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Found 4 results

  1. Karma This guide is intended for all those who are curious or concerned about how karma works and what it does. As of today (7 Jan 2021), a WOWS Wiki article exists to explain Karma here. Essential information (a summary of what we know) Karma was introduced in patch 0.5.2, in 2016* Your own karma rating can be seen by clicking on your IGN (In Game Name) in the top left corner of your screen, when in port. Other players cannot see your karma rating without using 3rd party tools. Karma is calculated as the difference between the number of compliments and reports received, and may not be less than zero. More karma only means you can attribute more + and - karma to other players. If a player is complimented or reported, a system message appears after a battle. The system message for reports will be displayed only if a player has been reported by at least two players.* The system message for compliments will show the specific number of people who complimented you (without specifying their nicknames, however).* Karma reports are used by WG systems for the purpose of auto moderating in game chat violations, but as of this topic publication, there is no indication that WG uses them for anything else. Maximum sanctions via in game chat automoderation appear to be 24 hours. Sanctions for 3 days or more require peer review by Wargaming staff. More information on this topic can be found here by EU CM Sehales and here by NA CM @Hapa_Fodder. We are actively researching this topic, and will update as soon as helpful information is made available. For all serious gameplay violations for which negative karma is insufficient, file a ticket with Player Support, here https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/ with a screenshot and replay, if possible. Several in game violations are automatically moderated by the game server https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-guides/anti-abuse-system/ Karma has no effect on your ability to play the game - Karma is not related to the officially automated protocol for gameplay sanctions (pink/orange/ for afk, team damage, abandonment, ecetera) Karma in game has nothing to do with your forum reputation, they are unrelated. tip : Some 3rd party tools which datamine player gameplay statistics can and do publish player karma. example: https://wows-monitor.com/ Attribute karma points To attibute karma points during a battle, press TAB then right click on a players name to access the sub menus Report & Compliment to players on your team Types of compliments (positive karma) Plays well (ally) Good Manners (all) Types of reports (negative karma) Plays poorly (all) Away from keyboard (AFK) (all) Misbehaviour in chat (all) Unsporting behaviour (ally) to players on the enemy team Types of compliments (positive karma) Worthy Adversary (enemy) Good Manners (all) Types of reports (negative karma) Plays poorly (all) Away from keyboard (AFK) (all) Misbehaviour in chat (all) N.B Karma can ony be attributed while in battle, or in the minutes just after a battle has ended. If you are to slow to compliment or report a player, this message will appear Karma notifications When you credit, compliment or report a player : When you recieve more than 1 compliment or more than 2 reports you will receive these notifications : If a player (a) is complimented/reported by the same person (b), 2 or more times during the same battle, only + or - 1 karma will be credited. Do not waste your daily karma quota! (This, and related, information is undergoing further research, and testing, special thanks to @Zoot21, our in game karma correspondant and explorer.) It is not possible to determine who credits or subtracts Karma, you can only be certain that it must be a person who took part in your latest battle (ally or enemy). tip : A common convention during battle is to write in chat "+1" when attributing karma points, "reported" or "-1"when subtracting karma points, but these statements should be treated with caution. Karma power levels As you earn karma, the only tangible benefit will be the ability to attribute/subtract more Karma from other players (oh, the POWER!! for all the control freaks out there) Karma Level Limit on reports and compliments 0 - 19 7 reports and 7 compliments 20 - 49 8 reports and 8 compliments 50 - 79 9 reports and 9 compliments 80 - 109 10 reports and 10 compliments > 110 11 reports and 11 compliments Karma power levelling is only possible by being both incredibly nice (so boring) and playing, consistently, very well. Or sticking to Coop. What is karma for? Karma is a simple way for players to quickly express their approval/disapproval during battles, without resorting to four letter words, or middle fingers, and without disrupting or distracting themselves and/or team mates. Karma has a very limited moderation role on in game chat (which requires an overwhelming number of negative reports duriing one or several battles in sequence, to cause an automated chat ban moderation to take effect. Some players are pleased when the receive positive karma, others feel gratification when they give positive karma to others. Karma is not language dependant, you can express your delight/disapproval to players who do not speak your language, or who do not read chat. Can karma be abused? A player is restricted to the number of karma points they can use per day. (max 11, min 7) A player who spams reports and compliments will quickly run out of karma points to spend. In random battles, coordinated attribution of karma is only feasible with a division of 2 or 3 likeminded players. Within Divisions you cannot give