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Found 8 results

  1. lordholland4293

    Operations Permant reward?

    Will Operations ever receive a Permanent reward for them? When you brought then back you made it sound like super containers and community tokens would be the reward. Though that stopped after the Halloween update? @Ahskance
  2. Why not add a feature where you can capture an enemy ship--possibly to gain its resources? It should be a team effort--requiring multiple ships working together. Maybe in clan battles.
  3. Unless you are strapped for credits or need cammo, why choose anything but "More Resources" when selecting a daily container? I tracked my container results for the first half of the year. 546 containers could have been collected over the 182 day period from Jan 1 to Jun 30. I collected 500 daily containers. Only three were not "More Resources" containers (missed collecting them at end of day so they defaulted to "More Credits"). Of the 497 remaining 10 were Super Containers (a 2% chance per container!). The 487 "More Resources" containers yielded quite a haul. 259,600 Coal (without clan bonus) 144,500 Free XP 189 Zulu signals 558 Equal Speed Charlie London signals 192 Zulu Hotel signals 234 Papa Papa signals 165 Juliet Charlie signals 156 November Foxtrot signals 75 Hotel Yankee signals This is too lucrative to pass up! Your mileage may vary but best of luck with your container choices.
  4. Go4U

    Other way to earn "steel"

    I'm wondering is there is another way to earn "steel" resources instead of the Clan Wars. In my case, I'm not always can connect in time with my clan mates because my job or my free time. So... Besides "Clan Wars", is there is any other way to earn "steel"? Thank you for answering.
  5. Okay...searched for an hour...cannot find how to allocate some of my personal resources to my clan. Can that even be done? Thanks all...BasqueJacque

    Is 15k Coal Super?

    2nd container today chose resources and got 15k coal! Is that Super? I think it was!
  7. Source. A little while ago in our dev blog we’ve announced adding two new resources: “molybdenum” and “copper”. A lot of players in the comments were concerned about us being too involved with the game's economics but not the gameplay. According to these players opinions there is a chance that in the future the game could have too many resources and it would be impossible to sort them out. We would like to clear the air and tell you why it’s necessary to have these two new resources. Technically and according to implementation, molybdenum and copper are resources, but the fact is that it’s more like a player’s skill representation. It’s possible to get them for winning in Typhoon league (molybdenum) and for reaching 1st rank (copper). Players who constantly get to the 1st rank and battle in Typhoon league will now be able to show their skill by highlighting Flint, Black or Stalingrad with unique camouflage which you can buy for copper and molybdenum. These resources are impossible to convert in any other one. For every passed ranked season, where players reach 1st rank or for clan season, where players have 30 victories in Typhoon league, 1 copper or 1 molybdenum will be given respectively. Players who have already got camouflages Mustang for Flint and Crocodile for Black, will receive 6 units of copper less.
  8. So here I was, all set to get myself some coal... saw the little "this is new" WG button on the container choices, dutifully chose the "more resources" option, and... WHAMO! Super container... Containing 1,000 doubloons! Now, don't get me wrong, that was awesome, but... Is this some ploy to get people to choose coal? I would have done it anyway! GG Wargaming, and thanks for the doubloons WoWS NA!!! ~Beorn