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Found 6 results

  1. CageyBee1954

    Reporting SuperTesters?

    Today I had a SuperTester in a Smaland to closely shadow me and use my ship as a screen to stop shells as he drew fire from the enemy. I there anyway to report SuperTesters with unsporting behavior other than the Karma system or are they supposed to test cheating tactics?
  2. In our "For What it's Worth" department... Karma now 600 - doubled since June of 2018. Back then I had a goal to get to 300. I hope WG can still find something useful to do with it. Here are a few things I would like to see tied to it. Coal, or better yet, steel. Why not as a reward for complimentary play/behavior? Doubloons would also be nice. Even supercontainers with a higher chance for ship drop, doubloons, high credit amounts or high elite/free XP amounts. Set any of these rewards on reaching target numbers. Maybe at 50, 100, 300, 500, and 1,000 karma. Make the rewards larger at each stage. And if you implement something like this make sure those who have already passed one or more of the reward levels get the cumulative rewards! Still having fun after four years of play. Keep it up WG!
  3. Anyone can clarify how does the "ban by complaints" system work? It's just 24hrs but during a game, I just wiped a division and they were going on about how "CV is cancer" and all that and within a few minutes before I got a chance to reply, I got a system update that says I've been "banned by complaints" from messaging. I have a faint feeling this entire "ban by complaint" system can be abused by salty people who just mass-false-flag people that just killed them. Maybe there's a more advanced system in place but google is coming up blank about how the system works. Any ideas?
  4. I think it would be an easy and acceptable thing for you to extend the time allotted for commenting at match end by oh, double? I dunno about you but sometimes nature calls, something has to be dealt with and you miss that small window of opportunity. Had an awesome game, wife called for something, return back to give comps to both sides and Sorry, time for commenting has expired. If you could double the time, that'd be great. Thanks.
  5. Dear WG developers: I have always been disappointed whenever I come across cancer divisions or some really frustratingly OP opponents, entered the REPORT menu, and finds that nothing in the description suits my complaint: He wasn't a poor player, often top xp, and certainly not doing verbal abuse or AFK. BUT the encounter surely made me wanna RAGE QUIT the game, and from a business standpoint probably not a good sign, cuz when they do feel so, they might pay less or even stop playing altogether. SO, maybe it's a better idea to have a channel for players to direct that fury, say, ADD REPORT - HELPLESS FIGHT/ cancer div / OP opponent, whatever you call it - if you are not happy as the game is supposed to make you, just say it out loud. And, maybe an "other complaints" option as well for a twitter-like quick feedback. I do have some familiarity with the field of psychology, though it does not take a PhD degree to see that even if the feedback go unnoticed, at least the players will feel somewhat cared for and probably a better Gaming Experience as well as Purchasing Willingness. It might be also a good point to pop up a short message hammering in some relevant in-game basis, such as moving predictably tend to get punished, the importance of angling and smart position, and also, bad luck such as detonating / torp 1-shot on a DD do happen, etc. Might be a good idea though that this report function be set to not influence the Karma value, since it's rarely the opponent's fault to perform well. The data could also prove invaluable to the balancing of the game - record as a short message what ship the report-er sailed, and what ship was reported of, and this would add to WG's big data pool. sure, we need to filter out common players mad at say being hunt by invisible DD, burned from HE spam or getting outplayed in general, BUT, whenever there is a big bump, which I would say with some confidence that such things should've happened for the early Conqr, and maybe for the current IGN pen-it-all gunboat, then WG probably could start working early with the balancing changes before the performance data stabilizes (experienced players usually climb up tiers faster). Sure it means some quick money selling free XP, but if something is brokenly OP, there's always the price for people leaving the game, it's better to be at least aware of the situation than simply saying "we are still waiting for statistics" which does get old and frustrating. Feel free to comment below if that sounds a good idea to you or not, and of course I'd love to chat about the fun balanz boats also! [NADO] NewbieDash, NA/PTS/CST
  6. I live in a scum 3rd world country where power outages occur 3/4 times per hour in day time. In night time, its less frequent. So I often get disconnected from the server while in game. I have a UPS but that is to shut down the computer manually, not to keep playing game any longer. By the time I sign in (if power comes back soon) I am dead unless I am not in sight of enemy team. The only way to avoid power disconnection is to buy inverter system which I am not up for now. Since there is a new report option for "AFK players", I wonder what could be the result of those reports if I got any.