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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings Fellow World of Warships Commanders! My name is Iolair, and I’m the host of a YouTube channel featuring educational and entertaining content about WoWs. I’ve been an active player of the game since August 2016 with the experience of nearly 15K random battles. I opened my channel in March 2018 which now has more than 250 videos. I feature content with guidance and education, news and information, reviews of ships, and commentated replays which highlight instructive and entertaining gameplay. Many replays are provided by fellow players like yourselves from the NA, EU, and SEA servers. I invite you to stop by my channel and review what it has to offer. I’ve included here a playlist of sample content, featuring the channel trailer, news from the WoWs Development Blog, a ship review, guidance for secondary builds, a GK funtage, a channel update, plus a few replays, including a multi-perspective “division” replay with a nail-biting ending. I hope to see you out there on the virtual seas, and I wish you happy sailing! Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIBGWHC8KiYDAVownJaZCoQ Sample Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5-8bdoZQUN1vU24SFRnFycpUjNwr7DD
  2. Khafni

    Waifu PC Cases

    For all you anime lovers out there I stumbled across a Waifu PC Case review by Gamers Nexus. Looks like anime is the "next big thing" in PC cases. Most of this is found on Ali Baba. There is one case that costs $10k US. It has a holographic 3-D dancing image of the anime girl! Any takers???
  3. SnipeySnipes

    WarshipNews Article List

    Below is a list and index of all the articles at WarshipNews.blog written by me grouped into their primary topics - Game Reviews & Opinions, Statistical, Guides. They are ordered oldest to newest. Some of these articles are outdated and may not include new ships or take into account changes to ships due to buffs or nerfs. If you would like an article updated (within my current abilities) please let me know and I can make the necessary changes or pen a new one I will try to keep this list up to date as I write more articles. Guides & Strategy Using Stats to Your Advantage: Reading the Available Data What is a Team Player? Playing To Your Strengths: A How-To Guide Know Your Role Intermediate Guide to Becoming a Better Player Overmatching: Game Mechanics Guide World of Warships and Win 10 Troubleshooting Guide Secondary Loadouts: Explained How to Counter a CV: The Current Iteration Making for a Better Gaming Experience In The Mind Of Considerations for a Strategy Picking a Clan Reviews & Opinions High Tier American Battleship Buffs: A Review The Conqueror: Live Review Mighty Mo’ Money CV Balance: A Current Review Radar Minotaur What To Do About Ranked? Which Direction Admiral!? My World of Warships Wishlist Power Creep vs. Skill Creep USS Alaska (CB-1) Wargaming Game Center: A Quick Review CV Rework: Opinion/Review World of…Submarines? Bad to Unicum: Player Skill Considerations Let's Talk About Clan Battles Santa Containers are Here! Why Use a Hammer When You Can Use a Ram The 'Hidden' Mechanic 0.8.0 Thoughts Actions & Consequences - The BB AP Nerf British Destroyer Daring Upcoming & Proposed Changes CV Rework Overview: Live Server Statistics World of Warships: A Statistical Analysis of Win Rate and Aggression Attributes – Questioning the Current Meta Using Stats to Your Advantage: Reading the Available Data Tier 10 Battleships: A Statistical Analysis of Current Player Performance Secondary Monster: Who has the Best Secondaries in the Game? Analysis of Stat Measurements: How They are Created and What They Mean Analysis and Deconstruction of WTR Analysis and Deconstruction of PR (Personal Rating) Winrate as a Player Metric A Statistical Analysis of Survival Rate and Win Rate Special On November 11th Why I Don't Stream or YouTube...Yet Paul Charlton