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Found 30 results

  1. I have a simple question about the research bureau, if I have a line fully researched and I have a 'supership'/tier 11.. will resetting the line remove the 'supership' from my inventory? The wiki says tiers 2 through 10, just want to be sure though.
  2. First in my series of videos about the Research Bureau. Hope this helps with some basic understanding about how the RB works! Link for those who can't use embed.
  3. If you're looking to reset lines for the research bureau the following show the least amount of XP required to get back to tier 10. It should be noted this is the path of least resistance and only includes upgrades required to unlock the next ship. Data is from the excellent https://wowsft.com website. RESET LINES - BY NATION RESET LINES - BY XP Nation Ship XP Nation Ship XP Europe Halland 737,900 Japan Hakuryu 617,340 France Republique 874,670 Germany M V Richthofen 617,920 France Henry IV 739,670 U.S.A. Midway 618,040 France Kleber 774,610 U.S.S.R. Admiral Nakhimov 618,370 Germany M V Richthofen 617,920 U.K. Audacious 619,100 Germany Preussen 871,810 Japan Harugumo 676,640 Germany Hindenberg 755,760 Japan Shimakaze 685,140 Germany Z-52 719,620 U.S.S.R. Grozovoi 711,220 Germany Elbing 752,920 U.S.A. Gearing 711,290 Germany Schlieffen 858,810 Germany Z-52 719,620 Italy Christoforo Colombo 875,950 U.S.S.R. Khabarovsk 724,720 Italy Venezia 732,550 Japan Zao 731,100 Japan Hakuryu 617,340 Italy Venezia 732,550 Japan Yamato 852,500 Pan Asia Yueyang 733,320 Japan Zao 731,100 Europe Halland 737,900 Japan Shimakaze 685,140 U.S.A. Des Moines 738,430 Japan Harugumo 676,640 France Henry IV 739,670 Netherlands Gouden Leeuw 777,500 U.S.S.R. Petropavlovsk 746,200 Pan Asia Yueyang 733,320 U.S.A. Worcester 747,030 Pan Asia Jinan 775,320 U.K. Minotaur 751,400 U.K. Audacious 619,100 Germany Elbing 752,920 U.K. Conqueror 875,900 Germany Hindenberg 755,760 U.K. Minotaur 751,400 U.S.S.R. Alexander Nevsky 763,200 U.K. Goliath 786,100 U.K. Daring 774,200 U.K. Daring 774,200 France Kleber 774,610 U.S.A. Midway 618,040 Pan Asia Jinan 775,320 U.S.A. Montana 850,730 Netherlands Gouden Leeuw 777,500 U.S.A. Vermont 846,230 U.K. Goliath 786,100 U.S.A. Des Moines 738,430 U.S.A. Vermont 846,230 U.S.A. Worcester 747,030 U.S.A. Montana 850,730 U.S.A. Gearing 711,290 Japan Yamato 852,500 U.S.S.R. Kremlin 886,500 Germany Schlieffen 858,810 U.S.S.R. Alexander Nevsky 763,200 Germany Grosser Kurfurst 871,810 U.S.S.R. Petropavlovsk 746,200 France Republique 874,670 U.S.S.R. Delny 724,720 U.K. Conqueror 875,900 U.S.S.R. Grozovoi 711,220 Italy Christoforo Colombo 875,950 U.S.S.R. Admiral Nakhimov 618,370 U.S.S.R. Kremlin 886,500
  4. This is a ship I hope gets added to the game despite it being in the game already and that is the Lion or Temeraire as the ship in this proposal is called. The ship is a mixture of Two Designs made for lion to complete it postwar; the first from the last 1944 proposal and the second is the 1945 Proposal A. These two come together to form Temeraire as the HP, secondary armament layout and speed are taken from the 1944 design and the size, aa defenses ,armament ,appearance and armor are from the 1945 version. (Credits to Tzoli for the Pictures and Tzoli and Navweaps for specifications). I think this would be the usual accompanying premium that comes with the British Battlecruiser line and would either be for coal to be Thunderer's Direct Replacement or for research points in the Research Bureau Here is the Description it would have in game then I will post the pictures right after this.. The last British battleship designed and laid down before the breakout of World War II. In many respects, the ship was a development of previous ships, she had greater dimensions, heavier armor, and modern 406 mm main guns. The Design was Modified in light of experience in the war and enlarged with additional AA defenses ,torpedoes and torpedo protection. Here are the features of Temeraire: Quick Speed at 33.5 knots stock and improved acceleration and deacceleration (20 seconds for full ahead and full reverse each) with good ruddershift Fast Reload