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Found 6 results

  1. I'm a co-op main and am at my best when playing DDs, but that being said, I really want Ohio for a research ship. Colbert seems "meh" and I just don't know about Druid, Vampire2, or Yolo Emilio as being great DDs in co-op, or in randoms either for that matter. Such mixed reviews on them. My big question is whether I will be able to accrue 1148 research points in a reasonable amount of time - I can't see any missions or anything else that yield research points right now, and don't want to reset a line for that many points - especially since I just used my 2x bonus and my FXP to do a reset this weekend. Does anyone know of anything on the horizon to get that many research points without a reset?
  2. Hello. I am about to open up the bureau but i have a few questions. What happens with the ships you have bought on the line you reset? We earn credits? They are just lost? No compensation? We can get automatic credits? Regarding perma camos, what happen to those ships i have permanent camos? Camos are just lost? They go to some sort of inventory? I can mount then when i open up the ship again?
  3. I was going to play tonight. Now, I will be re-setting ALL of my captains. The freed points will be applied, as the smoke clears. If the smoke clears... This may also be "Taps" for my non-premium USN DD's and CL's. We will have to see.
  4. So I was reading through the patch notes for update 0.8.7 and I noticed that in light of the upcoming AA changes, (and changes in the Manual Fire Control for AA Armament Commander skill) they're offering a commander skill reset. However, the wording in the patch notes sounds like you only get this reset if you press the button and choose to participate in this reset. PSA, all of you make sure you activate this. Apparently they're not just going to give it out for free anymore.
  5. Can we get a second free skill reset in a couple weeks when CV numbers die down? It's already started to happen, particularly with 8.0.3. Instead of every single match having 2 CVs, half my matches are CV free and the other half have 1-2 CVs depending on time of day. In order to survive the first few weeks of the rework I had to re-spec a good number of my captains for an AA build and if things go back to a CV every couple matches, then I have some pretty useless captains figuratively floating around my port.
  6. anonym_I6TAAdrPP8dY


    Hola gente, les queria consultar si alguno ha reseteado su cuenta. Les comento que no estoy satisfecho con mi desarrollo en el arbol tecnologico y lei que se puede resetear la cuenta sin perder ni los barcos premiums que tengo ni los doblones, alguno lo ha echo??? Se que resetear la cuenta implica perderlo TODO, pero mientras no pierda mis barcos ni doblones no me molestaria volver a 0