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Found 2 results

  1. Ishizuchi


    I keep getting reported whenever I play CVs, regardless of my good performance well... Will I ever get punished for these reports despite not doing anything wrong? Why do people make these kinds of reports?
  2. Sometimes offensive players go above and beyond the average level of scummy behavior so you report them via customer service. Screen shots, videos and a short note. You get a canned response. Okay. Sometime later, not really long, reasonably short time cause you remember the individual's clan/name, there they are again. Doing exactly the same stuff they did before. So it must be only one of two scenarios: 1. Nothing but a slap on the wrist was done, if at all. 2. They didn't learn anything. I'm not sure which happens most often, so seriously WG/WoWS - what IS done for repeat offenders? Do you have a page that explains the process in detail? Because I'm not sure why I'd see them again. TIAFYC