reloading main guns that have Excellent Dispersion and Sigma and have the same penetration angles as Duke of York 4 Charges base of Specialized Repair teams and Engine Boost 2 sets of quintuple torpedo Launchers that can be Single Fired with excellent arcs of fire with good range and speed Fast firing secondaries Large Hitpoint Pool Here are the Drawbacks: Bad Armor plating only 27mm on the sides and 32mm on the deck Citadel is the length between the front and rear turrets and sits above the waterline, encompassing 50% of the armor belt High Detectability for a British Battleship and bad turning circle radius Big Deck area is vulnerable to fires Torpedoes can be knocked out at times if not destroyed. Slow Shells Bad HE fire Chance Leave your feedback Below I couldn't decide between both designs so I decided to combine both of them into one as I didn't like the armor on the 1944 one but didn't like the speed of the 1945.
  5. I use Gearing a LOT in clan battles. I'm sitting on 25K research bureau points, and I don't really want to regrind any tiers right now. Is the legendary mod the best use of my points, or should I hold out for a ship in a year or two (at the rate I'm going) ?
  6. Admiral_Bingo

    Siegfried or Yolo Emilio?

    Soooo, I'm getting close to getting enough RB points for Siegfried or Yolo Emilio but I have a hard time deciding between the two. Both are "unique" ships in their own respective manner that I would like to collect. I heard that Siegfried got shafted by the commander rework and isn't what she used to be and also that Emilio's gameplay can get pretty one dimensional. Both look like very fun ships though and I would very much appreciate some input on their performance and fun factor in the current meta.
  7. I know..use the search feature. I did and all threads got way too wordy. If I reset a split branch, Free XP through it, then in a few days reset the other line, do the ships that are included in both branches get 4x ?
  8. As per the title, can you still obtain the 4,000 research points from the Dockyard event if you have not yet unlocked the research bureau ? Planning for the future, i wouldn't hate to waste those points (receiving another currency alternatively). Thanks in advance
  9. The wiki puts last Monday the 8th as the estimated Research Bureau reset, though I'm not seeing any mention of it. Did it reset? I can't find any mention of it. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Research_Bureau Season 9 - 10 Aug. 2021 to 8 Nov. 2021 (est.)
  10. Question is same as the title. I have 1.1mil free XP now, not really sure what to spend it on. I did just unlock the Research Bureau, and I'm probably going to try for the Siegfried first, possibly followed by Paolo Emilio and then Ohio? With four currencies to keep track of (RB points, Free XP, Steel and Coal) that involve ships that aren't directly for sale I've got a lot to keep track of. Right now my resource priorities look something like this: Free XP: ???? Steel: Burgogne or Shikashima Coal: Carnot or Napoli (honestly this one is the hardest one to pick from, there's actually enough variety.) RB: Siegfried, always wanted it. I know it's not meta anymore, but I still want it. So I'm just looking for peoples' opinions on what's worth going for. For any and all of the currencies. I know we've got some new ships in development (like Kearsarge) that might be worth it, but I truly don't know what to do.
  11. Please stop subtracting the benefits of the legendary modules and ships after players earn them. It is pure deception to change the value of items after the transaction is complete without compensation. It is understandable if an occasional mistake is made and fair value is addressed, however, this has gotten out of hand. There have been dozens of instances where ships and other items are changed to less value in the name of balance without so much as an acknowledgement of the inherent loss to the players. There are no consequences for WG when this occurs and as a result it has reached abusive levels. If you must make these changes offer fair value in compensation and stop ignoring your mistakes hurt the player base.
