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Found 7 results

  1. I've been playing a couple of years now, enjoy the gameplay, and the input of such luminaries as Jiingles, Mountbattan, and Flambass. With that said, I tend to agree with these folks that the game is getting stale. These hybrids seem to be fodder for the kiddies using mommies' credit cards and the submarine system is silly. I would love to see these go into the delete file. So is there an alternative? Maybe!! Let's look the e USA line of ships as the perfect example. WOWs has already taken us beyond 1945 with the inclusion of the (never built) Montana, Annapolis, United States, and those silly hybrids, while the Forrest Sherman sailed into the late 1970's. Some of the WOWs higher tier USA cruisers were turned into missiles-gun ships with their front turrets retained. What do I want? Let us go into the 50, 70's and 90's!! WOWs "should-can-may" consider research and development on 1950's era warships. Higher rates of fire, radar, antiair and anti ship missiles. Work the surface fleets first: replay the cold war. Add carriers and (blah) subs as these progress. In order to access this higher tier, players must have gained a high level of tier 10 experience. No free jumps or special ships. Access has to be earned and not bought?? The possibilities for the creation of new shipping, new play styles, and the desire to challenge experienced players, I think would be worth the expense in R&D. Firming this up would take a while to implement. The buzz and beta could bring a new era into WOWs. If this works, WOWS could implement a 10 year plan to move into the 1970.s and the 1990's. Just saying!! Regards, TBG
  2. I'm a co-op main and am at my best when playing DDs, but that being said, I really want Ohio for a research ship. Colbert seems "meh" and I just don't know about Druid, Vampire2, or Yolo Emilio as being great DDs in co-op, or in randoms either for that matter. Such mixed reviews on them. My big question is whether I will be able to accrue 1148 research points in a reasonable amount of time - I can't see any missions or anything else that yield research points right now, and don't want to reset a line for that many points - especially since I just used my 2x bonus and my FXP to do a reset this weekend. Does anyone know of anything on the horizon to get that many research points without a reset?
  3. I was considering getting an RB ship, but after some digging I found that there are alternatives Vermont just seems like a better option for sniping than the Slava, I already have Georgia so Ohio is questionable, and Colbert looks like a Wooster with less utility. I did some digging on Siegfried and Paolo and they both seem to be pretty meh Of course I can’t really compare these ships in battle and I couldn’t find a lot of videos on these RB ships comparing them to ships already in the game I have some Fxp saved up, and I’m willing to stack resets on a destroyer line I have almost completed, but I am only willing to get one of these ships if this said ship can pull their weight. Here are my options: A) Just save my fxp for grinding up tech trees B) Save up for the Friesland C) Get a RB ship So what do you guys think? Are any of the RB ships worth it compared to other tech tree/premium ships and which one is best? If you have any of these ships can you tell me if you like them or not
  4. TinCanMan_

    Research Bureau Season

    Today is (I think) the first day of a new "season" for research. Where can I confirm those dates and what happens to a line that you are a few thousand points away from completing. Do the 2x bonuses go away? Thanks.
  5. You know, I have yet to meet a player that has told me, "you know what, I think the unique upgrades should be moved to the research bureau, yep that sounds like a good idea." *Bias ends here* Obviously WG wants to add extra incentive to the replayability of the tech tree ships, it's the reason the bureau exists in the first place. However by moving the unique upgrades they are also removing useful "end game" content for a lot of players, players that want nothing to do with the research bureau. (Me included) So to compensate for this, the assignments to obtain the unique upgrades should stay, and instead reward the permanent camouflage for the appropriate ship. Compensation for those who have already earned/purchased the equivalent permanent camouflage will likely be given in the form of credits. On a side note, it's my understanding tht WG currently plans to do nothing in regards to retain the unique assignments or replace them with something else. This is a good opportunity for you WG. Thanks for reading.
  6. If you have researched and purchased, say a T9 cruiser, and are accumulating the wampum to get the T10, can you sell the T9, lock , stock, and barrel before you acquire the T10, and come back anytime and research and purchase the T10? Or must the previous shop still be in your port, then sell it after the purchase?
  7. I've been in the Forums recently regarding my return to WOWS after about a year. I have yet to get a computer capable to get me back in. Working on it. But I've noticed that other players can access my profile, tech tree, Port, etc. I want to get the FIJI, UK T7 Cruiser. I can see the research and purchase costs on the Wiki pages, but I don't know if this figures are only if one moves up from T6 in that tree. I don't know what it would cost me from wherever I'd be starting from. Dont have much, if anything, in that tree. If someone could tell me what the FIJI would cost me, in research and purchase, I would either name my first born after you, and/or miss you on purpose in future encounters (or offer you a fully exposed broadside for up to 30 days lol). Beyond that, Ive received the Buffalo, in absentia, but hear nothing but bad about it. Gow can I get to the one other objective that haunts me... Des Moines? ANY help would be genuinely appreciated. Thanks.