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Found 25 results

  1. I finished up all 19 phases of the dockyard today. That is a healthy set of rewards for just playing for free. Thanks, WG! What I can't decide on is whether to complete the dockyard for the ZF-6 or not. I've got the dubs but I haven't seen too many positive reviews of the boat. Please share your thoughts - from those who have her or those who adamantly won't get her. I do consider myself a DD main (and play a lot of CL) but I don't go buying every DD that is available. I am happy to let them "come to me" in a Santa crate. I also don't find the KMS DD line that appealing. I haven't even tried the new line. I just like my IJN torp boats best. Edit: on top of the awards above, the crates gave more special signals. Nice!
  2. DRYAN8130

    Prime Loot

    Has anyone else been disappointed with these past 3 twitch drops. I mean c'mon here WG a T IV "early access ship" that most people played once and never again, some containers the worse ones.. not even the premium ones and this months 5 containers worth 30k coal... why not just give us 30k coal. I wish they could make the drops as good as the tanks ones or just make them better. I just want to hear other players opinions on this and if they are happy with these.
  3. monpetitloup

    Question New Ranked

    so are we supposted to stay in bronze? someone said the rewards were better if we do. yet the darn thing is asking me to qualify, so what's the best strategy? the info on the wg webpage is incomprehensible...
  4. As a dad with a full time job and three small boys, receiving 24 clock hrs of Premium does me no good for the hour a day I get to play. Could you change it to 24 in-game hours instead. Otherwise, that reward is just a waste for people like me. Or let me (the player) say when to start the clock. That way I can save it for the days I'm off work and the kiddos are in school/daycare. I love this game. Thank you for your time. Say hi to Dasha for me!
  5. CHG_x_skyfire

    Bat-fish Patch (location)

    so i know its been awhile and we are in the middle of a plague but when the event was going on i donated enough for the patch gave all the necessary information etc. but it has yet to arrive (the physical one i have the in game stuff) i have now moved but my friend still checks the old places mail for me at my old place and there has been no sign have these even been sent out yet ?
  6. Some of us didn't have the pleasure of being able to get him back in November of last year. And we have not seen him since. WG would be missing out big time if they only considered him a one-time deal!!
  7. We all know the in game report system is useless, but the compliment system is equally bad or worse. I would love to see players receiving a "played well" compliment receive some benefit (to hell with the "nice manners" etc). This ideally would be a free flags, camo or credits for their accomplishment. This could be done minimally enough without destroying the economy and would promote positive feedback for once. In addition, the game needs much more positive support for recruits. I can care less about getting recruitment containers as a well established player with tons of ships, camos and flags. I want my friends/recruit(s) to benefit from me helping them. Paying a huge sum of recruiter points to give us both a container isn't that. Allow recruitment points to purchase more options for the recruit. I feel like recruits aren't getting nearly enough from WG in general to support that brand new grind. Credits are probably the biggest bottle neck.
  8. I just noticed that the first 11 days of March do not offer any consumables like Damage Control Party or Smoke Screen or anything else. Is this a permanent change to the Daily Combat Missions? Will only signal flags be offered from now on?
  9. O7 captains and WG Staff Personal opinion and point of view , Destroyers are one of the ships that have most impact in the game and thinking about the future with submarines coming too , the pressure and the things they have to do on each battle becomes too heavy , they have to spot for the team , capture key areas and future the job of hunt submarines and drop depth charges, and they have so little reward or recognition for their effort at the end of the match My opinion or suggestions with so many ships containing Radar and Hydroacoustics now days , destroyers shouldn't be detected if they are completely full stopped in smoke by Hydroacoustics and yes detected by radars regardless smoke or full stopped Also a total rework or change mechanics getting some more retribution at the end of the battle on team score , from xp by shooting down planes any ship, spotting and capturing areas regardless the damage , they can have low damage but they were spotting the enemy for the entire team and there's so little recognition from that from the games and teammates , same with battleships and potential damage they receive , instead playing as a team it makes the game more like a solo player game , ",Why risk my ship for capture or whatever if I won't get support from my team or I won't get recognized for that or "x" action" battleships sniping from max range when they are the ones should be front lines getting the heat for cruisers on the team deal damage to the enemy ships Just per say an example at the end of the battle , the battle report/team score 1 battleship got top scored because he dealt 30k damage and received 500k potential damage Other battleship got deal 2k damage was at the bottom of the list but he got potential damage received of 3.5million Destroyers the same they can capture key areas and spot for the team but it's so little recognized at the end of the battle under team score and again is the ship with one of most impact in the game by capturing,spotting,torpedo or set on fire, best ship for flank because concealment they will have even more job in future for hunting submarines
  10. Navalpride33

