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Found 1 result

  1. MEANN

    cv balance idea

    I hope that they perhaps place fuel in a more realistic use. it would make the cv move their boat closer to the action and making the cv's boat accessible to be shot and sunk. vs the current return key that allows for instant return. by having the fuel limit how long they can stay active will make the sit over 1 dd till he is dead go away. it would make the rocket attack till the boat is dead not a viable strat. it would also fix the hak span torp bomber till you are all dead stop too. using fuel as a way to balance the game would allow for things like, 120 sec refuel timer for that type of plane. example. beginning of game like all dd's have for a torp load. 30 sec timer to launch planes limiting the number of squares a plane can traverse before being auto sent to cv (24 to 30 total squares before auto return) after a squad returns to cv 120 sec refuel rearm for that type of plane if all the planes of a squad are destroyed that type is out for 240 secs just like guns turrets can be destroyed plane types on the cv can be wiped out. ie, front of boat citadel would have a 30% chance of destroying all of that one plane type.