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Found 32 results

  1. Navalpride33

    MM did my man dirty...

    Yes, I'll admit.. MM does deal you a heart breaker... A heart-breaker worst then a lonely St. Valentine Day. This was a soul crushing experience.. I had the replay to see it for my own eyes. Granted, it doesn't happen often but when it does... Man this has to go to the WOWS match HOF... Feat your eyes Ladies and Gents... Our top scorer was a SUB! Who, almost made a Kraken and turned a lost battle to a win. Meanwhile, The red DD, had 6 wins for a lost cause... Almost but no cigar. What would you think if you scored 6 kills and lost a match? Rigged MM right? Nope... Just a Great work from tour sub player to keep us in the Match... Again hats off indeed too all who partook in this match. SHEESH! MM can be crual sometimes lol BTW, Comp'ed the SUB driver for a job well jone. 20230520_174908_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  2. Hey all, Recently started up a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRhs69P1wojb-JKVz7jLPg) which features weekly videos with my opinion on the ships I'm playing and some commentary (both the good and bad) of my gameplay. I'll add a post with each new video, so please scroll to the end for the latest iteration. This week's video features a game in the Tier V Hawkins. So come on over to watch me make some boneheaded plays and talk out of my aft porthole! Thanks and happy sailing! Caffeinicus
  3. Clear some things up (other than the disclaimer in the Sig.) Subs do belong in the game Just not like this... The current Development of subs is going backwards IMO.. Love the Sub Scenario when it premiered... My views are based on independent observation... The only caveat expressed is the "Fair play" doctrine... When play is no longer fair... Then the communities argument of WOWS, being a casino rather then a chess game of sea and digital boats... Well become more and more prevalent... Yes, I did watched the Sub myth busted twitch episode... Just because I know, doesn't mean I love the interaction presented... In a previous thread... https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/254753-subs/?tab=comments#comment-5748366 I posted this pic.. In that thread I called attention to how this 4km no mans land can be exploited by Sub players.. This exploit can be a match breaking... Mainly, BB drivers do not have a counter for these situations. As other noted in that thread... All you can do is turn tail and WASD to glory... Now here's a replay of the problem faced by BB drivers with this issue... In the Replay (20220507_210616_PASB518-Massachusetts_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay)... I knew where the SUB was Based on PING and last location on the Mini map... At close range, he was undetectable for A LOT of time... My options were Secondaries (they suck against subs) Guns (unable because the sub exploited the detection mechanic). RAM (unfortunate but yeah)... ASW planes (were moot/useless) Even though the SUB was the closer target... There was nothing I can do other then shot at a BB and cruiser... The replay starts and the end point is at the 13 min mark... The match itself was a lost cause... That's a minuscule detail considering the context.. If anything, a solution that is fair for both the SUB and the BB drivers must be devised... The current in game experience on the topic, is neither...
  4. Mr_Argamas

    Weimar run, PVP style.

    I thought I would share an hilarious short game replay with you. I basically get my Weimar, hit the engine boost, and rush at the enemy team. Ending the game at 6:19 by killing the enemy CV. Sunk 3 ships and nearly killed a 4th (everything I had on my flank). 15 citadel hits, 123.9k dmg. A massive blowout for the red team. I also uploaded the replay to wows replay, but it appears like it didn't sum the dmg from the last salvo that ended the game (it only shows 115k). https://replayswows.com/replay/157196 Still linking, because the video might appear, eventually. 20220405_185019_PGSC517-Weimar_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay /edit: forgot to add the screenshot with battle duration.
  5. IsotopeTrombone

