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Found 3 results

  1. I was messing around in a training room with my Moskva when I noticed that 99% of my AP shells that registered as "penetration" and was aimed at the lower broadside of the French Tier X Republique ship did almost no damage. Even just above the water line by quite a bit it's still the same issue. This only seems to happen in the mid and stern sections of the ship. The bow area doesn't seem effected. Below is a gif of what I noticed. Is the ship designed like this? If it doesn't load: https://i.imgur.com/4kOtUXy.gifv
  2. richie_macrophage

    2nd Tier X!

    Today I have gotten my second tier X capital ship Welcome the Republique! This was one of the fastest lines I've ever advanced in, and was also very enjoyable.
  3. so I get to spend down the account as soon as I got it... ;) Top tier French BB - man I seem to connect with the higher tier French BBs. FIrst time I really felt I could play and to an extent - control things around me in the Rich and Alsace. Never had cits so easy in any other ship I have played then with the Alsace. I don't do double digits over an entire game but finally gotten good enough to get double and quad cits in a salvo.