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Found 20 results

  1. I got a really good game in the ARP Kirishima today and I wanted to show my friends the replay. When I tried to open the replay file with worldofwarships.exe, an error popped up. It was in the box "WCG init error" and the text read "prepare none failed, error 80ee2001" I've been playing for quite a while now but this is the first time I've ever tried to watch and upload a replay. I don't know what might be causing this and I'd really appreciate any help in resolving this situation.
  2. Last night during clan battles we fought another clan on the Haven Map. During the game, the DM (Cdr_Niki) in A cap lines up on a Henry IV coming around the corner of an island. The replay from his (Cdr_Niki)) computer shows a completely different view from what I saw on the replay on my computer. My computer (mushmouthmorton) replay shows horrendous desync. His replay shows minimal desync. Attached are the two replays. Which one is right? If we cannot trust what we are seeing on our screens, how are we supposed to play this game? There is no way to play a competitive event like Clan Wars when you are at the mercy of a random event that completely nullifies how well you play your ship. Please review these files and see if you can supply and answer. @hapa_fodder 20200606_215810_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay 20200606_190027_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  3. BlueScope819

    Replays question

    Hi, I just had a battle in which another member of my team just saved the entire day. I have a replay file from my perspective, how can I watch the entire battle from the other players point of view?
  4. Over the last few days I noticed that after a battle, the game would kick me all the way back to port. When I tried to access the post-battle results from the list of battles fought today, the game responded that results were only available for battles played in the current session. After logging out and logging back in, sometimes I could get results, sometimes not. Problem seems to be intermittent. At about the same time, a problem surfaced logging into the game from Game Center, which I've used for quite a while. The login information passed from Game Center was somehow either wrong or corrupted. When the game loaded, instead of authenticating correctly it told me my email or password were incorrect and to reenter them. When I did this, authentication proceeded as usual. This problem has also been intermittent. Just yesterday I went to check for a replay of a game I had just played and discovered that no replays had been recorded since April 8. I don't play every day, so I'm not sure exactly when this started. I created tickets for all the problems, WG support condensed them down into one ticket, but have focused on the replays portion so far. After making sure that the preferences.xml was configured properly, I played a game in safe mode (no mods). A replay was created. Played another game with mods. No replay this time. That's where it currently sits, with the ball in WG support's court. The login issue has disappeared for now, but the intermittent problem of no post-battle results is still there. They haven't tried to address any of the other problems. I just don't want the response from support to be stop using mods. Obviously other people use these and have no problems, otherwise there would be plenty of posts about it. I just started with using mods that were recommended by iChaseGaming in his recent series of YouTube vids on how to improve as a WoWs player. I use ModStation, and replays are enabled in ModStation also. I'm at a loss right now.
  5. To my knowledge replay files are still buggy and WOWs hasn't done much for game replays since the beginning. You still have to access them through external files and there are still no in game tools to manipulate replay files that i'm aware of. Also replays are limited to the player's perspective during the battle replay. I think we would all like and benefit from an in game replay browser with many viewing options such as first person, free camera, shot follow, fast forward, rewind etc. One interesting idea I have for a replay mode would be a top down map of the battlefield where you can track every single ship (friend or foe), every shot fired, every torpedo spread, every salvo damage etc. This way you could replay a match and study global match strategies and figure out what went right or wrong rather than just focussing on the player's perspective. Thoughts?
  6. I am trying to view replays of Clan Battles that I just played tonight (so no version issue). Some work fine, but others leave me stuck at the loading screen that shows the players. I have had this problem for a while (not just today). I can hear the battle going, and if I press the Insert key the game audio will speed up just like a usual replay. Before the match starts, I can click Start Battle but nothing happens. During the match, I can press escape to get a cursor. Maps not working: Land of Fire, Tears of the Desert (naval mission), Crash Zone Alpha (Britain), Sea of Fortune (sea hope) Maps that work: North (NE North), Mountain Range (Ridge), Hotspot (OC Bees To Honey) Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a workaround? I tried disabling mods (most of them, anyway) to no avail.
  7. Hey all, I wanted to ask y'all how I watch my post-battle replays. I just had a pretty exciting game in my Großer Kurfurst and I wanted to save, watch, and possibly share it. Any assistance on this would be very helpful because there isn't much that I could find in the way of currently posted YouTube videos relating to the current or close-to current game clients.
  8. StormSurgeAlpha

