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Found 1 result

  1. Hey All - I've characterized & found a workaround for a Replay bug that has hit some players for a number of patches now. The bug manifests as follows: The Bug Saved replays stop working - the symptom is -- you are struck forever in the server login screen when you try to fire up your replay w/ the spinning progress "wait" wheel. Not all players experience it, but WG is aware of it. I've seen some "try this" types of advisories, but this post should narrow down exactly when it happens and I've tried the workaround in a few scenarios and it reliably seems to get replays going again.- this problem began w/ a release drop a number of patches ago (sadly I failed to record the exact patch number at the time) This is not a release version match issue - it happens on a replay generated in the latest patch versions & the replay & client SW versions match (as they have to for all replays). I have tried the WG recommended "try this" & hadn't gotten them to work to fix this issue I did run a installation check & everything is good I have a vanilla, non-modded installation of the game using the original game installer (i.e. not Steam or Gamecenter). The problem lies in if you rename your replay file OR move the directory it sits in from the default /replay subdirectory of your installation. In my case, until the release that starting breaking replays, I had been renaming my files to something more descriptive re: what happened in the game so I could reference it for later use (this is just the description part of the filename, the file extension "wowsreplay" was still kept). I would also move it into a sub-directory of the replay folder for saving - in case I needed to reproduce it for a video, etc.). The Game Client had no problems w/ running replays prior to the patch where the failures started & have continues since. The Workaround When you want to play the replay file, you must use the default generated name of the replay file and play it in the /replay folder it was originally generated in that's it.... I've tried this in the following scenarios & it has reliably worked as a workaround for me: Performing a rename or directory move reliably manifests the bug Restoring the filename & directory location using the workaround has gotten replays working again. With the help of a friend, I've confirmed the bug behavior and workaround effectiveness on another player's replay files as well Examples of the following "generated format" replay file names were tested & work 20190812_094238_PBSD109-Jutland_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay 4110_1564219801_20190727_171408-Jean-Bart_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay What may be going on.... The following is an analysis based on the bug characteristics & workaround info. Since replay files are more-or-less client server network traffic files captured during a game - to the server, a replay looks like a client game being played (w/ the requisite info to let the server know it's a replay & not a fresh game so your stats are properly tracked). The release patch which started causing the problem appears to have done something to how the replay init works w/ resolving a combination of: Environment it's picking up from your XML game config files File path & directory full pathname resolution mechanics ...coupled w/ what it needs to init a replay as opposed to a fresh game -- it's why you get stuck in a login page forever -- it's probably expecting something the replay version can never provide... Hopefully this will be useful for players who have encountered this frustrating bug & will provide a link to this posting for WG for characterization of this bug. o7.