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Found 7 results

  1. Hello BB-C4 or Bunker Busters is looking for friendly Age 18+ (exceptions can be made) players of decent skill level and having at least one tier 10 or 9 that you are efficient in is even better ;) but also tier 8's are fine too and we can help you improve and you might even teach us something too. We are a pretty relaxed clan overall we all enjoy playing games and having fun in the process. Being mature and respectful of each others in the clan and to other people in-game is a must, with that being said we enjoy kidding around too. We orginally came from World of Tanks but less than a handful of our members made the switch over to Warships. So, therefore we are wanting to rebuild our clan up in Warships and hopefully within a few months start clan battles on here. Our navel base bonuses include: -5% to ships of all tier 1-10|-12% to the cost of ALL ships All tiers|+2% xp per battle to ships of ALL tiers|+10% to free xp gained per battle of ship tiers 1-8|+6% to commander xp per battle. Rules: TeamSpeak 3 usage is not negotiable(must use push-to-talk). If you do not have a mic, that's fine, but coms are essential for good communication and also it's more fun for everybody. But if you don't have a working mic then a headset will work just fine just to hear what we are saying. WHEN ON WARSHIPS PLEASE JOIN THE TEAMSPEAK SERVER a couple of us meet up around 5ish-6pm Central Time almost everyday but there will also be others in the server so please be respectful and friendly. Limited conversation around real world issues in game and in the main TS3 channels. Use a sub channel to go crazy with that stuff. Attempt to reframe from griefing, spamming, and belittling other players in and out of the clan. (Trash talk in TS3 is acceptable here and there). Recruits under 30 days are not entitled to due process. If you are inactive or are gonna be gone for an extended time or you are burned out just send a message to at least TWO deputy commanders just saying you are going to be gone. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME IN-GAME, NAME: Ethan53409 or leave a comment :)
  2. Morbid_Curiosity_

    (C4C) ClashforCash

    We are a new clan by players that have played the game since beta,We are looking for new members that want to have fun and hang out,Here is our discord drop in talk to us maybe div up before u decide, Https://discord.gg/XGUnEJr.
  3. Morbid_Curiosity_

    (C4C) ClashforCash

    We are a new clan just starting out with experienced players looking for new members,Most of us have been playing since beta,so please come check us out on Discord,Https://discord.gg/XGUnEJr
  4. Morbid_Curiosity_

    (C4C) ClashforCash

    We are looking for new members to come join us for Clan Battles And more.Please come join us on Discord. Https://discord.gg/XGUnEJr
  5. Golden_Gopher

    BB22 USS Minnesota Recruiting

    BB22 is looking to add to our roster! We have slots open for Captains who desire to be in Clan Battles, enjoying playing in a Division and making new friends. We are a relaxed but energetic group. Must use Discord for communication during battles, friendly, respectful, positive personalities will make you a good fit with our membership. We have a well established base with most bonuses at maximum or within one or two steps - if you need more information please reach out to me or any of my Deputy Commanders
  6. We are a drama free mature group of players that enjoy getting the most out of the game and have fun doing it. We have wrapped up our first season of clan battles and have a mix of new up to very experienced players. We are recruiting experienced and non experienced players who play most days. We use Discord for communication in clan, division, and scenario battles in addition to sharing information about the game etc. I can help with Discord setup if needed.
  7. The Forlorn Hope is now recruiting players who wish to have clan benefits such as found in oil. Additionally, if you want to occasionally division up that is in the realm of possibility. For those looking to use comms, there is a discord channel; but mic, etc. is not required. Are your stats bloody red? Or are they deep rich Purple? Are they somewhere in between? All are welcome here. Right now, it is just me, and I am hoping to find a few more in recruitment. I am a casual player, usually 4-6 hours a week. I do not expect people to play everyday. If you have a life outside the game and are only available on the weekends that is completely understood. Very relaxed...come join up. Additionally, for those of you wishing to change your stats for upward mobility I will offer tutelage for clan members only. I can do training room or even division assisted training. I would say I am ok at the game, so feel free to use my experience to your benefit. One reminder, sexist, racist, team killers, and general toxicity here on the boards or in game will be cause for removal from the clan. This will be subjective based on my observations, although warnings will usually precede removal. *Edit -- This clan will likely remain non-competitive unless there is a drive from the clan members to do so.