    Simple Replay Tutorial

    A while back, replays were enabled by default. Your most recents games are saved as replays which can be found in the "replay" folder located inside the main WoWs folder (the one that contains the .exe). Replays are pretty small, and older ones are deleted, so don't worry about your harddrive filling up with old replays. To watch a replay, double click on it like you would an application. If Windows can't find an application through which to run the replay, manually select the WoWs .exe in the drop down menu. WoWs can NOT be open. You can NOT watch a replay, and simultaneously have WoWs open. Replays can be renamed (some users have reported that renaming can cause issues, others have no issue), moved around, shared. Once open, the replay will show you pretty much exactly what you saw when you originally played that game. It will replay your camera movements, zoom, bullet tracking, etc. This can be changed, as outlined below. Controls: Control-j: toggles the UI (enabled by default) Mouse 1: Allows you to look wherever you want (not tied to the crosshair) Control-Shift-Backspace: detaches the camera from the ship (only if mouse 1 is already clicked), allowing use of the following commands Arrow keys: control movement on a flat plane Number Pad 7: move down Number pad 9: move up Number pad 8: look up Number pad 5: look down Number pad 4: look left Number pad 6: look right Number pad 1: go in the direction the camera is facing Number pad 3: go in the reverse of where you're facing B: attach camera to ship movement (can be any ship) Shift-B: attach camera to ship movement, and turn (can be any ship) Press these buttons again to detach from the ship End: pause replay Home: resume at normal speed Delete: slow down replay, each press slows down progressively more Insert: speed up replay, same thing Theoretically, "," and "." can skip backward and forward, but they always crash my replays. Scroll wheel zooms in and out (without the binocular effect) ESC brings up the same menu as in battles, press Exit to close out the replay. Pressing ESC when in super slow mo causes the menu to take it's sweet time appearing. The replay needs to be unpaused for the ESC menu to appear. Sometimes you also need to enable the UI (control-J) You can go underwater, it is very cool. Anything that happens to the ship that is the subject of the replay will also happen to the camera even if it is detached. For example, if the ship catches on fire, the replay camera will acquire flame effects. Similarly, if the replay camera is 30km away from the ship, sounds will still be heard as if the ship is right there (reload sounds, gunshots, flooding etc...) in addition to the nearby sounds. If you know of any other replays controls, let me know please!
  6. For a while now there has been a bug on wowsreplays.net where captain skills don't show up. They used to, but not anymore. In fact, I think it might be a leftover from the Skill Rework. Here are some examples: One does not simply get 11 kills in a Random Battle with an unskilled captain. GG by the way, Sky__Cancer I can also tell you I wasn't derping around in Ranked with an unskilled captain either. Anyone who can edit the code on the replays site, can you go take a look? ♦
  7. I am trying to Open Replays in my Replay folder. It is set to have WoWS open it up. When I open the REPLAY it just loads WoWS and brings me to the port. I tried dragging the replay onto the WOWS icon and it brings me to the port. I use the Epic launcher not the WGC launcher. ALSO, I tried looking for the game on the WGC launcher and it says no Wargaming product exists, and I most certainly have WoWS installed. Epic does not handle technical problems very well.
  8. Navalpride33

    Some Comedic WOWS (Replay),

    If anyone would like to use this replay in their youtube channel, please forward me the link as well ... TY. 20210730_225524_PRSC107-Schors_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay intermittently, the game was over at the 14 min mark.. But, it was the must boring up the middle charge I've seen on two brothers... Those who love a laugh, will love this short feature... I would like to thank Popcorn from TNG for the comedy along with, the other 22 players in the match. We all need a chuckle or a belly laugh... So enjoy...
  9. Lazy_Joe

    I have fun

    You will not believe it! I uploaded another replay commentary vid. Two in two days, I am going mental here, I tell ya. But this time I just want to have fun, like girls. If you don't get that reference to some 80's song just watch the video as the song has nothing to do with it. All others watch the video as it might actually be nice to watch and if you don't watch you don't know what you are misssing. Ah, btw, it features the Iowa. You like Iowa, don't you? https://youtu.be/SaO45IljCHg
  10. Navalpride33

    A Promise is a promise (Kami REPLAYx2)