  12. I’ve already spent the 8k doubloons for the boost at the beginning of the dockyard event. I have a little over 3500 doubloons currently. If I bought the last two dockyard boosts with those doubloons would that mean I effectively get more RB points? Reason I’m asking is I’m a little over 10k RB points away from Ohio and the dockyard event SHOULD get me the rest without needing to reset a line again.
  13. I don't have too much to say it is the navel training centre 1.2 the part left behind when NTC released v0.7 with only research bureau imagine you have to reset the line and spend 750 doubloon each time you go up a tier good luck and have fun I would praise the new system making premium player's life way easier than f2p player at a minimum 375% you just need 1 cap for your Stalingrad, Moskva, Slava and Neutrostranamy You save 525 doubloon each time switching among premium DD/CL/CB/BB/CV , and further divide baby whales and f2p hardliners
  14. I hadn't played the Fuso in a long time so getting the opportunity to grind her again for RB points was a walk down memory lane. Sometimes it's just nostalgia or powercreeping and when you go back you realize the ship you loved isn't quite the same. The Fuso, on the other hand, still feels like a fun and powerful ship -- perhaps more so. It took my silly self a few matches to realize it has a 28 second reload. I don't recall if this was changed or I had just forgotten it always had this reload but this only adds to its firepower. And that what this ship is all about - firepower. It has by far the most consistent firepower of any ship I have played. I mean what's not to like? 12 x 14" guns in a fairly comfortable configuration. Very long range for its tier. And the accuracy - I went around blapping T8's with impunity. Sure you need to catch them broadside but its range is conducive to this type of sniping. At T6 the firepower is borderline OP. New Mexico's have arguably a better configuration with the triple turrets but the short range and poor accuracy combined with the slow speed makes it feel lacking compared to the Fuso. While the armour doesn't let you brawl per say the firepower is enough to pound the hell out of opposing ships as they close. I scored a Dev Strike against a Colorado at point blank range in one match. And that's what I liked most about the Fuso - whereas some ships are good snipers because they are terrible as the distance closes I found the Fuso to be strong at range and just as strong if not stronger as you close. The rest of the ship is workable. Speed isn't terrible and still lets you kite to a degree, the AA is passable at its tier, and the armour is trolly if you can bait shots into the belt. For example I could take on 15" armed T8 BBs with ease at range. My single gripe is its propensity for fire. I run FP and I still burned to death under all the HE spam. I've regrinded the New Mexico, Normandie, and Bayern. The Fuso seems to be far more fun, more powerful, and workable at high tiers than all of these ships in my opinion. Replaying this ship was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other grueling grinds. 13/10 good ship.
  15. Hello. I am about to open up the bureau but i have a few questions. What happens with the ships you have bought on the line you reset? We earn credits? They are just lost? No compensation? We can get automatic credits? Regarding perma camos, what happen to those ships i have permanent camos? Camos are just lost? They go to some sort of inventory? I can mount then when i open up the ship again?
  16. If I reset a line does every ship need to be fully researched including the engine and range upgrades for example?
  17. "The long-awaited Soviet battleship Slava..." "Her modest armor and highly accurate guns..." For 63,000 Research Points.
  18. So I am not to the point that I have the research bureau, but will soon. When I reset a line, do I have to have all the ships researched? What if I got the ship in early access? For instance, Italian Cruisers, I got the Tier 5 in early access which means I never played Tiers 1-4. So do I get less points for not having played those ships? Is it worth my time to quick like grind those out?
  19. Just want to note a small bug. The Research Bureau does not correctly indicate that I already have the Unique Upgrades for the Zao, Yamato, and Des Moines. It does correctly display the grayed out UU icons for Hindenburg, Worcester, Kurfurst, and Grozovoi and mouse over informs me that I already have those items. I believe this is directly related to the upgrade usage as the Zao, Yamato, and Des Moines upgrades are all installed on the respective ships and the other four are not installed. So it seems the RB is reading data from the inventory, but not the ships. I haven't tested this because I just don't want to spend the doubloons, but I'm sure you guys have plenty of those. Thanks.
