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Found 1 result

  1. I want to start off with stating that I am not an employee of Wargaming, and that I am not making any offers on behalf of Wargaming. The goal of this post is to allow you a forum to give feedback to wargaming. There are ships like the Missouri, Belfast, and Kutuzov that have been permanently removed from the game. But there are still large populations of these ships in the game. So if you are a player that has one, or you are a player that wants one, which of the following options would you like to Wargaming to consider developing: Start by Wargaming creating "WoWs- bay" for players to sell/buy ships no longer available in game and then: Ships can be sold for in game currency (doubloons/gold/coal/etc). The in game currency would be transferred from buyer's account to seller's account Wargaming would charge a fee for the transaction, plus generate revenue from the sales of in game currency Wargaming would transfer ship from Seller's Port to Buyer's Port Ships could be sold for cash This would cause much more obstacles for Wargaming (Currency basis. PayPal and other Payment Services Fees, etc), so expect the fee that Wargaming charges to be substantially higher. I would also like to see current reward ships such as Flint and Black available for this program, but since they are still available in game, I do not know how receptive Wargaming would be to the idea of these ships being sold in "WoWs-bay". What are your thoughts?