Karma points to teammates. (Positive or negative) But clan members who meet in battle, can compliment/report one another. Karma is there to be used, it is there to allow players to vent their frustration/delight in a channelled and safe manner. It is very difficult (but not impossible) to abuse in a manner which has a negative effect on other players. Is it ok to encourage others to compliment/report a player? As long as the reports/compliments are for appropriate reasons, of course it is. But the Karma system is self regulating, abuse of karma may see a Karma abuser, getting Karma abuse in return. So be sure to use Karma, only where you are sure it is deserved, and for the appropriate reason. Do not report a player for being afk, because you do not like something they have said. Likewise do not compliment an enemy player on their gameplay when you mean to compliment their good behaviour (good manners) tip : But, as stated at the the start of this guide : negative/positive karma have NO EFFECT on a players standing with WG, with other players, or on their ability to play the game. The very worst that can happen is a temporary chat ban. Alternatives to karma In battle, aim your targeting reticule at a player and press f11 ("Well done! #IGN") or f12 ("Thankyou #IGN). In battle, you can express your opinion using the chat function (type Enter/ "your message" and Enter/ again.) Be sure to remain polite in all circumstances. Common expressions of approval include "Nice!", "GG (good game)", "+1 #IGN". Expressions of disapproval are more common, more varied, and generally unprintable. Use this link for serious violations of gameplay/chat https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/ Use this forum to compliment another player in a meaningful way. But remember, no naming and shaming, so make sure your forum post is complimentary. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/ To message a player after a battle, go to the results screen, right click their name and click on "message". Be careful to remain polite, nothing prevents a recipient of a salty chat message, from republishing a screenshot on a 3rd party website/forum such as Discord or Reddit. Players can also gift one another articles via the Premium Shop, to express their admiration (e.g a bundle of flags) or perhaps if so inclined, disapproval. I was once gifted a tier 2 Albany with the message, "git gud" (possibly the most useful negative reaction I have ever received). https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/ I hope this rather simple guide will prove helpful, at least until a comprehensive and WG approved guide is published on the WOWS WIKI @https://wiki.wargaming.net/ this guide is not exhaustive, I'll try to update and amend, if more information is supplied by WG or by forum users. If you ever have a doubt, about something the only place to go for 100% certain advice, or help, is official Player Support here https://na.wargaming.net/support/ * taken from https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Update_0.5.2
  2. Hola Foro: Quisiera comentar lo que me sucedió hoy en una batalla. Resulta que jugaba con el portaviones Implacable, en el escenario Gigante Dormido, alrededor de las 11:40 horas AM. Llegando casi al final de la batalla un jugador comienza a solicitar que me reporten diciendo que perdieron por mi culpa. Solicitó que me reportearan porque "yo arruiné la batalla". No respondí en el chat, estaba concentrado en los ataques. Me comporté con respeto. Me limité a poner 3 signos de interrogación (???), porque en principio no comprendía qué hablaba. Luego, en privado (en el puerto), le pregunté qué había dicho de mí. Y no respondió. Otro jugador puso que no me reportearan porque no era así. Sobre la batalla debo aclarar que tanto él como yo hundimos 1 barco cada uno y tuvimos un puntaje similar (él un poco superior al mío). Además puse consumibles antiaéreos en varios lugares del juego. Aunque nunca solicitaron Apoyo Aéreo. Y realicé 15 vuelos de ataque. Por supuesto denuncié al jugador formalmente a Wargaming. No es la primera vez que éste jugador me agrede. Pasó otra vez en el pasado. Me parece injusto que le carguen la culpa a un sólo jugador del resultado de una batalla. Ayer me pasó lo mismo en una batalla de rango, porque uno de los tres jugadores, decía que: "yo me alejé mucho" y me reporteó (y convenció al otro -en el chat- para que me reporteara). Siendo que en esa batalla yo tuve más puntaje que él e hice mucho más daño a barcos que ellos. Y sobreviví hasta el final, cuando el que me reporteó se suicidó lanzándose al comienzo frente a los 3 barcos enemigos. LOS JUGADORES NO DEBEN CULPAR A OTROS DE SUS FRACASOS!!!!!! Y SE DEBE REVISAR EL SISTEMA DE REPORTES!!!!! SALUDOS
  3. Ishizuchi


    I keep getting reported whenever I play CVs, regardless of my good performance well... Will I ever get punished for these reports despite not doing anything wrong? Why do people make these kinds of reports?
  4. Sometimes offensive players go above and beyond the average level of scummy behavior so you report them via customer service. Screen shots, videos and a short note. You get a canned response. Okay. Sometime later, not really long, reasonably short time cause you remember the individual's clan/name, there they are again. Doing exactly the same stuff they did before. So it must be only one of two scenarios: 1. Nothing but a slap on the wrist was done, if at all. 2. They didn't learn anything. I'm not sure which happens most often, so seriously WG/WoWS - what IS done for repeat offenders? Do you have a page that explains the process in detail? Because I'm not sure why I'd see them again. TIAFYC