would be expecting 3 plane kills and upwards to even have a noticeable effect on his reserves per attack. If the enemy carrier is smart though, he will just land his planes before he loses too much. The best you can expect most of the time is to make sure you only get attacked once by the entire squadron, and try to mitigate the damage from that 1 attack as best you can. 8. Possible Mechanic Additions. One thing that is really strong right now is using the land command for your squadron right after an attack. Your planes disappear so quickly that the enemy can’t really shoot you down. Something that would be good is adding a similar effect of strafing out of a fighter lock. Losing a plane doing so, or taking a lot of damage from AA if you use the land command inside short or medium range AA. This would at least give the ships more of a chance to destroy planes and some punishment or risk to pulling the land maneuver (flying high into the sky sharply) right over enemy AA. I also think that since fires on CV only last 5s, the DCP auto consumable should never activate for them. A player would never use it for that, even if they somehow happened to have 4 fires going, that would not come close to the damage of a normal fire on anything else. Even if there are players that would want the auto use to activate for a single fire, it would just do them more harm than good. In respect to the lack of interaction for ships in fighting aircraft, one thing that would be doable is re-implement ctrl-click aircraft, and have a delay of 3-4 seconds between each time you are able to click to add in a couple bonus ticks of continuous damage. Nothing that will disrupt the balance, but at least add some player action = impact. Another thing that could help with that would be to add a fourth attack mode, being AA. Picture the mode you get for torpedoes, a large cone representing the limits of your aim, and a smaller one showing you where you are aiming within that cone. The smaller cone would increase the damage for any aircraft that are inside it (above it), and the large aim limits would just be your AA auras. This would not only be a better and more interactive system than what I just mentioned above, but this would also be better than the sector system. The smaller aim cone could be 1/4 or even 1/6 of your AA aura, like a slice of pie. You could lock it in place with the key used to activate the sector system now, so you could do other things, or take direct control during an attack to maximize the damage you do to the planes. You yourself fighting a CV while it is attacking you. This isn't quite as far as real control over your AA, but it would line up well with existing gameplay and reduce the automated RNG of your AA that is your entire interaction with another class. By @NCC81701, Have you thought about viability to adding manual control to altitude and AA similar to subs? Say for High altitude drop is less accurate but takes less damage from Short/Mid AA but low altitude attack is more accurate but take more damage from Short/Mid AA. The player ship then have to judge/decide the altitude level of the large caliber AA/flack burst. if it's at the correct altitude it does bonus damage. Cooldown will be present for changing the altitude of both planes and large caliber AA of course. 9. General Thoughts. Overall, I enjoyed my experience playing CVs, the same cannot be said for playing ships against them however. I feel that the gameplay of WoWs is much more strategic and enjoyable without CVs in random battles, and a lot of that is lost with them. When CVs are around, they dominate the no-mans land, and nothing can really contest this. Even if the CV can no longer one shot you, it doesn't change the environment they cause. This will really be felt if WG puts in 2v2 CV matches. If WG happens to read this, I really think you should limit it to 1v1 for at least 0.8.0, and then evaluate the effect from live to consider if upping the amount for 0.8.1 is warranted. I know this will impact the amount of people trying to play CV in 0.8.0 and the queue times, but 2v2 would really put negative opinions in people's minds as they experience it as ships, no matter how balanced you might think it is. Being attacked by a carrier is not something people will enjoy, and doubling that occurrence is risky for tolerance. 10. Thank You. I hope this Guide/Opinion piece was useful to you. I put a lot of work into it over the course of the week, and tried to make it as unbiased and fair as possible. I ask that you share this with people in the game so they too can get a handle on this new gameplay, and if you have questions or want to counterpoint what I’m saying, I’m always glad to respond. You can either comment to this thread or talk to me in Twitch. Also, feel free to argue points made here or by other people commenting, but keep it civil so this thread remains unlocked and open for discussion. Special Thanks to: @HellaCopterRescue for putting up with my long rants and playing Devil’s Advocate, along with helping me test things for video. This guide would not be what it is without his help. @Kousatsu for assistance behind the scenes ensuring this guide was well structured. @Carrier_Hornet for playing CV for me so I could play ships in PTS and guarantee carrier games. @Warlord78 and @Ponymagistrate for reviewing this guide among other things.
  21. what do people think of defense of naval station as an operation?