  20. Speaking of the Research Bureau and resetting lines, I have been debating whether I should reset a line first and play the ships, or play the ships and then reset the line. Let's say have played the Iowa in elite status enough to accumulate 300k+ XP, and then reset the line, will I still have that XP when I re-unlock Iowa (which is enough to immediately unlock Montana)? If possible, I think we may even be able to accumulate enough XP on every ship in a subject tech tree line, and instantly re-unlock the whole line after a reset. In this way, there will be no downtime for any tech tree ships you need for Clan Battles or divisions. Any inputs? Thanks in advance. Edit: Thanks for sending me the answers!
  21. I just started playing WoWs this past spring right around the time of the aircraft carrier rework. I have seen lots of complaints about the NTC on this forum, mostly when the topic of discussion is the Research Bureau. I am not familiar with the NTC (don't even know what it stands for: Naval Training Center?) and I suspect it is because I am relatively new to the game. Can someone who has been around a while tell me what the NTC is/was? Unless I am mistaken, it doesn't seem to be part of the game now. Was it ever? Thanks for the history lesson!
  22. So, here is my bid to help continue the growth of the Clan Naval Base. Please be advised these ideas are merely that, spaghetti thrown at the Wall of Wargaming Ideas and hoping something sticks. I am really open to other ideas, input and general considerations from players who may see different benefits from such structures (even if 180 degrees in the opposite direction.) WG Devs...please keep the Clan Base interesting, I love the concept and actually think it should be integrated into/with the Dockyard/Research Bureau (since they are both here to stay). Currently, clans can build the following structures; Officer's Club, Dry Dock, Shipbuilding Yard, Research Center, Design Bureau, Coal Port, Steel Port, Academy, Treasury, and a Rostral Column. My proposal would be to add the following structures; Headquarters Building, Intelligence and Signals Office, Facilities Engineering Bay, Magazines and or Ammunition Depot, Naval Gunnery and Proving Grounds, Machine and or Mechanics Shop, Naval Petroleum Reserve, Oil Refinery, and an Improved Tool Production Shop. Possible Benefits: (Again very open to other ideas to feed to WG Devs) Headquarters Building (Stages 5) - Stage 1 (Clan Leader + 1 Subordinate Officer) Stage 2-5 (+1 Subordinate Officer) each may benefit by receiving a 1 to 5 percent bonus equivalent, whenever giving out Treasury Rewards to Line Officer players. For example, the The Headquarters Building is at Stage 5, and the clan elects to give a Line Officer (Junior Member) 1,000 steel as a reward from the Treasury for a job well done during clan battles. When this is done, each officer in the Headquarters group would receive a five percent bonus to their own steel. So each would receive 50 steel. The same would work for coal. Intelligence and Signals Office (Stages 5) - Cost 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, and 40,000 oil - Reduce Coal/Silver Costs for the purchase of signals by X percentage with each stage complete in the Armory or Research Bureau. Facilities Engineering Bay (Stages 5) - Cost 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, and 40,000 oil - Engineers are renown for their ability to develop systems and shortcuts to save money and time. This could be tied directly to future dockyard events. If a dockyard event requires 50,000,000 points to complete within 30 days (example), then perhaps each stage would either reduce the speed at which points tick by 1 percent or reduce the overall completion points number by 1 percent. So a stage 5 Bay would reduce the 50,000,000 requirement to 2,500,000 points (or increase the tick rate of the journey by ~58 points per a minute (round up and make it 60) over the span of 30 days (+2.5 mil points). This would still make events such as the Puerto Rico (challenging) but would provide more incentive to join active clans, play the game, and perhaps, get more players to participate in challenges knowing they have a five percent bonus right off the top. Magazines and Ammunition Depot (Stages 5) - Cost 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, 60,000, 90,000 oil - Naval Battles are an interesting concept to earn oil, but seem static and players have lost interest as clan bases are completed. How about these stages help reduce