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Found 5 results

  1. Before proceeding let me preface this by saying that before the Twelfth Season I thought Rental ships would be the biggest problem this Ranked Season would have. You could probably find some of my posts stating this exact thing. After quite a few Ranked battles (stats in spoiler if anyone is wondering) I have come to the conclusion this is not the case. Yet I keep on seeing people considering Rentals the absolutely worst thing to happen that totally ruins the Ranked experience. My stats from this season in case anyone is wondering about my experience in the current Ranked: In my opinion the situation isn't that clear cut. You can argue that the way Rentals are implemented leaves alot to be desired, and this is to a certain extent correct. Ships that rely alot on concealment like DDs and some cruisers are definitely at a disadvantage yet others aren't that affected by the lack of camouflage. Some claim that Rentals are played by the absolute worst players imaginable; yet I see players with a proper tier X and sub 40% winrates that still don't know basic mechanics and spend alot of time in Ranked; even that argument has flaws. Others say that Rentals simply flood battles. The most I have seen in just one battle were 5, split 2-3. Now, am not saying that Rental ships can't be driven by bad or inexperienced players, or that in some cases they can put you at a disadvantage, but it is laughable to consider them the only reason for the issues Ranked has. Like it or not, Rentals give new players the opportunity to try out some tier Xs, learn a bit how the mode works, earn a few rewards, lose some credits because you are running a tier X without the option of camo. Most of the inexperienced players anyway will most likely stick to the last irrevocable Rank, 12. Yes, the feature could be better implemented for sure, but in the end this is how WG decided to go on with it. But a question remains, what's that makes Rentals be that hated by quite a few people? In my opinion Rentals are the easy scapegoat to blame on a loss. The existence of brackets making it known to all players that they are driving a Rental makes them a very easy target to accuse of losing them the match. Similarly to how a CV will be blamed, or a DD that didn't do this and that, or a Cruiser or a BB. People are constantly trying to find reasons to justify their performance and Rentals are just the newest thing. Yet what I see more often as bad for Ranked are people playing to farm damage and save a star instead of winning, of players going into full tryhard mode the moment a ship is down instead of trying to rally the team,of people simply rushing in their "proper" tier Xs to die within 5 minutes. Bottom line, before you start blaming Rentals for your loss, first reflect on what you or other teammates in "proper" tier Xs may have done right or wrong.Nobody is perfect; I can name for a fact 3-4 of my battles where I had 100% responsibility of my team's loss. But just because Rentals exist doesn't mean they are the ones that brought defeat.
  2. I know the title seems like click bait but honest hear me out. This threw me off big time. I "was" whole heart anti-rental ships in ranked. I'm sure other people are the same way "what the hell Wargaming what are you doing!" So I was shooting the $hit this afternoon with my clan commander. He tells me hey I got a new guy join other night. Nothing new there, always enjoy hearing the story on the new people. He tells me to look at his profile and look at his tier 10 ships. He had several of my favorite tens. He said guess what hes using in ranked. I figured Des Moines his most played ship. Nope. Then what? Rental. I told my commander bull$hit. He sold all of his tier 10s for credits. He has been using the rentals in ranked. So my commander says guess what rank he is. I responded with my rank because its a place to start 10. He responds go lower. So hes rank 8? No try 5. Believe it or not this fella has been using a rental ship in ranked and reached rank 5. After I had the conversation I felt like an [edited]after criticizing rentals in ranked. I know alot of the players in rentals probably shouldn't be there but we as a community shouldn't lump everyone into one label. There are a few great players in rentals. Those few are lost in the anti-rental rants which I was part of. Karma always comes back to get me somehow. Anyways I thought it was an interesting story and had to share it! Cheers and happy sailing!
  3. nastydamnanimal

    Rentals in Ranked is GOOD!!

    First off my apologies to WG RENTALS in ranked is good. It's the SAVE A STAR guys that instead of positioning kite away and damage farm instead of killing dds capping and spotting thats ruining ranked. Selfish %@#%!
  4. Yes frustrating at first. But once you get to the 10 and 9 ranks, you see them a lot less. I even ran into a few that did pretty good. I am guessing these are t10 players playing in ships they don't have. There have some super noobs though as well. Anyhow, ranked this season wasn't as bad I thought it would be. Doing fairly well in my Shima. Ok in my DM. For those mad as **** about rentals. Get to 10, you see alot less of them. Hope this helps.
  5. Shadowfigment

    Rental Ships - An Idea?

    Wargaming, I applaud your choice to let your players start renting ships in World of Warships. It is a good idea and one that I am happy to see. I would like to see you implement it a little differently. How about giving players rental ships for free after completion of random missions with completion of in game criteria? Perhaps you could also allow a 6 to 10 point rental captain with similar mission completion criteria? You could set the completion and rental time limit for three to five days on a random weekend and let players go wild, testing out whether they want to buy the ship or not. The rental captain would allow a player, without a proper captain, to see the potential of the ship ahead of time. After the allotted rental time, both the ship and captain would disappear. After this rental time, a player would be able to make an informed decision if they liked the ship enough to buy it. If an announcement of the rental time was made one or two weeks ahead of time, in the web portal or in the game news notification, players could be ready to earn the requirements for the ship. This is my two cents. What do you all think of this idea? P.S. I apologize if this idea has been shared in forum already.