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Found 2 results

  1. Not sure how to explain this. First off, this is not for me. My friend who has a rather severe mental disability but plays the game had this happen to him, so everything is based off his experience. Player name Demon_Itachi for mods that want to investigate. Okay, after completing a mission today, maybe less than half an hour ago, he got very excited and said he'd gotten a free ship. Specifically, when he clicked 'get rewards' it said he had earned Graf Spee with a 10 pt commander, as well as an unsinkable sam container, and a bunch of flags. However, and this is what's gotten him really upset, he doesn't have the ship, nor the commander, nor the container. I hopped on his computer and looked through things, trying to find the 'rewards issued' tab, but sadly he logged out and then back in, so that's not going to work. So... I can't quite figure out what happened. He is almost to tears over this, saying that the company pranked him, or did some weird april fools stuff, and really doesn't want to play any longer. (As in quitting completely and never coming back.) Any mods or tech guys mind taking a look at this and seeing just what happened to him?
  2. admiralsexybeast

    About The NTC Reward Ships

    So, I must admit that I don't really keep up with WOWs news all that well. Basically, my understanding of the NTC is that we can choose to erase progress on a number of tech trees we've already finished and in return for regrinding them, we can get rewards, of which tier 10 premium BB USS Ohio is my main focus. My question is; if I so desired, would I be able to just re-research the tech trees I erase with my free xp and still be able to get the reward ship? I really don't see why I wouldn't be able to because that means I still technically redid the required amount of tech trees, but Im not sure if it works that way? I guess I'm just at the point now where I'm getting bored with the Tier 10 BBs that I have and am willing to throw some money at the game to get something new right away. I just want a new Tier 10 BB that is going to give me good, consistent gun performance "which is why I've been waiting patiently for over a month now for the Slava to be released," but I guess that's not happening anytime soon. Also, I figure this way, I could enjoy playing something that's not common for a little bit before I start seeing several Ohio's per team per battle.