    Unlisted WOWS Replay Videos

    I occasionally upload a good replay to https://replayswows.com/. Without necessarily submitting them for competition, I've noticed some of my uploads get converted into a video on YouTube hosted on the WOWS Replay Channel. However, when I watch the video from YouTube, I notice the videos are marked as "Unlisted". So, the videos are there but hidden so no one perusing the Channel will see it as available content to watch. So, what does it mean that a member of the WG staff converted my replay file to a replay video but left it unlisted so the public can't see it unless they happen to find it via the replaywows.com website?
  9. pocketpenny

    Can't view replays

    Recently I've been saving my replays so I can re-watch them and watch what I did right/wrong. Only problem is that whenever I try to open them, I get a window titled "WGC init error" and in it it reads "prepare none failed, error 80ee2001". I have already made it so that the file opens with WorldOfWarships.exe. I've even scoured all of google and the only post I could find even mentioning this issue was on the Russian wows forum that only had 2 responses and the translations were awful. My brain hurt.
  10. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Replays Won't Load

    My replays won't load anymore. I right click, open with, Client Runner (WoWS). The load screen appears where I type in my account info. Then it just gets stuck loading. The replay never starts even after five minutes. I haven't been able to load any of my replays since 8.4 came out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a replay from Clan Brawls that I really want to capture. Thanks.
  11. I just had a monster game in the New French tier 10 bb and when I tried to load the replay file it kept giving me an error that said vivoxsdk.dll was not found I have tried checking and repairing the game and that hasn't worked I have also restarted my PC and nothing has worked I just want to save this replay it was sooo awesome. plz help!
  12. Submarine_M1

    7.12 update file

    i was wondering if theres a way i can get the 7.12 version of an application so i can play the replay of my epic solo warrior in my 81 knot shima? if not, is there a command that allows me to play that said replay? it was made a day before the 8.0 update, sadly ty for the info, btw : heres the screenshots, btw
  13. mistermark

    Replays Menu Item

    I learn so much from replays. I want a menu item in the game called "View Replays" which lists out the replays in my replays folder and allows me to play them within the game client. They are already being recorded, and they already require the game client to play, so I can't imagine this being hard to implement. The current process of getting out of the game and hunting around in windows folders and doing other technical things to get it to play is nice for techies, but I want to stay within the game client for all game-related activities.
  14. So WG seems to have broken the replays in one of their recent patches (0.8.1 or 0.8.2). I can no longer watch any replay files. I'm hoping that they will fix this in the near future, but given the lack of attention that WG has historically given to the replay system, I'm not holding my breath. Given this, I tried uploading a couple of good replays to ReplaysWows.com. It seems like this site is affiliated with WG, but I can't tell for sure. And my question is regarding the "Video" option on that site. Some replays seems to get converted into a YouTube video and others do not. And I have no idea why. I have a video that I uploaded that got converted to a YouTube video in about 2 weeks or so. And I have a second one that uploaded that still has no video. And then I see other replays that seem to get videos made within a day or two. Does anyone know the secret? I'd like to watch one of my replays and see what happened during a particular fight. Also, if anyone knows a trick to fixing the broken replay system, itself, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks.
  15. Here I will post replays of my better matches. Feel free to comment and critique. Before we begin though, I would like everyone to know that they area able to record full-quality replays, regardless of how weak their PC is. Using old WOT-based videos as an example: Proof of concept: Tutorial:
  16. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    You could have asked!!!

    Why? Why did you reduce replays to 30? Why 30? Why not 40 or 20 or 60? WHY NOT ASK THE USER BASE WHAT THEY WOULD PREFER??? ( yes I know I am shouting) ..and yes I just lost a replay I wanted to make a video on, and yes I suppose I could have edited whatever file you have to edit that users had to figure out... but the questions stands... Why did they add the restriction? Why did they choose 30? Why did they not ask the user base what they would prefer? harrumph
  17. I wanted to watch my replays of the previous ranked season and see where I went wrong. However, a new patch came since then 0.7.9, and now my replay wont open. Any way I can still see that replay? is there any client or something?
  18. Ken220_2016

    Watching replays

    Is there a better way of watching a replay of your battle without using You Tube?
  19. Fabianocc

    Gravando suas partidas

    Passo a passo mastigadinho mostra como fazer para ter suas partidas gravadas com arquivos de Replay do jogo, e como ver depois as partidas que jogou!
  20. Fire_and_Brimstone

    My Website & YouTube Channel Links

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