    Charity Rewards-

    After over 3 years of playing, getting to know my play style, hoping to see my dream ship again in the shop, Praying to get lucky with Santa crates, only getting to play the said ship in events. I log in today and surprise.. I finally have her in my port. The odds were stacked against me according to @Femennenly spread sheet only 2 people out of the whole NA server population manage to snag her...A big welcome to the Kamikaze Here is the evidence, she's in port safe and sound... For the up coming charity events, use this post as a bookmark to those who think its not possible to get your dream ship or its rigged... Its not... Thank you @Femennenly and her crew of fellow minions for making a sailors New Year a happy one. Happy new year!
  11. In case you missed it, rewards for Rounds 1 &2 of PT 8.9 are available.
  12. ICYMI, the next round of public tests on the PT server will have improved rewards. I always play it just for a peek at what's coming up, but sweetening the pot might improve participation.
  13. So I finished this scenario 4 times tonight with 5 Stars and I did not receive the 10 point American captain. When I hover over the 4th star, it says "Issued: 28.07.2019". I know it is old, but Jingles, World of Warships - Operation Raptor Rescue video on this scenario implies you can get this captain multiple times. Is that not correct now? If you can get him multiple times, is there a time limit between receiving him? I searched Google and can not find any explanation of how the awards work. I just started playing the Operations, can someone explain how the rewards work now?
  14. it has been 5 days since since 0.8.7 has gone live and still have not been able to claim my rewards for playing on the public test server just would like to know when they will be released as the notes for the PT say they will be awarded WITHIN 5 days of the patch going live
  15. I have played and not recieved rewards after completeing game. I also notice i am not receiving full credits when game is completed as well. example . shows i recieved 136,000 credits but my total only went up 32,000. Anyone else experiencing this.
  16. SteelShadow105


    Ok, I understand that in order to get a good amount of xp you have to get an array of ribbons and deal a good amount of damage. What I don't understand is that I do those very things and yet I still get crapxp. I've played matches before where I did far less, yet still got better rewards. I've never minded having to grind to get through the tech tree, but I've gotten so close to just stop trying because I have matches like this that makes it take Forever to climb up. I still remember how many matches I had to play just to reach Kongo and Myoko. Not to mention the even slower crawl to New Mexico. I've always tried so hard to get as much xp as I can that I don't even play the game anymore, I just play to get damage just so I can get decent progress on a battleship or cruiser that I don't even like playing. I know part of it is just my capabilities as a player, but it isn't always just me. In that match I was the one who had received the most xp for my team, so everyone else on my team, whether the did damage or not, practically received no rewards. That's not even the first match I've seen like that. I've noticed that many matches I've played the most a team would get is around 9-800 xp. How does anyone make progress with that? Even when I do get above 1500 base xp I still feel like I never really got much further. Sure it wouldnt take too long to reach a 100k xp or so to get to your next ship (especially when you have premium), but thats not even including the hulls you have to research, or the other modules just so you can play the ship where it can actually be effective. All I'm trying to get at is that the xp system never seems consistent, and in the end gives so little progress, especially when it comes to new comers trying to get to their ideal ships. If there is any advice on this I am happy to listen.
  17. LowSpeed_US