the minimum requirements for the clan to earn the next stage. Each stage completion reduces it the minimum by 2 to 3 percentage points. Therefore, a Stage 5 Depot would reduce the damage requirement from 10,000 minimum to receive a Naval Battles Star to 9,000 to 8,500 and so on. Naval Gunnery & Proving Grounds (Stages 5) - Cost 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, 60,000, 90,000 oil -The proving ground would reduce the cost of ships for sale for resources in the Armory (as these two ideas seem to have a common theme) by a few thousand coal or steel for each structure built. And each stage increases the maximum tier the benefit helps with Stage 5 maxing out at Tier X ships. Again, not sure what percentage maybe 1 percent per a stage. Machine and Mechanics Shop (Stages 5) - Cost 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, and 40,000 oil - Enables the construction of Premium Consumables (either permanent for ships that can be built by tier or mass production of the current format). Once complete, these would make X amount of premium consumables a week and they would be added to the clan treasury for distribution by the leadership to other clan members. This would help reduce silver costs for players and reward those who want to be active/clan members/players with better resources. Naval Petroleum Reserve (Stages 4) - Cost 1,000, 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000 oil - A stockpile of reserves is helpful in times of crisis. Each stage allows a clan to "invest" saved oil, steel or coal for a set period of time and upon realizing this time, it will mature and provide a bonus. For example, the clan invests 20k oil, steel (in treasury), and coal (in treasury) for two months. After two months, those items increase in value by 10 percent. Each stage increases the maximum amount of a certain resource that can be put into investment. For example, Stage 1 is 20,000 oil, 20,000 coal, and 2,000 steel. Stage 2-4 provide an additional 10,000 oil, 5,000 coal, and 500 steel that can be invested (or something along these lines). Oil Refinery (Stages 3) - Cost 80,000 Oil each - Refined oil is better than crude. Each Crate opened provides an additional 1 oil. Each stage improves this by +1. Improved Tool Production Shop (Stages 4) - Cost 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, and 40,000 oil - New tools keep ships moving and help engineers maximize their time. Reduces the time in which Unique Upgrades or other Research Bureau items can be purchased/completed. Again, not sure on the percentage as WG has been elusive on details of how this transition will happen. However, if they are not tying it into the Clan Naval Base, they are missing an opportunity for cohesive team play. In conclusion, the benefits to these additions would get more clan interested in competitive play again as oil is best farmed in Clan and Naval Battles. I think, a few additions would spark renewed interest in clan activities and again give leadership decision challenges moving forward. Thanks for reading.
  23. landedkiller

    Research bureau issue

    PLEASE READ REDDIT POST AND THEN RESPOND https://reddit.app.link/rpSazJ1Vy2 I think it is very important to have a discussion on Wargaming as a whole lately. Do they really think we aren’t paying attention to what they are doing? What can we do to fight back against these ridiculous proposed changes. I mean those who have been around long enough remember how Missouri was removed and how Kronshtadt and Musashi were removed. Graf Zepplin Gate and the CV half baked cv rework. I think bearing this all in mind that we are simply Ignore the research bureau and let it die off due to unpopularity. Essentially what Wargaming is trying to do is pressure players to go back and regrind lines for RB points when they have already put in days or even months into grinding these lines already. I am ignoring the research bureau and I hope it dies. Seeing as how Wargaming only wants us to regrind the same lines over and over again no thanks. World of tanks doesn’t do this so warships should take a lesson from them and leave the players alone. We don’t want this point blank and it is important to realize that Wargaming has gotten greedy and that we need to stop giving into them or else they will just become more greedy. Would you trust a salesman who lies to you? That is essentially what has happened murmurous times since I beta tested this game. So please stop regrinding all of you until this company changes it’s ways.