    As promised to the guys in tonight's Kami match... The replay of the match is going to be available for them to enjoy at their leisure, on the Forums... (PLUS A BONUS)A Draw Match up. I would like to thank all who's participation enhanced the enjoyment of the matches displayed... I've enjoyed the battle immensely. TY guys... The replays 20210505_222907_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_41_Conquest.wowsreplay 20210505_225853_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_41_Conquest.wowsreplay The draw... Enjoy guys!
  11. Adding a visual to @vikingno2 thread here... Here I present a double CV match (REPLAY) in where I am playing DD... Everything was great, exciting, and everyone is having fun like before the current (0.8.0 patch) CV... At the beginning of the 8 min mark (Yes I am giving you timestamps but not much details)... The match just changes to the WOWS version of WOWP... From that case on... We were treated to the exact reason CVs are just adding to the relationship strain with the other surface ship... The replay... 20210504_221327_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_41_Conquest.wowsreplay If I were to put my narrative on the situation... From the 8th min on down, it was worse then seeing two BBs looking like old grandpas throwing stones at each other's yard... This descriptor, best describes the narrative I live ATM compared to the start of the match, up to the 8 min mark. It complete halted every feel good emotion everyone felt... Oh I forgot the cherry on top... CV driver "entitlement." expressed by near the end of the game in chat... After I reviewed the replay, I have to disagree with you final analysis... Enjoy WG's creation boys... The concept is getting expanded to other surface ships... I still ask myself the basic human question allowed in the forums in my behalf.... WHY? Full Disclosure; I am not against the inclusion of CVs... I do believe they belong in the game in some way shape or form.. I disagree with the current manifestation, monstrosity creation of the CV class in the game currently... It is causing a rift in the relationship with other vessels in a given match.
  12. Hello So I came across a bug when watching replays. I don't know what triggers it but whenever I watch a replay of mine the cursor is enabled by default, I can't get it off (CTRL doesn't do anything) and I can't click on anything, pressing ESC to bring up the menu doesn't do anything. The replays runs just fine but nothing else happens, I can't hide the UI, I can't look in free camera, I can't pause or speed up/down the game, nothing at all. It was working just fine a couple of weeks ago, no problems at all. I'm using replays because I need to take some screenshots for a guide I'm preparing, so it's quite important now. Yes, I know that if you click on "Join Battle" when looking at the pre-match team comp can glitch the UI, but I just leave it to enter automatically. And no, I'm not running any mods. Help?! Cheers!
  13. This post appeared in a corner of the EU forum and nowhere else, apparently. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/138161-replay-controls-and-features/ In the 0.9.6 Update we've fixed an error, which prevented playing the replay backwards. This allowed us to add snapshots - timestamps which may be returned to from any place in the replay. More details below. General Hide/show interface Ctrl + J Playback Pause/Resume End Play at x1 speed (Does not automatically resume when paused) Home Increase playback speed Insert Decrease playback speed Delete Fast forward > Fast backward < Fast forward х2 Ctrl + > Fast backward х2 Ctrl + < Camera control Link/Unlink camera C Free camera mode (it may still be needed to unlink camera by pressing LMB) Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Move camera in parallel to water ←, →, ↑, ↓ Move camera up Num9 Move camera down Num7 Zoom in/Zoom out Mouse wheel Link to the ship in front of camera in free camera mode (hard link, includes rotating with the ship) B Link to the position of the ship in front of the camera Ctrl + B Switching different free camera modes 1-9 Switching additional free camera modes Shift + 1-9 Rotating camera Num4, Num6 Camera angling Num2, Num8 Move camera to the point of interest Num1 Move camera away from the point of interest Num3 Increase/decrease camera movement speed Num+ / Num- Increase/decrease camera movement acceleration/deceleartion Shift + (Num+/ Num-) Increase/decrease the radius of the free camera sphere (the sphere aroun the real camera position. The real position becomes a point of interest) Shift + Mouse wheel Snapshots control Save a snapshot F5 Load the closest snapshot before the current moment F6 Load the closest snapshot after the current moment F7 Load the latest saved snapshot F8 Snapshots This function allows to save a timestamp and camera position and restore them at will. All snapshots data is stored in XML file, which is created in the same folder as a replay and has suffix _params in the <snapshots> block. XML file will appear only if there is any data it should store. In case with snapshots it will appear after the first snapshot is created. XML file is tied to the replay and may be freely transfered with the replay file to other people, who then can use snapshots. Creating and loading Snapshot is created by pressing F5. This saves the timestamp of the replay, camera position and other parameters and creates a record in file in the snapshots section. Switching between snapshots happens in the following way: F6: try to switch to the snapshot closest from the left on the time scale (earlier than now), if such snapshot exists. F6: try to switch to the snapshot closest from the right on the time scale (later than now), if such snapshot exists. F8: try to switch to the most recently created snapshot To delete snapshots you have to edit XML file and delete the snapshot records. Snapshots are existing and loaded on the replay-by-replay basis. So, the controls switch to the snapshots of the exact replay. Loaded parameters When snapshots are used, the following parameters are restored: Camera position Camera FOV (or camera zoom) Replay time Also the replay is paused after loading the snapshot.
  14. I am not going to suggest a solution (that is up for the DEVs), I am going to complain about the zombie planes attacking ships, after the said ship out smarted/sunk the CV driver... Not only CVs are so disproportionate in DMG dealing (against small/medium ships), even when they're sunk by smart plays.. They still find a way with zombie planes to retaliate against the person who sunk them (by hovering over them for what seems like forever, or dropping a consumable to pinpoint the location of the said ship)... IMO, IF a CV is sunk by any ship class.. He shouldn't be able to retaliate against said player... Its over at that point... Replay instructions... Fast forward to the red CV's sinking. Press play and enjoy 20201018_225113_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_41_Conquest.wowsreplay
  15. The continuation from the topic thread here In today's feature, I am not the star of the replay... Its the red fleet's DD. You the viewer, as you watch, just keep an eye on our CV... That is it.. Also, like the last post.. This is not a discussion on spotting. This is not a rant against CVs or the drivers who play them. This is meant to show how power creep adds to the toxicity to the in-game experience.Its also meant for us to think, should this meta be allowed in the game? IMO, The disproportional DMG dealt by CVs ( or any other ship class for that matter), creates a lot of the toxicity in a match. Enjoy! 20200826_223115_PASC707-Flint_46_Estuary.wowsreplay *REMEMBER* You can speed up the replay by pressing the INS button.
  16. This match, I explore the psychology of CV game play and its affects on the fleet. You may have been in a match like this, in which it leaves thinking afterwards... Huah? or What ? At the forefront, I have no ill will against our CV in the game. I rather like to thank him, for this opportunity to analyze and discus this elusive topic captured visually. Instructions This is not about me or what I did in the game. Fast forward to 9 min left in the match You can use the "Ins" key to speed up the replay and the "home" button to return to normal speed. During the fast speed, you can look at the mini map seeing how the CV is playing.. Or just enjoy the view... Its up to you. For the 9 min mark on down, pay attention. to two things. Chat- the interaction with the CV AND the fleet. The Mini map.. It will give you valuable information to the battle situation as I seen it. That is it, *REMEMBER* the topic is about psychology, the mindset, or anything else of that nature... Here is the Replay...(re uploaded) 20200915_224912_PRSC508-Kutuzov-1952_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay BTW, For those who want to know before hand the outcome of the match. I'll leave in the spoiler. Also, No stats were used. No statistics were used.. Its plane ol study of the human mind... Enjoy.
  17. Herr_Reitz

