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Found 5 results

  1. I learned a good chunk after posting about my aiming issues in a previous thread, and I am glad I did. My aim has improved noticeably since then, and the mods that I was recommended via Aslains have also helped quite a bit. So now that I am on a climb in my gunnery, I have two other subjects I'd like to ask around on. First off, Armor angling. While I do feel I have a semi-understanding of how to do this, it feels as though it is primarily only in Battleships. And I have only done it successfully maybe twice in Cruisers. So I would definitely like to look into any good info on the subject. (I have crawled through the Nurnberg and the Yorck to get to the Hipper to try and get better exposure to good Cruiser angling.) (I've actually managed to devour a Near full salvo from a Montana off the bow of my Yamato for 0 damage yesterday. Prior to that I shrugged off 3-5 repeated salvos from a GK in the Yamato with a slight angle to my bow against it for a grand total of <1K damage, if even that. He ended up resorting to trying to sail to my side for a point blank citadel blamming, which I caught him on his attempt to get there. I also have the Sinop and have been further honing my angling on her for Battleships. Yet I have been Struggling with figuring out the King George V's Armor.) Secondly - and this is a very new foray for me - is Carrier Gameplay. I got the Langley recently and have been mostly keeping her in Co-op battles to get used to Carrier play in general. I have taken a couple of stabs in Random battles only to get into shutouts (though I did do fairly decently). I'm planning on looking into the differences between IJN, USN, and RN CVs at some point too, but any advice here is welcomed. Thank you guys again in Advance.
  2. KAG is "Keep America Great!": Top 50, Level 9, Competitive - Join one of the fastest growing clans on the server! Why Join? We are an active, competitive clan with a great community of members playing with and against each other daily. We seek to improve our members through active training and feedback. Our port is continuously upgraded to provide the best possible benefits to our players. You will have guaranteed opportunities to play Clan Wars and other competitive team modes. Get more valuable resources like Steel and Coal. Receive rewards for self-improvement and contribution to the Clan. And, most importantly, have LOTS OF FUN with a bunch of awesome teammates! Requirements: These are the standards that we expect our members to attain. You should match or be close to a few of these to be considered - Average Damage per battle of 50,000+ (D/B) 50%+ Win Rate (W/R) .95 Frags per battle (F/B) 1,200 Average Experience per battle (E/B) Must be active on Discord Again, this is our standard for an excellent candidate and if your statistics are close to these then we welcome your application! Summary: If you're looking for an awesome clan to improve your game experience and have fun while playing then we are the one for you! As stated before we are very active and you'll always be able to ask questions, give advice, and div-up and sync-drop. For example the clan was started just five months ago and we have already reached Typhoon League and Level 9 ratings! Our player base is conservative-minded with several being Military and Law Enforcement members so conversations on current events are commonplace. If you have questions or would like to apply then message @Ivan_Namirettov on the Forums or in-game.

    Is 15k Coal Super?

    2nd container today chose resources and got 15k coal! Is that Super? I think it was!
  4. Source. A little while ago in our dev blog we’ve announced adding two new resources: “molybdenum” and “copper”. A lot of players in the comments were concerned about us being too involved with the game's economics but not the gameplay. According to these players opinions there is a chance that in the future the game could have too many resources and it would be impossible to sort them out. We would like to clear the air and tell you why it’s necessary to have these two new resources. Technically and according to implementation, molybdenum and copper are resources, but the fact is that it’s more like a player’s skill representation. It’s possible to get them for winning in Typhoon league (molybdenum) and for reaching 1st rank (copper). Players who constantly get to the 1st rank and battle in Typhoon league will now be able to show their skill by highlighting Flint, Black or Stalingrad with unique camouflage which you can buy for copper and molybdenum. These resources are impossible to convert in any other one. For every passed ranked season, where players reach 1st rank or for clan season, where players have 30 victories in Typhoon league, 1 copper or 1 molybdenum will be given respectively. Players who have already got camouflages Mustang for Flint and Crocodile for Black, will receive 6 units of copper less.
  5. So here I was, all set to get myself some coal... saw the little "this is new" WG button on the container choices, dutifully chose the "more resources" option, and... WHAMO! Super container... Containing 1,000 doubloons! Now, don't get me wrong, that was awesome, but... Is this some ploy to get people to choose coal? I would have done it anyway! GG Wargaming, and thanks for the doubloons WoWS NA!!! ~Beorn