  22. Why do all squadrons fly directly over a target as they drop ordnance? AA is already really effective, to the point where 8 aircraft will be reduced to 2 aircraft in the span of one bombing/torpedoing run, just because the entire squadron is exposed to AA fire the whole time. Carrier gameplay would be great if: Custom formations were allowed. Generating the ability to attack with all bombers at the same time. Or maybe attack from multiple directions simultaneously like in an Anvil formation. Complexity and the requisite skills goes up as a result creating more dynamic gameplay as opposed to what's available right now. Of course with the current MM these carrier players would dominate, so carriers would have to be limited to 1 or 2 per team depending on their resulting potency. Also the number of planes in a squadron could be reduced, AA could be rebalanced, etc... I can't be the first one to suggest this, nor the only one who thinks this way. But based on the fact that I don't really see CV's playing at tiers 8 and 10 makes me think that people get bored of the same un-intensive, low-skill gameplay that CV play currently gives.
  23. Exactly as the title says. Why are people so upset about subs? I've seen a lot of negativity about them, and I understand people don't want another CV rework fiasco, but from what I see, they seem pretty cool and easily counterable. Could I be wrong?
  24. Play a CV and suck in it. Sorry I'm severely out of practice after giving up on hoping the enemy Graf Zepplin, Enterprise, Saipan, or even the Kaga messes up. Sorry I can't keep up with Saipan planes, or the volume of the Kaga reserves. Sorry I couldn't get the perfect strafe on those GZ bombers while I was locked up in a fighter duel. Sorry the Enterprise has ALL OF THE PLANES. Sorry the IJN CV cross dropped you before I could react after you went straight to the cap knowing there was a CV on the enemy team. Not sorry for completely wrecking the Lexington. Sorry I cant scout the one cap, drop the enemy BB pushing you, and protect the BB on the other side of the map all at the same time. Sorry I only have so much ammo and need to recycle my planes. Sorry I can't babysit you exclusively at the expense of the team. Sorry the other flank collapsed and it's entirely my fault. Sorry I'm bottom tier and there are 12 Worcesters on the enemy team. Sorry you guys went and threw your ships away pushing when you were outnumbered. Sorry none of you BBs know how to stay near an AA cruiser. I'm glad this rework is happening despite preferring the old RTS feel. Now I can actually play a class that interests me without having to do literally everyone's job and hold your hand the entire time I carry the team. And when I do where's my compliment huh? RIP CVs as we know them, and good riddance.
  25. Proposal – Improved Unique Commanders Bonuses/Talents setup WOWS has two types of Commanders: Legendary and Unique Commanders. Unique Commanders have a bonus/talent that applies in all types of matches (random battles, co-op, clan, operations etc.). Legendary Commanders have a bonus/talent that does not apply in clan battle matches but does apply in all other types of matches. Legendary Commanders: Isoroku Yamamoto, Nikolay Kuznetsov, William Halsey Unique Commanders: Quan Rong, Da Rong, Franz von Jütland, Reinhart von Jütland, Vasily Znamensky, Viktor Znamensky, Charles-Henri Honore, Jean-Jacques Honore, Bert Dunkirk, Jack Dunkirk, George Doe, John Doe and four variants of Alexander Ovechkin This proposal concerns the Unique Commanders, NOT the Legendary Commanders. A major disadvantage of the current setup of the Unique Commanders is that they have a fixed set of bonuses/talents. That leaves the player no choice. All Unique Commanders have bonuses/talents that makes them only suitable for one class of ship. That is highly regrettable considering that Unique Commanders can only be acquired by either investing a lot of time or real world money (golden doubloons). The current Unique Commanders have bonuses/talents that makes them mostly suitable for assignment to Battleships and/or Cruisers. A minority of the Unique Commanders is – arguably - suited for assignment on Destroyers. Some countries have Unique Commanders with bonuses/talents that really only makes them suitable for assignment on one class of ship and none of the other classes. Currently the typical bonuses/talents for Unique Commanders give a +14% to +50% advantage for 2x Commander Skills (3x skills for the two British Unique Commanders). Most of the Unique Commanders have a +50% bonus/talent for varying Commander Skills. This proposal tries to address the absence of a choice in bonuses/talents choice for Unique Commanders: - All Unique Commanders will get a +X% bonus on the FIRST THREE skills that the PLAYER chooses to invest Skill Points in. - The +X% that is proposed is +50% or could alternatively be +40%. - When introducing the above there would be a free Unique Commander Skill reset, the reset would be for Unique Commanders only. - Needless to say: the current three Legendary Commanders and the standard Commanders would not be affected by this change. For all existing Unique Commanders this would be an improvement, meaning that those bought with Golden Doubloons would not be weakened by introducing the changes proposed above. Additional information on the Unique and Legendary Commanders can be found here: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Unique_Commanders What do you, the players, think about this proposal? Are you happy with having NO CHOICE in the current Unique Commander bonuses/talents? Would you like to instead have A CHOICE by selecting the bonuses/talents for your Unique Commanders yourself?