    Talk about a loss

    Well, against my better judgment, I present a replay for your review. I probably did everything wrong, beeched and moaned and whatever. I have not even looked at the replay so it's all fair game. It does go right down to the very last seconds so take notes, tell me everything wrong I and our team did wrong(?) but the ending was enjoyable. It's like you know what's coming but because of your previous choices you deserve it and you know it. 20200906_092953_PGSA110-Manfred-Richthofen_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  18. RommelVespasian

    WoW Uploader Failed

    So I tried to upload my latest replay. It starts to load, the bar goes across, the little cog turns....and then nothing. It just shows me the same upload screen that I'd just been in.
  19. Who said Russian gunboat DDs can't use their torpedoes effectively? Yes, I'm not running comcealment; a full 9.1km detection range. Just wanted to share because this was a silly match but it was also a great one. 1 - rushed a full HP DM. 2 - sank a Harugumo with preemptive torps 3 - rushed a crippled Yamato, all guns pointed at me. Also had an NC's secondaries trained on me. https://replayswows.com/replay/85051#stats
  20. Hi, I have no problem opening my own replays, but an error will appear when I download others' replays and I have no choice but to terminate it. Does anyone know why and how to fix it? Thank you.
  21. Here I will post replays of my better matches. Feel free to comment and critique. Before we begin though, I would like everyone to know that they area able to record full-quality replays, regardless of how weak their PC is. Using old WOT-based videos as an example: Proof of concept: Tutorial:
  22. Guys I encountered a really weird death today. In a Nagato, I was 1v1ing an Algerie,.I saw her wall of torps go past me, and I blew her up with my main battery. Immediately after, I dodged some torps from TB's in a 90 degree angle, taking one hit. I had sufficient HP to survive that hit, but suddenly my ship blew up, and it listed the Algerie as the killer, "killed by flooding" it said. It was confusing as I didnt ram her, and I never saw a second wave of Algerie's torps. I asked the chat, and an enemy BB responded with "detonation" and that it was shown in the chat. However I didn't see it in the chat, and I don't have a medal or a notification for it either. Those were torpedo bomber torps and I was supposed to survive them!! So, what do you think? Bug? Glitch? Hack? What is the problem? Here is the replay link https://replayswows.com/replay/37035#stats
  23. I had fired torps at a Tirpitz. No other ships were in my field of view. A Cossack comes from my right side, drives in front of my torps, takes the kill and eats one of my torps. Game ends. This is for those of you who think griefers and trolls can't cause a person to turn pink. I made a clear shot, and the Cossack simply chose to eat a friendly torp in exchange for an easy kill for him. As for me, got a two game 'penalty' so not a big deal. But to me this is a great example of how someone can be turned pink, even though they are being reasonable about their torp shots. 20180930_211607_PJSD108-Akizuki_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  24. Today I am going to showcase my experience in the Tier 8 Royal Navy Destroyer, the Lightning. Overall a decent ship, but my experience in it was "something different" compaired to other ships I have played.
  25. Today's Replay Breakdown is brought to you by the letter "C", for the huge Carry you are about to watch. Enjoy!