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Found 1 result

  1. A better way to edit the global.mo file (and easier) than what's listed here: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/87028-modification-tutorial-how-to-rename-your-ships/ So, you want to rename Captains to something nefarious like.. [insert insulting name here] Well, let me teach you how. Step 1 Tools needed: Website: http://tools.konstruktors.com/ [Converts .mo to .po] You cannot edit .mo directly therefore it must be converted to .po first. Program: https://poedit.net/ Poedit is used to convert .po files to .mo (so the game can read it) Program 2: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ Step 2 Locate global.mo file Default directory: C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res\texts\ru\LC_MESSAGES\ inside LC_MESSAGES, you will find a file called global (extension .mo) Step 3 Upload to http://tools.konstruktors.com/ under the first option Now you will click on Choose File and navigate to the directory where global.mo is location: C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res\texts\ru\LC_MESSAGES\ inside LC_MESSAGES Double click on global.mo and then press Convert to upload and convert it, when it's done global.po will auto download. Step 4 Edit with notepad++ Right click on the global.po file located in your downloads directory and click on the option Edit with notepad++ When open you should see this: "What is this gibbersh!?" Well, you're not meant to touch that.. so DON'T! Instead, for the purpose of this tutorial we will be using trusty CTRL F or FIND option to find what we need. For the purpose of this tutorial, we are renaming my trusty 18 point Zao Captain to the most American name ever.. John Smith. My Captain is named Yasuhiro[firstname] Matsumoto[lastname]. You can find the Captain names two ways, either CTRL F the first and last name or do it by code: IDS_CREW_FIRSTNAME_JAPAN & IDS_CREW_LASTNAME_JAPAN. I will be taking the easy way out by simply glancing at my open game and getting the Captain name there. You ONLY replace the text between " ". Never try and edit the msgid, only msgstr. I will replace this first name with John. The last name for this Captain is located at IDS_CREW_LASTNAME_JAPAN_3, replaced with Smith. After you have changed what you want, CTRL S or save. Step 5 Saving modified global.po file to global.mo for use in modified game. Open up poedit (you should be able to just double click on .po files, it should register association with that file type) When opened, you will see this: Just save it immediately (ctrl S), there is no reason to stay in this program except to save it as .mo for our purposes. When saved, it will produce this "error" message. Ignore it, nothing will be affected. Step 6 Applying modification to game Create folder in res_mods\version folder e.g. res_mods\ C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\texts\ru\LC_MESSAGES Drag and drop modified global.mo file to LC_MESSAGES directory and then start your game (or restart it if you still have it open) Now, your commander or whatever else you renamed shall be.. renamed! Applying these steps to Steven Seagal is also fun, but he's not in IDS_CREW_FIRSTNAME_USA.. his name is located at IDS_SEAGAL.. If you followed my steps correctly, you will have renamed whatever successfully. What did you rename your stuff to? I'd like to hear so.. post results below!