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Found 3 results

  1. SteffisCute

    Bekah picked her wedding outfit

    So many of you know Bekah and I had this "discussion" about her wedding dress and the fact she doesn't want to wear a dress but a tux. Well after much debate and discussion including input from a lot of you I accepted the fact that a tux on her would be fine. So she was been scouring the internet for something and she found it. I present Bekah's wedding tux (note that is NOT Bekah in the suit its from the website) Here is the thing...this tux is CUSTOM MADE. It does NOT exist until you are measured for it and it is created. And it is only made in London. And you HAVE to be there in person to be measured and stay through the process in case they need to make adjustments. AND it will cost around $9000 O M FG sigh.....well she wants it so she will get it. I told her price was no matter and it looks like she swung for the fences lol. At least we get a London vacation out of it.
  2. SteffisCute

    No kids NO PROBLEM!

    I don't like kids. Annoying crying screaming little brats. Now I understand why people love them and that is great, I get it. They are just not my thing. So Bekah is all "This world is getting worse I hope our kids won't have to deal with any of this horrible stuff." So I reply: "It won't be an issues because we aren't having any. So she is all "Why not? We would be great parents!" "No Bekah, YOU would be a great parent, I would NOT. Besides, hello, we are two GIRLS we can't have kids duh." "Well we could adopt Steffi." "Uh NO I don't want someone else's leftovers or hand me downs. I don't wear second hand clothes so no second hand kids." "Well we could get a sperm donor." "Ok Bekah, I will NOT lose my 6 pack abs and fit as hell body to get flabby boobs, stretch marks, and hemorrhoids. And YOU will NOT lose that toned skater-girl body either plus, a sperm donor is technically cheating which means you get choked out. Not to mention the fact we would have NO idea what sort of crazed lunatic the father is. It could be some psychopath who donated sperm so he could buy meth or what if its a Liberal or a communist?" "Steffi I-" "OMG I HAVE SPOKEN BEKAH NO KIDS!!!" So she got all pouty so I told her we could adopt a cat instead (I lied) and that made her feel better. Yeah, like I am going to torture poor Bessie by adopting a cat...I think not.
  3. SteffisCute

    So I did a thing......

    Like I said, I did a thing :)