    Event log

    Hello Captains, I have been wondering, is there a local file where all your sessions or more crucially. What you received during your active session is logged locally? I have an issue I'm trying to get to the bottom of. On a different note. Has anyone finished any of their FSW directives and not received all the rewards unlocked?
  18. Has anyone received steel/coal rewards for cross server CB testing? cheers
  19. hello, sailors I saw we got some free Florins with air supplies and with Daily missions but... ....Without buy any crates in the premium shop, is possible farm 2500 florins to get the bundle Nº3 only with missions inside game? Thx you guys
  20. Did you participate in any of the 0.7.11 Public Tests? If so, the rewards are now available ... don't forget to claim them! https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/
  21. Honestly I personally feel the results for the Anniversary collection compared to what was originally promised on the WoWS webpage: (I.E. one Anniversary premium Container for each part of the collection you completed), The 10 World of Warships Anniversary expendable camouflages for first the sub-collection, 10 Basilisk signals for the second, 10 Scylla signals for the third, and 10 Leviathan signals for the last section all pail in comparison, especially when compared to last year's rewards being permanent "Congratulatory" camo's that offered great bonuses. WG had a great opportunity to release a second batch of these, not only good looking, but beneficial perm-camo's for four lines that hadn't received them, even the rewards you get from the collection itself without/removing the thought of the previously announced and cancelled rewards it's still extremely underwhelming and honestly not seemingly worth the time, even in the scheme of "Free stuff", It was honestly, and rather sadly a major let-down on WarGaming's end.
  22. It's the idea that's been tossed about lately since the introduction of in-match spotting and potential damage counters. Letting those be viewed during a match was an excellent idea as it allows players to understand what their actions are doing as the game goes on. Dealing damage has always been well rewarded. We're now able to see how much potential damage we attract with our evading and well angled ships. We're now able to see how our positioning and spotting dishes out punishment and damage even if we are not directly attacking them. I, personally, am a big fan of things that show your contribution to the team victory rather than individual stats. Damage ribbons and fires and so on are excellent measures of individual performance, but spotting, captures, and defended are metrics related to victory. On to the point: people love rewards. People love being rewarded for things. It's likely been mentioned before and you're probably sick to death of it, but I've whipped up an extremely poor excuse of an emblem to represent what a possible "Spotting" achievement might look like. I would like to think that rewarding these team-oriented actions would incentivize more team play and help breathe life into the dead-by-passive-meta game this can turn into sometimes.(Obviously the actual finished version would look a bit lot better) The metrics for receiving this reward could vary. Number of ships on enemy team spotted. Percentage of enemy team total HP dealt through spotting damage. Percentage of enemy team total HP dealt through spotting damage to 4 or more ships. 25% of 4 or more enemy ships max HP dealt through spotting (similar to confederate / high caliber). Proposed reward: Sierra mike x5. Reward good positioning and movement with flags that increase the ability to position and move. In a similar vein, create rewards for potential damage relative to ship HP.
  23. John_the_Impaler

    Dasha's Eagles mission

    So, I (and hope most of the people in the server) will switch to Eagles on Aug 10th (Day 16 of the event) so in theory I will just have the time (and only if enough people does this), to achieve 3 Eagles wins to get the extra 20 eagles tokens. At least that's what I understood from the video, so I was thinking: will there be enough people switching to Eagles that same day to turn the tide of the competition and let the Eagles get their first win? Because if the response is negative, no one will be getting their extra 20 tokens. Sorry in advance for the poor grammar, English is not my native language.
  24. Howdy! Realizing that all of these Indianapolis missions, were actually all completed in vain, makes me a bit spicy. This is due to the apparent deadline on 07/16/18. As far as I know, there are only at most four missions left to be released this week & weekend. I am currently 16/21 missions. This really sucks if I won't be able to acquired the final one or two missions. I was unable to complete the first few due to not being able to play early on, as I was out of town a lot for work. I wonder if this post will fall on deaf ears or if there is a possibility for more missions to be released / have an extension. Thought I'd at least try. Thanks. :-)
  25. Kirishi_Kaze

    Super Container Rewards

    I got the Prinz Eugen a little while back from a super container. I was curious what ships you guys might have gotten from super containers? And also, what are the chances of getting a ship from a super container?