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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Fellow Captains, When the news of the reset for the Research Bureau (RB) came out, I was intrigued and thought it a fine idea. Your thoughts on the whole matter may be different, but here are mine. (I have almost all T10 except those flat topped ships that should not be in the game) I established a few criteria for resetting the line. 1) I wanted to play a line where I did not play the earlier ships. 2) A line that I found more enjoyable than others 3) But not a line that conflicted with CWs, for example I play the Repub a lot in CWs, so no French BB line at this time, though it may be my favorite line. My pick was the British CA line. When the British CA line first became live, I played T1 and maybe T2 then skipped to the Leander, after hearing horror stories right off on the Emerald and earlier CAs. Now a year or so more experienced and with some buffs to the line, ( I think there was on the Emerald?) I have now gotten to the Danae and quite frankly have enjoyed playing these early British CAs. I was shocked they had no HE... lol on me, that is what I get for not playing them before, but with the 6K torps, good speed/maneuver, and decent guns I have found them more than able to handle the opposing ships. I am glad WG has "forced" me to replay this line, and though there is a reward out there, it is something I probably never would have done on my own and I have enjoyed almost every minute and can't wait for the Emerald. I know how to play and enjoy every ship after that. The game play is good, there are other resetters and its not all potato out there. My only dismay is seeing 3 CVs per side...that is not fun, and its not fun having two CVs trying to nuke you at once. So all in all its been a good experience... I know its not for everyone, but for those who have nothing to "grind" for, it is rewarding just to play those ships you skipped. For a future lin this criteria comes into play with some other lines where the crates started appearing and skipped ships. Fair seas....and may your games have no CVs!