  24. What defines a "Veteran Player?" Really though, what does? I am still wondering how WG see's the pre-requisite of "5 Tier X Ships" a fair and acceptable entry point for this new activity. When in reality... it couldn't be further from it. Lots of players don't have multiple tier X ships or even ANY tier X ships that have been playing this game for years. Why are they excluded from this? In my case, I have only two tier X ships. République & Henry IV. I am a HUGE french navy ship fan and enjoy the speedy play-style they allow me to have. I will be getting the Italian cruisers when they embark because they have a very niche play-style.. "big gun that go boom and is invisible ( full speed smoke )" If WG was to not change it any-time in the future, then I would be up to 3 lines ( having the Italian cruisers researched ). Still unable to reset a branch. In order for me to partake in this, I have to get 3 other lines ( or 2 if the Italian cruisers come out before any changes are made ) that I simply have no interest in playing whatsoever, to then be eligible to play? No, that's wrong. The requirement should be removed in it's entirety or reverted to what was initially announced by Kami, "who has at least two tier X re-searchable ships in port" I can't be the only one here who is in the same boat as me. Lots of players are excluded from this because "veteran players" are classified as holders of many tier X ships when it shouldn't be that way. I guess I have been playing the game all wrong if I don't have several tier X ships? Also Lets be honest.. the Research Bureau is a cash cow.You don't have to be a genius to see why. You only have to peak your nose into the premium shop right now. TODAY ( August 21 2019 ) the new update which rolled out RB also landed a few new premium shop goodies for purchase. All these "support" bundles to help ease the players for regrinding. However... I could of sworn/heard I read somewhere that you wanted players to remember the earlier experiences in the game". Found it. here is a link to that video. Start the video at 3:00 and listen away. Now if WG wanted players to take their time through this and remember those earlier experiences/ with the grind, why would they bring out these bundles to help move them quicker to the higher tiers again? They don't. They know the majority of the lower tier ships are very unplayable in stock configuration. They know very well you don't want to play those. If they wanted to make you play those, they could simply put some earn-able research bureau tokens on the lower tier ships... but instead they keep it at 6 and above only. I am not outraged that this entire activity is a cash cow... but WG playing it off as some sort of " enjoy the old times and earn something new" is really far-fetched. I don't expect WG to come out and blatantly mention this is a cash grab.. but from the responses on the YT videos on how they explained how it works and the goals are... the majority of players don't want it. They can get more players to partake in this by simply reverting the requirement or removing it in its entirety. Why would it be a bad thing? It wouldn't be. ( for their pockets ) I know I am probably going to get flamed, and that's fine. I am a grown man. I can take feedback. I just feel after 3 years of playing this game, loving this game, supporting this game by purchasing premium ships/ time, doubloons, camo.. you name it... I feel jaded that I am left out. This is how I feel. I was so excited initially with the NTC. I wasn't keen on the rewards they were offering at the time, but the concept of it I was 100% on board with. Jimbob.
  25. I decided this may be worth posting, because almost every game I've played in my Ohio, someone " often multiple people," will ask about the ship. I know the odds are slim those same players look at the forum, but I haven't really seen anyone posting their thoughts on it post release, and I have yet in fact to meet another Ohio in the same match as me. ( I have seen a few Thunderers.) Therefore, I thought it may be worthwhile to share my opinion of her. Please be aware beforehand that this is strictly my OPINION, and yours may be vastly different than mine, and whether or not a ship is worth earning is ultimately a decision one must make for him or herself. So, is she a good ship? In my opinion she is a great ship! I really enjoy her as a whole. She's like a slightly slower Montana with bigger guns in fast turning turrets. She has a great secondary armament "if you build for it." She has awesome AA, good dispersion on the 457s, heals with fast recharges, and is on the tried and true Montana hull that, when angled, is quite tanky and absorbs damage quite well. Now if you were hoping for a "borderline OP" ship like a Stalingrad, or "blatantly OP" ship like Smolensk, then you may be disappointed as, while very strong, she is very much "balanced" in every sense of the word. There are instances where she will outshine other BBs at her tier. However, in just as many cases, the opposite will be true. I began having better results with her when I quit using my 19 point Montana captain and took a 17 point captain out of the NC and retrained him with secondary's in mind. While still not an all out brawler like the GK, Ohio does lend herself to a little bit more aggressive gameplay as she doesn't perform long range gunnery duties quite as well as her tech tree sister "due to having fewer guns. " In closing, I think Ohio is a great ship, and Im happy that I have her in my port. Again though, whether or not she is worth the work, (or money,) is up to the individual to decide. I will post some photos below to show my current captain skills, as well as the modules I chose.